Old Colony Railroad

Old Colony Railroad Collection (1846-1941); Bulk Dates (1872-1875)

Scope and Content: The Collection includes a pamphlet published in 1846 describing the proposed rail line between Boston and Duxbury.  Also included are three passes to ride the Old Colony Railroad and a tourist’s map (1872).             

Organization: The Collection consists of 1 Folder.

Item List:

  1. “A Short Account of the Proposed South Shore Railroad from Duxbury to Boston,” 1846.
  2. Tourist’s Pocket Map, 1872
  3. Old Colony Railroad Free Pass of John S. Loring, 1872.
  4. Old Colony Railroad Free Pass of John S. Loring, 1873.
  5. 2 Old Colony Railroad envelopes, c. 1873.
  6. Old Colony Railroad Trip Pass, 1875.
  7. Note re: Old stage coach running from Duxbury to Kingston, 1904.
  8. Reproduction of 1810 Notice of Boston, Plymouth & Sandwich Mail Stage, c. 1941.

One thought on “Old Colony Railroad

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