Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Letters (1864, 1879)

Scope and Content: The collection consists of two letters written by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow from Cambridge, MA.  The first letter (April 12, 1864) was written to Frederick Newman Knapp.  Knapp was an administrator in the U. S. Sanitary Commission in Washington, DC during the Civil War.  Longfellow thanks Knapp for sending him some maps and writes of the death of Dr. Bates.  The second letter (Aug. 28, 1879) was written to South Duxbury resident, Lyman Drew.  Drew had sent Longfellow a artifact once belonging to an early Duxbury settler. 


Cambridge, April 12, 1864

My Dear Sir,

I have been extremely negligent in not thanking you sooner for the valuable maps you were so kind as to send me.  But in this I am not quite so bad as I seem, for my brother lingered so long on his homeward way, that I am only a week or two behind hand.

It was very kind of you to think of these maps amid all your other crowding and perplexing engagments.  I value them very highly; and add this kindnes to the many others received from you in Washington.

I was much grieved to hear of the death of Dr. Bates, who, perhaps you remember, attended my son with so much care.  He has gone to the front; while his patient is still here, with wounds nearly healed, and almost ready for service again.  It has been a long process.

My brother Sam is now with me, and if he knew I were writing, would send his kind regards.  As his is not in the home at the moment, I do it for him; and add those of my two boys, who always cherish a friendly remembrance of you, together with my own.

I remain yours truly,

Henry W. Longfellow


Cambridge, Aug 28, 1879

Dear Sir,

My friend and classmate, Bridge, has been here, and brought me your valuable present.

It is a curious relic of the Past; and I like to think that the hand of the brave, old Puritan Captain has often held it and plied it in the cornfield.

Be assured that I value it very highly and fully appreciate your kindness in presenting it to me, who have only a poetic claim to such a gift.

With many thanks, Yours very kindly,

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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