Maps, Charts and Plans


The Drew Archives has an extensive collection of mariner’s charts from the 19th century, Duxbury and regional maps, and plans.

Series I – Charts

DAL.MSS.002 – Navigational Chart of Indian and Part of the North and South Pacific Oceans, owned by Capt. Abbott Chandler, 1868

DAL.MSS.003 – Navigational Chart of the Southern Atlantic Ocean, owned by Capt. Abbott Chandler, 1969

DAL.MSS.084.004 – Navigational Chart of Bahama Banks and Gulf of Florida, owned by Capt. Daniel L. Winsor, 1827

DAL.MSS.084.005 – Navigational Chart of Plymouth, Kingston and Duxbury Bays, c. 1955-1965

DAL.MSS.084.006 – Navigational Chart of the Caribbean Sea, 1822

DAL.MSS.084.008 – General Chart of the Indian and part of the Pacific Ocean, 1850

DAL.MSS.084.009 – Chart of Cape Cod Bay, with note “First Voyage of Verasco, Taylor Bros. crew and passengers,” 1892

DAL.MSS.084.011 – Chart of Massachusetts Bay and the Coast from Chatham to Gloucester, 1921

DAL.MSS.084.012 – Navigational Chart of Cape Cod Bay, 1942

DAL.MSS.084.015 – Navigational Chart from English Chanel to Gibraltar, 1833

DAL.MSS.017 – Navigational Chart of the Mississippi River by the USGS, 1864

DAL.MSS.023 – Navigational Chart of Atlantic Ocean and Europe, possibly owned by Capt. Daniel Winsor, c. 1836

Series II – Maps

1967.004.001 – Henry Fish Map of Duxbury showing the location of colonial-era houses, 1923

DAL.MSS.084.001 – Reproduction of Map of Duxbury showing historic landmarks by Beulah Lock Sherburne, c. 1980 (original map was drawn in 1929).

DAL.MSS.084.007 – Map of Duxbury by surveyor John Ford of Marshfield, 1833

DAL.MSS.084.013 – Map of Town of Duxbury, 1937, with colonial-era trails noted by former Town Historian, Dorothy Wentworth, c. 1980

Series III – Plans

DAL.MSS.084.010 – Landscape Plan for Duxbury House by Jane Ware Holbrook, 1915

DAL.MSS.084.014 – Water Distribution System of Duxbury, 1964

DAL.MSS.084.016 – Plan of Clark’s Island showing the division of land ownership, c. 1900

DAL.MSS.084.018 – Plan of Powder Point Cottage Lots, 1882

DAL.MSS.084.019 – Plan of Powder Point Cottage Lots, 1882. Slight differences from DAL.MSS.084.018

DAL.MSS.084.020 – Plan of Powder Point Cottage Lots, 1882

DAL.MSS.084.021 – Plan of Ella N. Bumpus property, Duxbury, MA, 1937.

DAL.MSS.084.022 – Revised plan of Ella N. Bumpus Property, Duxbury, MA, 1945

DAL.MSS.084.024 – Plan for Wright Property on Powder Point showing house lots, 1900

DAL.MSS.084.025 – Plan of Salt Meadows at Pine Point, Duxbury, showing ownership of lots, 1925

DAL.MSS.084.025 – Study Plan for the Rebuilding of Partridge Academy, c. 1920