Duxbury Alms House

The Duxbury Alms House Collection (1891-1896) consists of building bids, contracts and instructions for a new Alms House in Duxbury on Depot Street, 1896.  The construction specifications were drawn up by Lawrence Bradford.

The DuxburyAlms House was located on Depot Street in Duxbury, MA.  The original structure burned down and a new building was constructed in 1896.

2 thoughts on “Duxbury Alms House

  1. Stan Ellis/July 13, 2013 at 11:00 am
    I grew up across the street from the Alms House and remember that a family named Messier owned it when I was young. The father was a doctor of dentistry. During their time in the house I believe there was a fire there. Later, I think the Daley family owned it for a while.

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