Pocket Diary of Lucia Bradford (1886)

In 1886 Lucia A. Bradford (1807-1893), the daughter of Capt. Gershom Bradford and Sarah Hickling Bradford, was 78 years old. She was living with her two sisters, Elizabeth (age 77) and Charlotte (age 73) at their home at 931 Tremont Street, Duxbury.  This small diary gives a wonderful view into the comings and goings in the Bradford household and illustrates the sisters’ constant need for assistance.  Many entries deal with the illness of Elizabeth – including the hiring of a faith healer named Mrs. Baker and the creation of a “hoist” to assist her in getting out of bed.  In the fall of the year, her niece’s son, Frederick Bradford Knapp, purchased former estate of Ezra “King Caesar” Weston on Powder Point and opened the Powder Point School For Boys.

Diary of Lucia Bradford, 1886

(Leather bound diary “Standard Diary – No. 135”)

Inside front cover:  “Presented by Lu. Knapp morning – January 9”

Thurs. Jan. 21, 1886
Warm & cloudy
Lu. Knapp came over & went back on morning train.
A little Auk was found dead in a Plymouth street after one of the late severe storms.
Great Awk has become extinct, also the Prid Duck.

Fri. Jan. 22, 1886
Warm & wet
Reading Teheran in Century.

Sat. Jan 23, 1886
Bright & Cool
Jays & little birds gone to the woods. Chicadees left.
Cool night.
Reading Teheran in Harper’s Monthly.

Sun. Jan. 24, 1886
I wrote 3 letters & a card, 1 to Lu Knapp, 1 to W. B.  Weston, 1 to Harriet Soule & card to Mrs. Spooner.

Mon. Jan. 25, 1886
Devonshire in Winter
Harper’s Monthly

Tues. Jan 26, 1886
Snow, ice & water in the road.
Snow bird & brown sparrow.
Chicadees of course.
p.m.  Fog about 5 o’clock gathered so thick that nothing distinguished the snow from the sky.  The trees were markings in the fog.
Eve. Fog lifted & stars came out.

Wed. Jan 27, 1886
E received a photograph of Mrs. Chamberlain’s new house in Concord.  Without the woods the house is handsome & the lawn also.

Thurs. Jan 28, 1886
Light rain.

Fri. Jan 29, 1886
Cloudy & wet
No weather to dry the washing this week.
Some snow still remaining.
Reading Boots & Saddles.

Sat. Jan 30, 1886
Cloudy & wet but wind in shore & a bit of blue sky.
The Queen of England is Empress of Burmah.
English sparrow seen about.

Sun. Jan 31, 1886
Everything covered with snow.
P.M.  Sun comes out and icy branches shine like silver.
I wrote to ?ounna.
Laurence has been to a Grand Army Convention in Boston in Tremont Temple of five hundred people.

Mon. Feb. 1, 1886
sun shines & then disappears.

Tues. Feb. 2, 1886  Ther. 12
Bright morning
Mr. Gladstone Premier again.

Wed. Feb. 3, 1886   Ther. 10
Father’s Birthday – 1774 went back in train.
Rough walking
Sleighing gone.

Thurs. Feb. 4, 1886
Great snow storm
Jay & snow birds & chicadees on the lilacs.

Fri. Feb. 5, 1886  Ther. 4 below
Cold day
John Pilsbury made a path through the high drift in front.

Sat. Feb. 6, 1886  Ther. 8 below
Cold day
Gxxx Wright, our old Empress is buried today.

Sun. Feb. 7, 1886  Ther.  18
Good day
Sleighing & people improving their race chance.
Laurence says that Mr. Burr has been preaching in London – good for his friends here.
I wrote to Gershom & Mrs. Weston.

Mon. Feb. 8, 1886
Very fine
Jays & snow birds
P.M. Hattie came with the boys.
How much the soldiers cheered when Mr. Callan was restored to his command and march against Popes 2N. Century.

Tues. Feb. 9, 1886
Very fine

Wed. Feb. 10, 1886

Thurs. Feb. 11, 1886
Heard a good letter from Mrs. Bxx to Rebecca Weston from London.  Mr. Burr has been preaching there.
Read “A Mythical Pallbearer” by Conway in Harper’s New Monthly.

Fri. Feb. 12, 1886
Great rain.
Water everywhere.  Rain all day.
Eve – trains out & in stopped by a gully in Scituate.

