Pocket Diary of Caroline Bradford (1856)

Caroline (Wadsworth) Bradford was born in Duxbury in 1811 to Wait Wadsworth and Priscilla Stetson.  Her second husband was Captain Daniel Bradford, Jr.  This pocket diary, kept during the year 1856, gives a glimpse into the everyday life of a woman living in antebellum New England. Entries are very short as the space allotted was small, but some convey emotion. On Wednesday, April 6th she wrote of her husband’s return from a long voyage, “He came home today. Glad was I to see him. Been gone 18 mos.” During the year Caroline visited New York and Philadelphia, she suffered the loss of her brother-in-law, William Bradford, and moved into a new home. Caroline died in 1904 at the age of 91.

Written in Marsh’s Vest Pocket Diary and Almanac for 1856.  “Calculations by Benjamin Greenleaf, A. M., Author of the National Arithmetic.  Boston:  L. L. Kidder, Publisher, No. 77 Washington Street, Joy’s Building.”

  • Written in inside cover:  “ C M Bradford”
  • Wednesday, January 16, 1856
    Rode to the point with Dr. Wilde – made several calls – dined at Mr. Nathan Doble’s, drank tea at Dr. Wilde’s.

    Thursday, 17.
    Went to Kingston, shopped a little.  Called to see Mother – went home in the coach.

    Friday, 18.
    Rec’d a letter from M. xxxxman from Winchester, N. H.

    Saturday, Jan. 19, 1856
    Received $200 from Mann. Batchelder.  Tea.  Boston.  All  20.x. of the “Traders Bank” – Boston

    Sunday, 20.
    Heard Mr. Dunham preach.
    Exceedingly cold, or excessively.

    Monday, 21.
    George C. Weston buried.
    Very pleasant but cold.
    Sally S. Cumming’s called.
    Paid board to this date.

    Tuesday, Jan. 22, 1856
    Rode to the point with Mr. L. Sampson.  Received a letter from Palermo.  Cold.

    Wednesday, 23.
    Cold.  Snowy & slippery.  Am neither bright nor amiable.  Headache.

    Thursday, 24.
    Adriana Baker spent the eve with us.  Also her mother and sisters.

    Friday, Jan. 25, 1856
    So cold as one need wish it to be – good sleighing but nobody asked me to ride.

    Saturday, 26.
    Rec. my watch with a new crystal.  The same old face with a new veil.

    Sunday, 27.
    At church.  Text – John 7.  Chap. 26 verse.
    Mr. Moore. Xxx Text 1 Cor. 4th verse.  “Charity envieth not.”

    Monday, Jan. 28, 1856
    A snow storm.  Cold and uncomfortable.  This has been a month of storms.

    Tuesday, 29.
    Clear and cold with high winds , snow flies as in a storm.

    Wednesday, 30.
    Still cold and blowy, roads blocked with snow.

    Thursday, Jan. 31, 1856
    Old Boreas still plies the bellows – snow fills the roads as fast as they are cleared.

    Friday, Feb. 1.
    Quite pleasant – calm enough to keep the snow quiet.  Been to the post.

    Saturday, 2.
    Blowing again – cold and uncomfortable as need be.  Arctic Weather.

    Sunday, Feb. 3, 1856
    Cold enough to freeze one – snow blowing about like meal.

    Monday, 4.
    Excessively cold, what a genuine primitive winter we are blessed with.

    Tuesday, 5.
    Still cold – tho somewhat warmer than for the preceding week.  Have been to the nook.

    Wednesday, Feb. 6, 1856.
    Quite warm and comfortable comparatively.

    Thursday, 7.
    Finished my wrapper.
    A warm rain for a rarity – and all out of doors presents a dreary aspect.  Gurnet Light – unusually bright.

    Friday, 8.

    Saturday, Feb. 9, 1856.
    At  home all day finishing odd jobs.  Quite warm, though snowing  slightly.

    Sunday, 10.
    Very pleasant.  Text Sph. 4 – 11.
    xxx. Romans 12.  1st.  Mr. Ball, of Plymouth.  A fine speaker.

