Williams, Annie L.

Annie L. Williams Collection (1920-1999)

Scope and Content: The Collection consists of a Russian Red Cross document (1920) and six Polaroid photographs of awards and medals given to nurse Annie L. Williams for her service during WWI.  Also included are two 1961 obituaries. 

Biographical Note: Annie Laurie Williams was born in 1879 in Rhinebeck, NY, the daughter of Arthur Williams and Janet Usher.  During WWI, she served as a Red Cross nurse in Siberia and Manchuria.  She was awarded the medal of the Order of St. Sava by King Peter of Serbia and the Serbian Red Cross Medal of Merit.  After the War, Williams moved to Duxbury and was both a school nurse and a visiting nurse.  She died in Kingston in 1961.

Organization: The Collection consists of one folder.

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