Sat. Feb. 13, 1886
Cloudy & wet & wind
Not so much rain.
E[lizabeth]. quite weak & low.
Mrs. Bishop of Peterborough explains away Christ’s commands about oaths.
P.M.  Ther. 66.

Sun. Feb. 14, 1886
Warm & bright.
Very warm.
E[lizabeth] has some begonia & Abutiton (?) from Sylvia Boyant’s.
St. Valentine’s Day.
P.M. Ther. 55.
Read in Gibbon.
Eve. I wrote to Minnie.
Beautiful show of lights
Clouds round the moon & Mars shining bright in the East.

Mon. Feb. 15, 1886  Ther. A.m. 54
Warm & cloudy
Reading Gibbon, Germany
& sewing a nightgown for E.
Eve. Shower, lightning & thunder.
Lilac leaf buds growing.

Tues. Feb. 16, 1886
Very bright & pleasant
There was danger of a flood in Boston last Friday.
Things had to be taken from Chamber windows.  The breaks in the railroads are not yet repaired.
Got a letter from Gers[hom] –
Eve – Louly Knapp came over.
Mr. T. seems better.
I brought fresh pussy willows & some violets.

Wed. Feb. 17, 1886
Bright & warm.
Morning train arrives after 10.

Thurs. Feb. 18, 1886
Bright & cold
Lu Knapp’s birthday
She came over & went back in train.
Miss Perkins getting better.
A good deal of poverty among the people out of work at the rope walk which does not sxxx full time.
Mr. Knapp seems better.

Fri. Feb. 19, 1886
Bright  pleasant
Read a little in Germany – Gibbons
E read in Stanley’s description of Livingsone after he found him in xxxxx.
Eve. Rain

Sat. Feb. 20, 1886
Sun comes up in a cloud which puts out its rays.
Read about Lord Beconfield’s letters to his sister, what an egotist he was.
Heard E read in Stanley’s book about Livingstone, he was different, very.

Sun. Feb. 21, 1886  Ther. 8
a.m. Ther. Rises to 24 & cloudy.
E. poorly all day & went to bed in the afternoon.
Laurence came with Hattie & the boys.

Mon. Feb. 22, 1886
Cloudy – snow disappearing
E better & up.
P.M.  Dr. Wilde came with Frxxx.
Fanny Lane came in P.M. train.

Tues. Feb. 23, 1886
Cloudy & stormy
Making for E. a flannel gown.
Eve – bright starlight

Wed. Feb. 24, 1886  Ther. 16
Very pleasant

Thurs. Feb. 25, 1886
Cloudy & cold
Fanny went away rain
Eve. Great rain then snow in the night.

Fri. Feb. 26, 1886
Snow storm & everything covered with snow.
Grows cold.
Eve. Wind & snow.  Very cold.

Sat. Feb. 27, 1886  Ther. 5
Ice in the trees.
P.M. Ther. 17
Wind & snow.  Sun comes finally out.

Sun. Feb. 28, 1886
Cold but pleasant
I wrote to Lissie Bartlett & Lu K.

Mon. March 1, 1886  Ther. 4
Century came, welcome

Tues., March 2, 1886  Ther. 2
Reading Mountaineering in Persia.
E read in How I found Livingston.

Wed., March 3, 1886
Cloudy, no snow.

Thurs., March 4, 1886
Beautiful & not so cold.
Reading March Century
Mountaineering in Persia is good.

Fri., March 5, 1886
Lu came and went back in train.
Eve. Cloudy.  Jupiter and Mars xxxxx

Sat. March 6, 1886
Very fine
Reading Century
Italy in a Lxxxx which is not much
Jupiter & Mars splendid in the East between Leo, Orion, Lxxx & Perseous in the South.
Arcturus in the North East.

Sun. March 7, 1886
P.M.  Lawrence came with little Ned who is trying to talk.
I wrote to Mrs. Moon to ask about Mabel Howland who is reported sick.
Read a little in Gibbon about the Goths & some of Shiloh reviews in the Century by Gen. Buell.

Mon. March 8, 1886
Gen. Buells review of Shiloh
Eve. Cloudy
Snow in the night.

Tues. March 9, 1886  Ther. A.m. 36
Everything covered with snow.
I got a letter from Minnie about things in Baltimore.
E. got a photograph of Luther from Elisabeth Ripley which is far better looking than the one we have in the parlor.  This is from a new statue of Luther in Dresden.

