Elkanah Weston Papers

The Elkanah Weston Papers (1811-1824) consists of two letters.  One letter appears to be written by Elkanah Weston (1781-1833) and the other is written by his son, Elkanah Weston (b. 1805).  Both letters were written to loved ones in Duxbury while the men were at sea.

Biographical Information: Elkanah Weston I was the son of Zabdiel Weston and Hannah Curtis.  He was born in Duxbury, MA.  In 1803 he married Mary “Polly” Bates.  The couple’s son, born in 1805, was also named Elkanah Weston.  Elkanah II married Abigail Prior Simmons in 1829.

Organization: The Collection consists two letters.

Letter 1: Elkanah Weston I to his wife, Polly.

March the 25th day 1811

Dearest and most Beloved Companion

I once more in [?] this opportunity to inform you that I am well and I hope that these few lines will find you and your Children enjoying the same Blessing.  I have nothing to do at present and don’t see anything that will turn in our favor nor how I shall get home although there are a good many vessels bound home but I shall not leave the [?] until she ahs had her trial.  I hope that you have got that insurance done which I told you to do.  You must give my love to all inqiring friends and relations and tell Mr. Goodspeed that he must build him & me a privateer the first thing he does.  The money shall be paid down when I return home for I expect to make my fortune this voyage by the experience and the work of things.  My Capt. is a very clever man indeed and the people good men and willing.  So no more at present.

So I remain your constant friend Elkanah Weston

Letter 2: Elkanah Weston II to his parents.

Elsinor the May the 8th 1824

Dear Father and Mother

I take this opportunity to inform you that I am well and I hope that these few lines will find you enjoying the same blessing.  Tell all my brothers and sisters that I should like to see them and all my young friends.  We have arrived at Elsinor this morning and we have come on shore with the Captain.  Rufus has been sick with the fever and a [?] now he is gotten better he has not got a chance to write.  He is on board Amherst and I are ashore and in the custom house with the Captain.  We have 38 days to this port & we shall get clear from here today and go on to Copenhagen which is 20 miles.  We had a very pleasant passage.  We have lived very agreeable so far both forward and aft and I hope that we shall the voyage through.  Give my love to all my young friends that inquire for me for I do think of them very often.  I shall be very glad to hear from them and the rest of you all.  I shall write again the first opportunity.  So no more at present.

Your son Elkanah Weston

Tell Captain Bradford that Charles is well and in good health.

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