Bradford Family

The Bradford  Family Collection (c. 1770-1967) is currently uncataloged but open for researchers.

The Collection consists of the papers, correspondence, log books, and other material of four generations of the Bradford family of Duxbury, MA.

Included in the Collection are the papers of the following idividuals:

Gershom Bradford, Gamaliel Bradford, Sarah Hickling Bradford, Maria Bradford, Rev. Claudius Bradford, Elizabeth Bradford, Lucia Bradford, Charlotte Bradford, Lucia Bradford Knapp, Rev. Frederick Knapp, Rev. Benjamin Kent, Laurence Bradford, Gershom Bradford (II), Gershom Bradford (III), Edward Wilde Bradford.

2 thoughts on “Bradford Family

  1. My family is directly descended from Gamaliel Bradford who was married to Abigail Bartlett. According to my records, they lived in Duxbury all their lives. Gamaliel’s father, Samuel was born in Plymouth, but died in Duxbury. He was married to Hannah Rogers. I have no knowledge of where they were buried, but am interested to learn if it is in Duxbury.
    Sincerely, should you wish to contact me.

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