Wed. March 10, 1886  Ther. 20
Very pleasant
C[harlotte] has begun to clean house with the garret.
I think I saw two bluebirds this morning.
Mr. Edgar is cutting the grape vine on the trellis & then the one on the barn.

Thurs. March 11, 1886
Beautiful morning.
Song sparrow.
Snow going off.
Dr. Shumway came to mind.
Elisabeth’s death.
Studying a little about the Perception of Equinoxes.
P.M. Mrs June Winsor & Mrs Richard Soule made us a good call.
They are very handsome.
Hannah Sampson came over to see her.

Fri. March 12, 1886
Chilly & stormy.

C[harlotte]. still cleaning in the garret.
Reading about in Gibbons.
Dr. Wilde came.
Eve. Went to bed & heard B read Mr. Edmunds xxx speech in Congress.

Sat. March 13, 1886
Cloudy & wet.
Mrs. Evergreen in from Slim’s grave.
The cranberry bogs are taking away the shelter which the swamp was & bushes gave the little birds.
Pine trees fading & brown.

Sun. March 14, 1886
Cloudy & everything covered with snow,
Mrs. Davis’s Ancient Land marks of Plymouth is interesting.
P.M. Lawrence came with little Ned who tries to talk.
Snow almost gone into mud & water.

Mon. March 15, 1886
Cloudy & wet.
C[harlotte] gone to Plymouth to get help.
Lu Knapp sent me a “War log” paper of the Salvation Army.
Reading M. Davis’s Plymouth,

Tues. March 16, 1886
Cloudy & wet
Eldora went home & Mary Jackson came for supper.
P.M. Sun comes out.  Very pleasant then cloudy & foggy.

Wed. March 17, 1886
Mother’s birthday.
Lu Knapp came in train.  Sun comes out, Pleasant, chilly.
Lu stayed for the P.M. train.
Eve. Jupiter, Mars & Arcturus splendid in the East.

Thurs. March 18, 1886
4 crows flying over mist cloud at the East.  Wind comes East but not cold.
P.M. Very pleasant
Will Clark came in the Express.
Eve. Splendid.

Fri. March 19, 1886
Warm & pleasant
East winds
Willie mended E’s old easy chair.
P.M. Cloudy & stormy.
Willie went home.
Eve. Snow.

Sat. March 20, 1886
Everything covered with snow.
Snowing – rain.
Rain pond full of mud & water.
I read in Exxxx Maxxxxx “Superfxxxx Engxxxx’s like it very much,

Sun. March 21, 1886
N.E. storm, rain.
P.M. I wrote part of a letter for E to C. Ripley
Lawrence came.

Mon. March 22, 1886
Cloudy & wet.
Sun comes out midday.
P.M. Bright
Read in Plymouth book, very interesting account of early town officers etc.
Eve Jupiter, Mars & Arcturus splendid.

Tues. March 23, 1886
Cold & a little snow on the ground.
Reading about schools & churches in old Plymouth in 1600 & 1700.

Wed. March 24, 1886
Cold as Greenland, water frozen solid on the outside window ledge.

Thurs. March 25, 1886
Cold & cloudy
Cleaning my closets.
Sun comes out.
P.M. answered a communication from Mr. Goodwin of Chicago – inquiring if there is a portrait of the 1st Gam’ Bradford.
C went to see some furniture for sale at Mrs. Simmons.
Read about schools in Plymouth.

Fri. March 26, 1886
Coming out pleasant.
Good many birds singing.
W will not stay in the kitchen at all now.
Ellen is here.

Sat. March 27, 1886
Cloudy & cold.  Chilly
P.M.  read about fire department & two old engines in Plymouth.
1st  hearse in Plymouth in July 1820.  I remember the old Duxbury hearse & six bearers & 4 under bearers at father’s funeral.
Rain – a little snow in the night.

Sun. March 28, 1886
Snow mostly gone.
P.M. very pleasant.  Bright sun.
I wrote to Minnie & in the evening had a splendid sight of Jupiter, mars, Arcturus & the xxx.

Mon. March 29, 1886
Cloudy & wet.
Read in Plymouth about the streets & houses
Eve. Rain.

Tues. March 30 1886
Lu Knapp came for Ellen because her sister is sick.
Then telegraphed she was better.
Read Bab. In Eclectic.