    Monday, 11.
    Warm in the morning.  Cold and snowy in the afternoon.  At night – clear and biting.

    Tuesday, Feb. 13, 1856.
    Aunt Sally Bea was buried this afternoon, have been to the funeral.  Act. 42.

    (No entries between Tuesday, 13, 1856 and Friday, 22.

    Saturday, 23.
    Leave today for Bridgewater.  Arrived at B at 5 oclo.  D. Baker met me at the station, had a ride of 3 miles.

    Sunday, Feb. 24, 1856.
    Heb. 11 chap. 4.  Rev. chaffee.  We. Bridgewater.  Exchange.

    Monday, 25.
    Bright and lovely – sleighing poor – snow fast leaving.

    Tuesday, 26.

    Wednesday, Feb. 27, 1856.
    Commenced reading “Ernest Linwood.”

    Thursday, 28. 
    Rode to North Bridgewater.  Quite good sleighing.  Had a pleasant time.

    Friday, 29.
    Went to the examination of the high school in this place.  Mrs. Willis teacher.  Spent the evening with the Old Maids.

    Saturday, March 1, 1856.
    In the house all day.  Weather pleasant – passing poor.  No starlight yet.

    Sunday, 2.
    Tim H. day.  A xxx snowing and raining but not cold. This weather comes on so many “Arctic expeditions they return frighted with it, I believe.

    Monday, 3.
    Evening – have been to a sort of Phantasmagoric.  Quite interesting.

    Tuesday, March 4, 1856.
    Evening, went into the Hall to see the dancing – came home in a snow squall.

    Wednesday, 5.
    Again this evening attended a concert, vocal and instrumental.  George Whiting one of the performers.

    Thursday, 6.
    At home.  Snowing and cold.  Amusement – Back-gammon.

    Friday, March 7, 1856.
    At home – cold and freezing.  Sit close to m. stone – thinking of absent ones.

    Saturday, 8.
    At  home all day.  Exceedingly cold and  uncomfortable.

    Sunday, 9.
    At church all day.  Heard Mr. Ballou.
    Two good sermons.  Am reading the Watchman.

    Monday, March 10, 1856.
    The coldest day in March for 20 yrs.  Have been to the store – seen Miss Betsey Williams.

    Tuesday, 11.
    Still cold.  Keep in doors today.  Play Back Gammon.

    Wednesday, 12.
    The cold yields a little – and one can stir about without freezing.

    Thursday, March 13, 1856.
    Quite moderate and warm – comparatively.  No starlight yet – where can it be!

    Friday, 14.
    Warm and thawing.  A storm will be the result.  I hope twill snow.

    Saturday, 15.
    Am going to Bridgewater today – as it rains not.
    Arrived at S. Bridgewater about 3 o’clock.

    Sunday, march 16, 1856.
    This morning heard Rev. Rodman.  Xxx how nicely he proves his doc?
    Afternoon heard Mr. Putnam – Unitarian.

    Monday, 17.
    Very pleasant but bad passing – visited Mr. N. Stetson’s garden.  How beautiful the flowers looked.

    Tuesday, 18.
    Afternoon had company – Grandma  Cxxx and Mrs. Bates.  Very  pleasant.

    Wednesday, March 19, 1856.
    The mud triumphs today – cannot dash around it without endangering embroidery.

    Thursday, 20.
    Invited to Mr. Stetson’s to-morrow to tea.  Quite an honor Bridgewater folks think.

    Friday, 21.
    Evening – have been to the place.  Had a very pleasant visit.  ‘Tis a delightful place.

    Saturday, March 22, 1856.
    Came for me to go to Mrs. Bates’s – and here I am.

    Sunday, 23.
    A snowy – squally – cold day – have been to church once.

    Monday, 24.
    Bright and beautiful, roads muddy and almost impassable.

    Tuesday, March 25, 1856.
    Cloudy and cold with indications of a storm.
    Where can the starlight be?

    Wednesday, 26.
    Still very cold – no signs of spring.  Snow everywhere.

    Thursday, 27.
    Went to Titticut.  A bright – beautiful day – heard the birds attempt a song for the first time.

