Maps, Charts and Plans


The Drew Archives has an extensive collection of mariner’s charts from the 19th century, Duxbury and regional maps, and plans.

Series I – Charts

DAL.MSS.002 – Navigational Chart of Indian and Part of the North and South Pacific Oceans, owned by Capt. Abbott Chandler, 1868

DAL.MSS.003 – Navigational Chart of the Southern Atlantic Ocean, owned by Capt. Abbott Chandler, 1969

DAL.MSS.084.004 – Navigational Chart of Bahama Banks and Gulf of Florida, owned by Capt. Daniel L. Winsor, 1827

DAL.MSS.084.005 – Navigational Chart of Plymouth, Kingston and Duxbury Bays, c. 1955-1965

DAL.MSS.084.006 – Navigational Chart of the Caribbean Sea, 1822

DAL.MSS.084.008 – General Chart of the Indian and part of the Pacific Ocean, 1850

DAL.MSS.084.009 – Chart of Cape Cod Bay, with note “First Voyage of Verasco, Taylor Bros. crew and passengers,” 1892

DAL.MSS.084.011 – Chart of Massachusetts Bay and the Coast from Chatham to Gloucester, 1921

DAL.MSS.084.012 – Navigational Chart of Cape Cod Bay, 1942

DAL.MSS.084.015 – Navigational Chart from English Chanel to Gibraltar, 1833

DAL.MSS.017 – Navigational Chart of the Mississippi River by the USGS, 1864

DAL.MSS.023 – Navigational Chart of Atlantic Ocean and Europe, possibly owned by Capt. Daniel Winsor, c. 1836

DAL.MSS.084.034 – Chart of the Bermudas, 1805

Series II – Maps

1967.004.001 – Henry Fish Map of Duxbury showing the location of colonial-era houses, 1923

DAL.MSS.084.001 – Reproduction of Map of Duxbury showing historic landmarks by Beulah Lock Sherburne, c. 1980 (original map was drawn in 1929).

DAL.MSS.084.007 – Map of Duxbury by surveyor John Ford of Marshfield, 1833

DAL.MSS.084.013 – Map of Town of Duxbury, 1937, with colonial-era trails noted by former Town Historian, Dorothy Wentworth, c. 1980

DAL.MSS.084.029 – Highway map of Plymouth County, including populations, published by L. J. Richards, Springfield, MA, 1904

DAL.MSS.084.030 – Map of Duxbury showing the district lines as used by the assessors drawn by Laurence Bradford, 1894. The map is particularly interesting because it shows the schools and post offices in each in each district.

DAL.MSS.084.032 – Map of Duxbury with an overlay of the original 1627 grants by Lamont Healy, 2019

Series III – Plans

DAL.MSS.084.010 – Landscape Plan for Duxbury House by Jane Ware Holbrook, 1915

DAL.MSS.084.014 – Water Distribution System of Duxbury, 1964

DAL.MSS.084.016 – Plan of Clark’s Island showing the division of land ownership, c. 1900

DAL.MSS.084.018 – Plan of Powder Point Cottage Lots, 1882

DAL.MSS.084.019 – Plan of Powder Point Cottage Lots, 1882. Slight differences from DAL.MSS.084.018

DAL.MSS.084.020 – Plan of Powder Point Cottage Lots, 1882

DAL.MSS.084.021 – Plan of Ella N. Bumpus property, Duxbury, MA, 1937.

DAL.MSS.084.022 – Revised plan of Ella N. Bumpus Property, Duxbury, MA, 1945

DAL.MSS.084.024 – Plan for Wright Property on Powder Point showing house lots, 1900

DAL.MSS.084.025 – Plan of Salt Meadows at Pine Point, Duxbury, showing ownership of lots, 1925

DAL.MSS.084.026 – Study Plan for the Rebuilding of Partridge Academy, c. 1920

DAL.MSS.084.027 – Plan for pews of the Third Meeting House (First Parish Church, Duxbury), Late 19th century copy

DAL.MSS.084.028 – Plan of Sea Shore Lots at Captain’s Hill by H.T. Whitman for the Standish Monument Association and Stephen M. Allen, 1891 [2019 Reproduction]

DAL.MSS.084.033 – Plan of the pews in the Fourth First Parish Church, Tremont Street, Duxbury, MA. (1840). It is annotated “Duplicate of Plan No. 1” and includes the names of all those who purchased pews and the amount paid.

DAL.MSS.084.035 – Survey of Old Cove Lot by John S. Loring, 1847