Wed. March 31, 1886
Eve. Letter from Sarah Bradford & came from Lu Knapp that Ellen’s sister is better.

Thurs. April 1, 1886
Cloudy & a little rain,
Ellen Johnson went away.
Mrs. Burgess cleaned & Eldora came back at evening.
Mr. Smith has come home & brought the mail this morning

Fri. April 2, 1886
Pleasant spring weather.
April Century
Sun very bright before setting.
Read about Governor Bradford’s Estate in Plymouth.
Cool in the night.

Sat. April 3, 1886
Waif can stay in kitchen now Ellen is gone, when he likes.
Elisabeth not well.
Description of the fight of the xxxage & Alabama in the Century
Eve. Very bright at sunset & went to bed tired.

Sun. April 4, 1886
Snow on the ground.  Cold wind & more now but about gone p.m.
Sun was out among the clouds.
Read in Gibbons Emperor Claudius.

Mon. April 5, 1886
Snow on the ground but fast disappearing.
Town meeting.
Cleaning table drawers.

Tues. April 6, 1886

  1. Great rain.

P.M. Enoch tried to burn chimneys.  Only the back chamber burned a little.
Tremendous pour of rain.

Wed., April 7, 1886
Clouds broken.
Sun comes out some.
Read Spectator about Mr. Gladstone, Ireland, Greece, Borneo & New Guinea.
Beautiful sunshine.
Mr. Edgar tying up grapevine.
Eve. Cloudy & wet again.

Thurs. April 8, 1886

Fri. April 9, 1886
beautiful day.
Lu K came & went back in morning train,
Read about the Pirate Alabama, worse view than I knew of before – this by one of the crew.
The Executive Officer gives a better account than the other.

Sat. April 10, 1886
Sun Day
E poorly in bed.
Mr. Chandler raking the yard.

Sun. April 11, 1886
Fight of the Alabama & Fearsage took one hour & two minutes.
Eve. Cloudy.  Laurence told about the late town meeting.
One of the cable men was proposed for Town block in place of Josiah Peterson who has served 30 years.  The attempt failed.
Laurence was chosen Chairman of a Committee for the Centennial Celebration.
Moon & stars out.

Mon. April 12, 1886
Cloudy & chilly.
Mr Chandler still raking leaves.
Read of Mr. Gladstone’s great speech & how he was cheered & about the proceedings of the day of it.

Tues. April 13, 1886
Warm & cloudy
Silver leaves coming out.

Wed. April 14, 1886
Warm & fog
J Chandler cleaning.
Pleasant, cool.
P.M. I went to Mrs. Simmons & bought a clock & then went to see Laurence’s new rooms on his house which he & Harry Weston are at work on,

Thurs. April 15, 1886
Very pleasant, cool
House cleaning.
Mrs. Watson & Miss Watson & Miss Persall came from Plymouth.  Mrs. W brought some splendid Crocuses for B & some confections.

Fri. April 16, 1886
Dining room cleaning.
P.M. Mary Perkins came.
E. brought some Mayflowers & xxx for a small bunch,
Dreadful times with the sickness at East St. Louis.

Sat. April 17, 1886
Can see that the alterations on Laurence’s house are a great improvement.
C. Got some Abutus – bean ferry (?)
Mr. Gifford very sick.

Sun. April 18, 1886
Bright & splendid.
Pleasant day.
Mr. Gifford died this afternoon.
I wrote to Gus & to L Chamberlain & a card to Lu Knapp.
Mother’s crocuses in bloom.  4 years old.

Mon. April 19, 1886
Warm & pleasant
P.M. Fanny Lane came in the Express.  Sarah Ellison got late for the train & came in the last

Tues. April 20, 1886
Very pleasant
I went with Fanny to Miss Simmons to see about some old furniture.
Bought an ironing table.
PM. I went with F & S for Mayflowers.
Mrs. Phillips opposite sick.

Wed. April 21, 1886
F. & S. went away.
P.M. very large funeral for Mr. Gifford.  Gov. Senator & a committee from the House.

Thurs. April 22, 1886
Very pleasant
The woman who lives opposite here is very sick.

Fri. April 23, 1886
Pleasant & warm.
Good Friday
C cleaning house, store closets.
Reading about Ireland.
Easter cards came from the Misses Soule – probably.