    Friday, March 28, 1856.
    Cold and snow squalls.  Invited to Dr. Pratt’s – but wife taken sick – sent word not to come.  Glad.  Don’t feel like visiting.

    Saturday, 29.
    Went to the “Pratt neighborhood had a nice time.”  Saw many familiar places.

    Sunday, 30.
    Read the “discarded daughter,” in the forenoon – afternoon – went to church.

    Monday, March 31, 1856.
    Invited to tea with Mrs. S. Standish, played whist.  Had a pleasant visit.

    Tuesday, April 1.
    At home.  Ie – at Mrs. Crockers

    Wednesday, 2.
    Made some calls then rested.

    Thursday, April 3, 1856.
    Visited the gin works – cotton gins – very curious machines.

    Friday, 4.
    At home – had callers in the evening.

    Saturday, 5.
    Been out scouting part of the day.

    Sunday, April 6, 1856.
    Afternoon – went to church – walked out after tea.

    Monday, 7.
    Drank tea with mrs. P. Lovell.  Played whist.

    Tuesday, 8.
    Company to tea.  Played whist again.

    Wednesday, April 9, 1856.
    Evening – went to a concert by the Mendelsohn Quintette Club.  Wonderful.

    Thursday, 10.
    First went to E. Bridgewater to an Anti-slavery meeting.  Wendell Philips, A J. Fish (?) speakers.
    Very well pleased.  Evening, went to an Old xxx’s concert.

    Friday, 11.
    Had company from (?)oates-ville.  Adrian & Daniel called, and Helen Shaw.

    Saturday, April 12, 1856.
    Good-bye Bridgewater.
    L. Abington Depot on the way to  Kingston.  We lost time & waited here.  My little darling was with me.  What a change!

    Sunday, 13
    At Cushman’s Hotel – waiting for  husband.  Thanks to Heaven for his safe arrival.

    Monday, 14.
    Went to Duxbury and spent the day.  Somewhat   headachy.

    Tuesday, April 15, 1856.
    At the Hotel, waiting for Daniel.
    Took some for him today – have been May- flowering.

    Wednesday, 16.
    He came today.  Glad was I to see him.  Been gone 18 mos.

    Thursday, 17.
    Rode to Plymouth with Dan.  Called at Capt. F. Merton’s.  To Duxbury – rained.  Spent the night at W.

    Friday, April 18, 1856.
    Came from Dux.  Went to Boston in the afternoon train – stopped at United States.

    Saturday, 19.
    Took the eve. Train for Fall river – for N. York.
    Steamer, Empire State.

    Sunday, 20.
    N. York – arrived this morning.   Stopped at the Manhattan.  Leave for Phil. This afternoon.

    Monday, April 21, 1856.
    In Philadelphia, at the Ashland house.  Quite a pleasant house.  Raining hard.
    Arch str.

    Tuesday, 22.
    Still unpleasant, tho promising fair weather. A good bright fire.

    Wednesday, 23.
    Went to the Arch Theater – benefit of Wheatly.
    Play – The Dramatist.  Don Ceasar De Bazan

    Thursday, April 24, 1856.
    Have been out sight seeing – been on board the “Starlight – been in Chessxxxx    Bought a parasol.

    Friday, 25.
    Out shopping some, bought a dress for xxxx.  Went thru the market.  Mr. Clarke called, went to Lansford opera.

    Saturday, 26.
    Went to Fair Mount by omnibus.  Tis a lovely place.

    Sunday, April 27, 1856.
    Afternoon – heard my friend H. P. Clarke preach.

    Monday, 28.
    D. and xxx back to Girard College.  Laurel Hill, then to “German-town to the Idiot school.  Saw Miss Sarah D. Holmes.

    Tuesday, 29.
    Been out shopping some – Mr. Clarke called.

    Wednesday, April 30, 1856.
    Last evening a most terrific fire broke out near us destroying 40 buildings, one fireman.

    Thursday, May 1.
    Raining hard.  No stirring out; great excitement about the fire last night.

    Friday, 2.
    Went into the “Independence hall.  Saw the “great old bell – that rang out our country’s peace.  Went to the scene of the fire.

