Pilgrim Log

Log book of the schooner Pilgrim (1803-1805)
Kept by Capt. Samuel Delano, Jr.

The schooner Pilgrim was built by the Delano brothers in Duxbury, Massachusetts. In 1803 it sailed in tandem with the Perseverance on a sealing expedition in the Pacific Ocean. The Perseverance was under the command of Samuel Delano, Jr.’s brother, Capt. Amasa Delano. The voyage was chronicled in Amasa Delano’s book, Narrative of Voyages and Travels, in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres: Comprising Three Voyages Round the World… (1817).

A transcription of the log can be found here.

A description of the voyage based on the log, written by Franklin K. Hoyt, can be found here

The original log is part of the Capt. Amasa and Samuel Delano Collection, DAL.MSS.014


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