Sat. April 24, 1886
I took Mother’s old rosebush & E’s to get a shower but the rain was small & I left them out at night. About by P.M. there was the end of a rainbow at the N.E. about over the Capt. Briggs Thomas house.
Mother’s periwinkle in bloom.
Easter Cards came from Harriet Webber & Miss Wilmuth

Sun. April 25, 1886
C got some mayflowers.
Read about Ireland.
P.M. Wrote to Minnie.
Horse chestnut leaves coming out.

Mon. April 26, 1886
Very pleasant
Packed some Mayflowers with a rose, almost out, from Mother’s old rosebush for E. sick with a cold.
I reading about Ireland & painting plate covers.
Maria Weston first sight of her since her winter in Boston.

Tues. April 27, 1886
Beautiful morning.
Painting plate covers.
Heard of the death of Mrs. Wendall Phillips.

Wed. April 28, 1886
Cool winds.
L. cleaning parlor.
I painting plate covers.
Wrote to Mrss Wilmouth & read about Italy &

Thurs. April 29, 1886
Back entry cleaning.
E. poorly.
Dandelion flowers

Fri. April 30, 1886
Cold & very cloudy.
E. poorly.
Did not get up till dinner time.
Read about Lord Melbourne.

  1. May 1, 1886

Very cold. Frost.
Any periwinkles out in flower.
Jerusha came to tea.

Sun. May 2, 1886
E. read to me in Victor
P.M. Parish meeting.
Hattie & Miss Nickerson called on their way home.
Only a few at this meeting.

Mon. May 3, 1886
Very pleasant.
E. weak & not well.  Tried to read some to me in Victor Emanuel but gave out.
I wrote to Harriet Soule.

Tues. May 4, 1886
Warm & pleasant
Old cherry tree in bloom.
Very pleasant weather.

Wed. May 5, 1886
Front entry cleaning.
Rain at night.

Thurs. May 6, 1886
Kitchen cleaning.
Old cherry tree covered with flowers.
P.M. little Gers. & Ned came & brought some white violets & graphalium (?) & five fingers.!
Some of the Martha W. Society called thinking they were to meet here; they passed on to Mrs. Hunt’s & left some cake here to E.
We got a sight of Sirius through the branches.

Fri. May 7, 1886
Pleasant & warm.
Lu Knapp came in morning train & brought a star fish, brought from Florida brought by Dr. Brewster & a book of Ballads from Maria – Old ballads & songs.
I got some hymns.
Lu went home in P.M. train.
Chimney swallow flying about in the parlor.
Eve. Cloudy.

Sat. May 8, 1886
Good rain.
E. put out the plants.
Broken down apple tree coming out with many blooms.
P.M. very good rain.

Sun. May 9, 1886
Lilac flowers coming out.
Ruby throated.

Mon. May 10, 1886
Warm & pleasant.
Dwarf & fallen apple tree blooms.
Eve. Rain.

Tues. May 11, 1886
Sitting room cleaning.

Wed. May 12, 1886
Cloudy & wet.
Sitting room cleaning.
Lucy Knapp brought some asparagus.
Nothing but cleaning.

Thurs. May 13, 1886
Cloudy & wet.
B chambers cleaning.
E. chambers still cleaning.
Nothing but cleaning going on.

Fri. May 14, 1886
Great rain

Sat. May 15, 1886
Cloudy  wet.
House cleaning finished.

Sun. May 16, 1886
P.M. warm.
I wrote to Mrs. Chamberlain.

Mon. May 17, 1886
Cloudy & wet.
I worked all day & did not read.
Varnished plate covers.

Tues. May 18, 1886
East winds.
Read in Gibbon
Almond blossoms out.

Wed. May 19, 1886
E. trimmed the dwarf apple tree.  Petals falling off in breeze.
Terrible cyclone last week in Lenin, Ohio.

Thurs. May 20, 1886
Very pleasant but not clear.

Fri. May 21, 1886
Pleasant & warm.
Read a good amount of
Medici the Great in Littell.
P.M. Welthea Burgess came home.  Glad to see her.

Sat. May 22, 1886
Cloudy & warm.
Got a letter from Lu Knapp.
Lightening continued in the night.

Sun. May 23, 1886
P.M. wrote to Lu Knapp.
A boy at Laurence’s is on a xxx   xxxxtiny expedition.  Found an Indian XXxor  other things.
Eve. Laurence & Mrs. E. Chandler came here.
I changed my sleeping place into E. chamber.