    Saturday, May 3, 1856
    Left Philadelphia at 5 for New York via Camden & Amboy.  Arrived safely at the Washington at 8.

    Sunday, 4.
    Went to Brooklyn – dined and tea’d at Capt. Babbidge’s.  Saw the Baby.

    Monday, 5.
    Went to Brooklyn again – called on Zinus Crooker’s family.  Dined at Capt. B’s.  Nibb’s & Taylor’s saloon.

    Tuesday, May 6, 1856
    Went to see the Crystal palace, a great deal worth seeing there yet.  Leave N York via Fall River tonight.

    Wednesday, 7.
    In Boston.  Arrived at ½ past 8 this morning.  All well.  Been to the “Boston” for the first time.  Midsummer night, play.

    Thursday, 8.
    Have been out shopping – effected nothing.  Took a stroll on the “Common” with Dr. Parker.  Raining fast.

    Friday, May 6.
    At the Bromfield.  Storming fast – no going out today.  Must write, for amusement and other reasons.

    Saturday, 10.
    Storming yet tho’ promising better things.  D. has gone to Duxbury – left me behind.  How can I sleep without him.

    Sunday, 11.
    Storming – in the house all day.

    Monday, May 12, 1856.
    Lucy called – says I must not go to D ‘til tomorrow – shall go to Roxbury this afternoon.

    Tuesday, 13.
    Spent last night in Roxbury.  Go to Duxbury this eve.

    Wednesday, 14.
    At Ma Frazar’s.  Came here last evening.  Company this evening.

    Thursday, May 15, 1856.
    Have been to Witchentown – saw my mother.

    Friday, 16.
    Went to a Quilting party at Aunt Welthea Loring’s.  A nice time.

    Saturday, 17.
    Went to see Ma.  Cut up the breasts of a dress for her.

    Sunday, May 13, 1856.
    Dwent to the church, I did not.  Called on Uncle Charles’s.

    Monday, 19.
    About various things.  Went in the woods for flowers.

    Tuesday, 20.
    Packing away my summer,  fixing for removal to Kingston.  Drank tea at Mrs. A. Weston’s.

    Wednesday, May 21, 1856.
    Went to see Ma who is quite sick.  Found her comfortable.

    Thursday, 22.
    Went to see Mrs. Whiting for Lucy – in the morning – Afternoon called on my Mom.  Aunt Sally B. and Capt. Gains.

    Friday, 23.
    Went to Kingston, put down a carpet in our room.  Lucy did shopping.  Went to Rocky Nook.

    Saturday, May 24, 1856.
    Went to see Ma again – found her much better.  To William Drew’s in the evening.

    Sunday, 25.
    Went to church – heard Mr. Moore.  Lucy had company from Plymouth.  Evan’s.

    Monday, 26.
    Cold and stormy.  Shall not go to Kingston Hotel til tomorrow.  Called at Dr. Wildes.

    Tuesday, may 27, 1856.
    Cushman’s Hotel Kingston.  Came this day and have adjusted our room & am trying to make it home.

    Wednesday, 18.
    Cold and stormy.  Quite sick with a cold.  Annie I Washburn is wedded tonight.

    Thursday, 29.
    Dan went to Boston.  Am much better.  Mary Jane Maxxx called & Eliza Washburn; also Edna with a card from xxxx.

    Friday, May 30, 1856.
    Very cold but clear and exceedingly beautiful.  Dan returned.

    Saturday, 31.
    Colder than yesterday.  Thermometer 49.  Rode to Duxbury.  Horn kicked up and broke one shaft.

    Sunday, June 1.
    At home today.  A singular accident happened to us yesterday while riding from Dux.  A bird flew against the horn and suddenly frightening him badly which caused trouble.

    Monday, June 2, 1856.
    Dan went Trouting.  Came home foot-sore and cross.  In the evening went to a “Summer – Indignation” Meeting.

    Tuesday, 3.
    Very warm.  D’s asleep out on the sofa – & I in my chair – almost.  Had a nice nap.  Walk out after tea.

