The Cushman Family

The Cushman Family Collection is currently unprocessed but open to researchers.

The Collection consists of the numerous papers, correspondence and photographs of the Cushman Family of Duxbury, MA.

Preliminary Box List        

Box 1: Correspondence:

  • Lucie Hall Cushman
  • Sgt. Horace E. Sampson
  • Lura Cushman
  • David Cushman
  • James Brady

Box 2: Correspondence

  • George Hall
  • Parker Hall
  • Lucie Hall Cushman
  • Fannie Hall (Lucie’s sister)
  • Joseph Hall

Box 3: Correspondence

  • Lura Cushman

Box 4: Correspondence

  • Lura Cushman
  • Lucie Cushman

Box 5: Correspondence/Miscellaneous

  • Lura Cushman
  • Appt. Books

Box 6: David Cushman Shipping/Walter Cushman, Cushman House/Cushman cemetery

Box 7: David Cushman Shipping/Daniel Sampson/Parker Hall

Box 8: Miscellaneous

  • Powder Point School for Boys
  • Partridge Academy
  • King Caesar

Box 9: David Cushman, Sr. Day Books

Box 10: Miscellaneous

  • Horace Sampson
  • Clippings

Box 11: Postcards, Correspondence from Parker Hall to Lucie Hall Cushman

Box 12: David Cushman Shipping

Box 13: Lucie Hall Cushman

One thought on “The Cushman Family

  1. I have several relatives with the surname Cushman including Joseph Cushman listed as being of Middleboro or Duxbury, MA (Born 1733), and was wondering if this may be the same family in your Cushman Family Collection. If so, I’d love to research the collection.

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