Winsor Family Collection

Winsor Family Collection (1840-2001)

Scope and Content: The collection contains 7 items, the bulk of which relate to or were created by Georgiana Lloyd Winsor.  Other items relate to family genealogy of her brother, George Lloyd Winsor.  The collection contains scanned copies of photographs, genealogical information, correspondence, a receipt, a newspaper clipping and two drawings. 

Biographical Information: Georgiana Lloyd Winsor (1830-1841) was the daughter to Captain Daniel Loring Winsor and Sallie Bartlett Sampson.  Her grandfather, Nathaniel Winsor, Jr. was one of the most successful merchants and shipbuilders in Duxbury.  In 1841, at the age of 11, Georgiana Lloyd Winsor died of paralysis.  She is buried in the Mayflower Cemetery in Duxbury. 

George Lloyd Winsor (1843-1919), the brother of Georgiana Lloyd Winsor, married Harriet Anne Evans (1855-1932) in 1888.  Harriet Evans was the daughter of an English hotelier in London, George Evans. The Winsor family resided in England for many years before returning to Duxbury.  George Lloyd Winsor and his wife are buried in the Mayflower Cemetery in Duxbury.


The collection is organized into two series.  Series I contains genealogical material on the Winsor and Pepall family compiled by Ruth Ann (Scott) Pepall.  Series II contains material created by or relating to Georgiana Lloyd Winsor.

Series I – Genealogical Material (c. 1858-2001) 

  1. Binder, “The Family of Nathaniel Winsor through Daniel Loring Winsor and his wife, Sallie Bartlett Sampson.”  20 pages.  Includes scanned copies of photographs and paintings as well as genealogical information.   

Series II – Papers of Georgiana Lloyd Winsor (1840-1841) 

  1. Letter from Georgiana Lloyd Winsor to her father, Daniel Winsor; November 11, 1840.
  2. Bill/Receipt; J. Sampson to Jerome Thompson for portrait of Georgiana Lloyd Winsor after her death; September 10, 1841.
  3. Composition book belonging to Georgiana Lloyd Winsor; 1840-1841.
  4. Newspaper clipping from the Boston Morning Press containing obituary of Georgiana Lloyd Winsor; September 24, 1841.
  5. Drawing of flowers done by Georgiana Lloyd Winsor, 3” x 4 ¼”; n.d.
  6. Drawing of flowers dong by Georgiana Lloyd Winsor, 5” x 8 ½”; n.d.

4 thoughts on “Winsor Family Collection

  1. Hi: My name is Deborah Lee Winsor. My father was Daniel Loring Winsor (1923-2011), my grandfather, Daniel Loring Winsor, Sr. Owned and ran the Winsor Inn in Duxbury, Ma until my step-grandmother Marie sold it before his death and moved to Deerfield Beach, Florida. I have a few Winsor family heirlooms, one I think you might like a picture of. I’m unwilling to donate it at this time, but if you would like a picture, I’d be happy to send one. It is a sampler she did at age nine. At the bottom she has crocheted her name; Georgiana L Winsor Age Nine, April 19, 1839.
    Let me know if you would like a picture. It is framed.

      • I am the person who donated most of the Georgiana Winsor memorabilia and the folder of the Nathaniel Winsor Jr. family with his portrait on the cover. Thank you for forwarding Deborah’s letter to me. I would be very interested in having a copy of the photo she is offering to the collection.
        Is it possible to ask her to contact me by e-mail, as I would like to ask her some family questions?

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