    Wednesday, 4.
    In the house all day.  Read some.  Dan’s been reading to me  Sumner’s speech.

    Thursday, June 5, 1856.
    D. has gone to Duxbury.  Cold and raw the wind is.  Drank tea at Mr. May’s Rocky-nook.

    Friday, 6.
    Teacher’s convention at Duxbury.  Raining fast.

    Saturday, 7.
    Still raining – cold and needing a fire.

    Sunday, June 8, 1856.
    Been to Church – heard Mr. Bowen – Text “While the heart muses – the fire burns.”

    Monday, 9.
    Cloudy in the morning, pleasant in the afternoon.  Took quite a long walk round by the Factory.

    Tuesday, 10.
    D. went to Boston this morning.  I went to Duxbury to the grave of my darling.

    Wednesday, June 11, 1856.
    Very warm.  Mrs. Evans and Mrs. Dr. Wilde and little son Lawrence.  D. came at night but he’d better not.

    Thursday, 12.
    Pleasant and warm.  After tea took a walk in the cemetery.  Evening – went to meeting.

    Friday, 13.
    Went to Duxbury.  Called to see Ma at Mrs. Evan’s.  Took tea at Dr. Wilde’s.  Called at xxx’s.  Lawrence came home with us.

    Saturday, June 14, 1856.
    Back to the store and Depot.  A dispatch from William, who is in N. York.  Sick.  D. has gone to him.

    Sunday, 15.
    At home all day – wrote a letter to Lizzie Fuller.  Mailed it.  Called on the Bride.

    Monday, 16.
    Had a dispatch from Amherst – saying William was in Boston.  Daniel has missed him.

    Tuesday, June 17, 1856.
    Daniel came this morning bringing William – so sick, looking more like a released tenant of the tomb than a living man.  Sarah and Dr. Miller came in the afternoon.

    Wednesday, 18.
    William is very low today wandering and weak.  Sarah went home – but will come again.  Dr. Wilde attends him.  He cannot live.

    Thursday, 19.
    W’s worse – talks very incoherently.  Is asleep now, from Morphine.  Capt. Nat. Thomas has come to care for him and relieve us.  Poor Billy.

    Friday, June 20, 1856.
    He is at rest.  Died last night – at ½ past 9 o’clock.  Sarah came – was with him when he died.

    Saturday, 21.
    Committed poor Willie to the Earth today.  Rev. Moore.
    How quick and peaceful it seemed about him.

    Sunday, 22.
    Excessively hot.  96° Fah.  Brother Lewis called on us today.  Very glad to see him.  H. Hunt called.

    Monday, June 23, 1856.
    D. has gone to Duxbury with Lucy E.
    Waity and Ma called.  Ma called in the afternoon.  D & I carried her to R. Nook.

    Tuesday, 24.
    At home all day – sneezing and not doing much.  Wrote to Lorrie.  Paid board.

    Wednesday, 25.
    Went to Rocky – nook.  Spent the day.  A most miserable day it was for me sneezing – eyes inflamed – and I came home sick.

    Thursday, June 26, 1856.
    Sick a bed – most all day.  Did not go down stairs till tea.

    Friday, 27.
    Much better.  Went to the cut with D.  Ate fried fish at J. Wadsworth’s.  Capt’s G Winsor and xxxx came then, from D.

    Saturday, 28.
    At home good deal, of the fever.  D. has gone to Dux.  Mary Jane drank tea with us.  Got a cat.

    Sunday, June 29, 1856.
    Very hot – fever very bad – worse at night, did not sleep much.  Oh what a torment it is.

    Monday, 30.
    Very hot.  D. went to Boston.  Fever rather better.  Bought a pint of Alcohol, of the Hon. Agency.

    Tuesday, July 1.
    Cooler.  Look for D. tonight. D. came in the last train.

    Wednesday, July 2, 1856.
    Eyes troublesome.  Winthrop called, starts for Pembroke Maine today.

    Thursday, 3.
    Warm and pleasant.  Mr. Marge called on his way from Boston.

    Friday, 4.
    Independence  — Crackers
    Fever very bad – am cross and uncomfortable.  What a penance this fine weather.

