Graves, Ruby H.

Ruby H. Graves Collection (c. 1860-1972)


Scope and Content: The Collection consists of ten photographs of the Graves/Holmes family of Surplus Street, Duxbury, MA.  Correspondence is between Ruby H. Graves (1872-1974) and acquaintances, including Duxbury Town Historian, Dorothy Wentworth, and long-time Duxbury resident, Gershom Bradford. Also included are numerous newspaper articles detailing the life of Rufus B. Holmes, one of the first white settlers of Port Angeles, Washington.

Biographical Information: Ruby H. Graves (1872-1874) was born in Duxbury, MA to Frank M. Graves and Clara M. Holmes.  The family lived at 32 Surplus Street.

Rufus B. Holmes (1811-1893) was the grandfather of Ruby Graves.  He was the son of Bradford Holmes and Betsey Bartlett. In 1847 he married Clara Winsor. Rufus B. Holmes was a seaman and one of the first American settlers to move into Port Angeles, Washington.

Organization: The collection consists of 24 items in three different folders.  The folders are divided into photographs, letters, and newspaper articles.

Series I/Folder 1: Correspondence

  1. Ruby Graves to Dorothy Wentworth, Jan. 1, 1956.
  2. Gershom Bradford to Ruby Graves, February 3, 1958. Re: Rufus Homes
  3. Ruby Graves to Gershom Bradford, Feb. 10, 1958. Re: Rufus Homes
  4. Ruby Graves to Dorothy Wentworth, Dec. 1962.
  5. Ruby Graves to Mrs. Albert P. Richards, Jan. 17, 1966.
  6. Ruby Graves to Dorothy Wentworth, May 31, 1968. with envelope

Series II/Folder 2: Photographs

  1. Ruby Graves’ home at 32 Surplus Street, built in 1811.
  2. Ruby Graves at age 6, 1878, Albumen Cabinet Card, Photographer: W. R. Hawkes, East Boston
  3. Ruby Graves at age 6, 1878, Albumen Cabinet Card, Photographer: W. R. Hawkes, East Boston
  4. Ruby Graves at age 16, 1888, Cabinet Card, Photographer: Hardy, 493 Washington St, Boston
  5. Ruby Graves, c. 1890-1910
  6. Ruby Graves, c. 1890-1910, Cabinet Card, Photographer: A. J. Schillare, Northampton, MA
  7. 3 Generations of women, Clara Winsor (b. August 31, 1829), Clara Holmes (b. April 11, 1854) and Ruby Graves (b. September 7, 1872), 1899.
  8. Rufus B. Holmes as a middle-aged man. (c. 1860-1870), Carte de Visite, Photographer: Perkins, 23 Temple St., Boston, MA
  9. Rufus B. Holmes as an old man, c. 1890-1893
  10. E. H. Fox, a friend of Ruby Graves. 1922.

Series III/Folder 3: Newspaper Articles

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