    Saturday, July 5, 1856.
    Eyes rather better; took a walk in the cemetery which did not improve my eyes.

    Sunday, 6.
    Cool and pleasant.  D. went to church all day, took a seat in the xxx’s pew.  Violent tempest in the evening.

    Monday, 7.
    Pleasant.  D. went to Rocky-nook and brought Ma to make us a visit.

    Tuesday, July 8, 1856.
    Dress making for Ma.  Pleasant and warm.  Eyes much better.

    Wednesday, 9.
    A driving, easterly rain.  Dressmaking yet.

    Thursday, 10.
    Raining some – yet looking prosperous.  Clear.  D. went blue berrying.  Picked 3 pints of nice ones.

    Friday, July 11, 1856.
    D. went to Boston.  Ma went to Mrs. B. Porter’s.  Finished my dressmaking.

    Saturday, 12.
    Pleasant.  Ma went away.  Rode to Ricky nook with her.  Evening very beautiful.

    Sunday, 13.
    Dad did not go to Church – to (sic) hot – and I am not yet done sneezing.

    Monday, July 14, 1856.
    Very warm – makes one feel lazy.  Made a call on Miss Robbin’s in the evening.

    Tuesday, 15.
    Very warm, hot one may say truly.  Lazy enough calls from Mrs. B. sister, and Mrs.  Willis.

    Wednesday, 16.
    Stale, hot enough to toast one.  Mary called on her way to Duxbury.

    Thursday, July 17, 1856.
    Thermometer at 93.  Mr. Williams from B. called.  Capt. G. Sampson, Mr. Wm. Winsor dined with us.

    Friday, 18.
    96 Fahrenheit.  Hot as the torrids.  Can do little but fan myself.

    Saturday, 19.
    Cool and beautiful today.  D. and I drove to Duxbury – drank tea with Mrs. Evans.

    Sunday, July 20, 1856.
    Been to church all day.  Heard Mr. Briggs of Salem.  Mr. Churchill & Lucycalled.

    Monday, 21.
    Warmer but very pleasant.  Rode into Plymouth. Called at Wm. Mange’s.

    Tuesday, 22.
    Very warm.  Had quite a shower.  Evening very beautiful.

    Wednesday, July 23, 1856.
    Went to Rocky-nook.  Spent the day.  Afternoon – Mary and I went in bathing.

    Thursday, 24.
    Very warm.  D. & I rode to the Landing.  Went in bathing.  Made the acquaintance of Mr. Buche.

    Friday, 25.
    Excessively hot – 98 in the shade.  D. went to Boston.  Dr. W. called.  Laurence spent the day with me.

    Saturday, July 25, 1856.
    Still very hot, 95 at noon.  D. made a Lemon Squxsen, quite a Gimmy article. (???)

    Sunday, 26.
    Still very warm.  D. went to church in the morning.  No other service till six o’clock.

    Monday, 28.
    Mrs. A & B’s mother called.  Cooler.  Went to Rocky-nook in the morning.  Lost tire from the wheel.

    Tuesday, July 29, 1856.
    A foggy morning. Went to Duxbury – called at Aunt Zilpha and Mrs. Evans’s.

    Wednesday, 30.
    At home all day.  D. went Black berrying.  Had some for tea.

    Thursday, 31.
    Very damp weather.  And very monotonous days.  Landlady has visitors.

    Friday, August 1, 1856.
    The same monotony.  Pic-nic at Abington.  Went to the Depot to see the debarkation.

    Saturday, 2.
    A damp foggy day.  The birth-day of a little spirit – in the invisible land.

    Sunday, 3.
    Text – Luke 10.29.  Went to church all day.  Walked to Rocky-nook.  Called at T. Holmes’.

    Monday, August 4, 1856.
    At home all day.  Very comfortable.

    Tuesday, 5.
    Busy sewing.  Have not been out.  Read some.

    Wednesday, 6.
    D. went to Boston.  Mary Jane called.  Went to sisters – and spent the night.

    Thusday, August 7, 1856.
    Spent the day at Rocky-nook.  Mr. Holmes took me home.

    Friday, 8.
    D. came home in the evening train.  A severe wind with thunder.

    Saturday, 9.
    D. went berrying.  Emma drunk tea with us.  Mr. & Mrs. Holmes called.  Ma went to Duxbury.

    Sunday, August 10, 1856.
    Went to church all day.  Heard Dr. Samson of Dedham.

    Monday, 11.
    Went to the Manomet House – over the hill; in the afternoon took a walk to the beach – went in bathing.

    Tuesday, 12.
    Spent the night at the Manomet – walked to the cliffs – went in bathing again.  Afternoon – went home.

    Wednesday, August 13, 1856.
    Rode to Duxbury.  Went over the house 9 am to dwell in.

    Thursday, 14.
    Lucy came and spent the day.  Went to Muster for half hour.  Tremont Meeting at the Depot, flag, music, &c.

    Friday, 15.
    A smart shower in the afternoon.  Muster evaporated in the rain.

    Saturday, August 16, 1856.
    At home all day.  Mary called.  In the evening dropped in on Abbie.

    Sunday, 17.
    Went to church all day.  In the evening walked in the cemetery.  Called to see Annie.

    Monday, 18.
    Went to Duxbury – fixed carpets for the different rooms.  Lunched at Ma Frasars.

    Tuesday, August 19, 1856.
    Went to Boston, bo’t two carpets.  Called at Mr. Powers and Mr. Thomas’s.  Going to D. bungling – carpets have not come.

    Wednesday, 20.
    A southeast rain – cold and next wintery.  Dan’s amusing himself with leathering nails for carpets.

    Thursday, 21.
    Still storming – cold and dreary.  Have been asleep as has Dan, carpets have come.

    Friday, August 22, 1856.
    Pleasant once morn.  D. has gone to Duxbury.  I worked on a morun (sic) skirt.

    Saturday, 23.
    D. walked to Duxbury and back today.  Tired and hungry he was.

    Sunday, 24.
    Been to church all day.  Anne called after church.  Went into Mrs. Bicknell’s.

    Monday, August 25, 1856.
    Rode to Rocky-nook then to second-brook.  Picked a few huckleberries – came home.

    Tuesday, 26.
    Went to Duxbury.  Cut one carpet, sewed one long seam – then came home.

    Wednesday, 27.
    D. went to Dux.  Walked to the nook, help quilt a skirt for Ma – nearly made it – then walked home.

    Thursday, August 28, 1856.
    At home all day.  Trimmed my bonnet.  The parson & Lady called.  Bowen.

    Friday, 29.
    Went to Duxbury in the coach.  Spent the night in our new house.  Slept in W.’s little room.

    Saturday, 30.
    Came home this day, left Mrs. H. Drew – sewing carpet.  A cool beautiful day.

    Sunday, August 31, 1856.
    Went to church – heard mr. allen, of N. Bedford.
    Mr. H. Hunt called in the eve. & Julia.

    Monday, September 1.
    Went to Rocky-Nook for clothes.
    Packed trunk – ready for a move on the morrow.

    Tuesday, 2.
    Left Mr. Cushman’s for our new home.
    Hope I shall like it.

    Wednesday, September 3, 1856.
    Sewing carpet & doing a variety of things.
    Lissie Frazar & Mrs. Winslow called.

    Thursday, 4.
    Cannot tell what & how done today, a little of everything.

    Friday, 5.
    Still fixing, fixing.  Drove old Ginny to Wilchertown – saw my mother.

    Saturday, September 6, 1856.
    Drove to W. again and fetched my mother with me.

    Sunday, 7.
    Did not attend the sanctuary services – to (sic) tired and lazy.

    Monday, 8.
    Did no washing – expected Bridget but she no come!  Rode to sisters – got some things for me.

    Tuesday, September 9, 1856.
    Fixing – fixing – but never near being fixed.
    Rode to the beach – picked a few plums.

    Wednesday, 10.
    Mary J. M. drank tea.  Have a house.  Mrs. Patsy by name, grey, xxx with and lazy.  Us with some friends.

    Thursday, 11.
    Don’t know what I have been doing – nothing, I think.

    Friday, September 12, 1856.
    Sarah Mansfield called and invited us to a cut chowder.  Went – had a nice time.

    Saturday, 13.
    Baked pies – and a miserable loaf of cake.
    Ma went to Quincy.

    Sunday, 14.
    Ma’s birthday – 80 years today.
    D went to church.  I did not.  Called at Ma Frazar’s

    Monday, September 15, 1856.
    No Bridget yet.  Spose she will come when she’s ready.  Drove Lissie F. to Plymouth.

    Tuesday, 16.
    Another cut party.  Could not go – too busy.  Took a drive after tea.

    Wednesday, 17.
    Nothing unusual has occurred today.

    Thursday, September 18, 1856.
    Mrs. Dave Winsor and Mrs. Gifford called.

    Friday, 19.
    Sarah, Lucy, Tempy and Arabella spent the evening with us.  Lissie called.

    Saturday, 20.
    A rainy day.
    Lissie Frazar drank tea with us.  Would go home in the rain.

    Sunday, September 21, 1856.
    Stormy.  D went to church – heard Mr. Leonard, or read a book instead.

    Monday, 22.
    Bridget came this morning – went to washing directly.  Raining.

    Tuesday, 23.
    Raining still – and earth needs it.

    Wednesday, September 24, 1856.
    Went to W. Bridge – tea.  Spent the night with Adriana.

    Thursday, 25.
    Rode to the south – called at Mrs. Crooker’s – went to the cattle show and saw the sights.  Lost Patsy for an hour or 2.  Spent the night at Rev. Bates.

    Friday, 26.
    Visited the state Alms House.
    Went to the west and dined with A.  then to the South.  Spent the night at Mrs. Crookers.

    Saturday, September 27, 1856.
    Came home – with Lazy Patsy.
    Found all safe.

    Sunday, 28.
    Did not go to church.  Too lazy I believe.

    **Monday, September 29, 1856 through October 4, 1956:  No entries.

    Sunday, 5.
    Went to church in the afternoon.  Lauretta played for the last time.

    ** Monday, October 6, 1856 through Saturday, October 11, 1856:  No entries.

    Sunday, October 12, 1856.
    Crusader Sailed.  Dec. 30 – ’57.

    Monday, 13.

    Tuesday, 14.
    Bridget left in a huff – at something – best known to herself.

    ** Wednesday, October 15, 1856 through Friday, October 17, 1856:  No entries.

    Saturday, October 18, 1856.
    Major L. Bradford buried today.  Went to the funeral.

    Monday, 20.

    Tuesday, October 21, 1856.
    25th of January, ’60.
    Pints of milk.
    Two cream. Cream. Cream

    Friday, October 24, 1856   January 2, ‘68

    ** Several more pages of similar counting, paid notations, out of sequence dates, misc. notes.

    End of diary:


    That “Animal magnetism was not entirely” unknown to the Ancients, appears by what Claudius relates as an experiment tried in the persona of Aristotle.

    He speaks of a man who by means of a “soul attracting wand, let the soul out out of a sleeping lad and left the body in a sensible.  When the soul was again let into the body – it related all that had happened to it.

    Napoleon derived his plan of Battle at Austerlitz from Milton’s “Paradise Lost, where Satan brings his Devilish Enginery to bear upon Michael & his hosts.

    “Training his Devilish Enginery impaled on every side with shadowing squadrons deep – To hide the Travel.

    Sixty second Psalms

    Ninety first    do.

    One hundred and sixteenth, do.

    **Last pages, inside cover:  Miscellaneous notes, undated:

    Henry D. Johnson

    Sterling Hill

    Windham Co


    Mr. Baker                            1 gall.    1 qt.                       50

    Mr. Peters                          1 gall                                                      40

    Mrs. Geo P.                          do                                                         40

    John Loring                           do                                                         40

    Sylvia Weston                    2 gall                                                      80

    Mr. Delano                         1 gall                                                      40

    Mr. A. Weston                  2 qts                                                      20


    **More scattered calculations.

    End of Diary


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