Mon. May 24, 1886
Cloudy & warm.
Reading in Gibbon about Proteus & Florianus.
Put plant food on Fuschias, geraniums & Cactuses.
P.M. Mrs. Brewster came with Mrs. John Delano to tell about a woman who had cured Mrs. Delano & who she said could cure E.  I wrote to the woman, as she directed, a list of her diseases.  Miss Baker in North Hanson.

Tues. May 25, 1886
Good rain.
Got a letter from Minnie & one from Sarah E.
Read in Gibbon & Christian Science.

Wed. May 26, 1886
Bright & cool.
Geranium maculatum
Geranium Probestinum
Read in the Times about Mr. Gladstone’s Irish xxxxx Rule.

Thurs. May 27, 1886
Bright & cool.
First strawberries.  18 qts.
Began to paint E’s xxxx chair.
P.M. got a letter from Mary Sever & a dress which was her mother’s.  Jeannie was sick.
Got a letter from Mrs. Baker who is going to try to cure E. by mind cure.
Solomon’s Seal & anemone.

Fri. May 28, 1886
Pleasant day.
P.M. Almeda called & Mrs. Phipps who has come to live in the new rooms in Laurence’s house.

Sat. May 29, 1886
Bright & cool.
E. wrote to Mrs. Baker.

Sun. May 30, 1886
Cloudy  & warm
I read in London Times & some in Gibbons.
P.M. wrote to Sarah Bradford.

Mon. May 31, 1886
Decoration Day.
Early morning rain.
Showers, thunder & brightening.
Comes out fair.
Mr. Knapp & Louly came.
Mr. Knapp addressed the Post.
Louly took me aside, went soon after lunch back to Plymouth

Tues. June 1, 1886
Bright & pleasant.
Read Mr. Gladstone’s Manifesto.
P.M. Jerusha brought some spinach & some ferns.

Wed. June 2, 1886
Warm & cloudy.
Lu. Knapp came & went back in morning train.
Painted on E’s chair.
Read in Gibbons.
E. got a letter from Mrs. Baker, the Mind Dr.
Eve. received  the June Century.

Thurs. June 3, 1886
Mrs. Hunt came to meet the M. W. [Martha Washington] Society.  They did not come.

Fri. June 4, 1886
I went to Plymouth to Dr. Shumway.
Lydia Bryant came to help.
Hannah Sampson came to meet the M. W. Soc. But no one else came.

Sat. June 5, 1886
Read in the June Century about Faith Healing, etc.
Cold night.

Sun. June 6, 1886
Frost in some places in town.
Bright & pleasant.
Meeting at the Unitarian House.
Lu Knapp came with Mrs. F & Sally.
P.M. I wrote to Minnie.

Mon. June 7, 1886
Cloudy, Warm.
Read in the Century about the Cambridge Botanists & Botanic Garden.
P.M. Painted on E’s chair.

Tues. June 8, 1886
Cloudy & breezy.
Dr. Franklin’s letters in Century.
P.M. Warm & pleasant.

Wed. June 9, 1886
E. sick.
Lu Knapp came over & went back in morning train.
I read about St. Althanisius (?).
Got a letter from Sarah E.
Eve. Cloudy & rain in the night.

Thurs. June 10, 1886
Cloudy & wet.
Looks brightening.
E. went to Boston.
Lydia Bryant came to help E.
I am anxious about E’s getting too tired.

Fri. June 11, 1886
E. went to Plymouth to Dr. Shumway.
Lydia Bryant came to help.
P.M. Sarah Robbins came in the morning train & went to her place, the old Myles Standish’s.
L Bartlett & three boys with her.  They came here & then went back in the P.M. train.
Mrs. Baker, E’s Dr. came.
Jerusha came to tea.
Eve. Fog.

Sat. June 12, 1886
Cloudy & wind out.
Reading in Century about the moon.

Sun. June 13, 1886
Meeting at the U. meeting house.
Reading about Harper’s Ferry.
P.M. Wrote to Mrs. Weston.
Eve. Rain.

Mon. June 14, 1886
Cloudy & wet.
card from Sarah Bradford.
Wrote to Mrs. Moore & Lu Knapp.
P.M. Florence & Anna Soule came.  Glad to see them.

Tues. June 15, 1886
Reading about Harper’s Ferry & Antitam.
E. got some Elder, Iris, Sassafrass.
Wrote to Sarah Bradford.

Wed. June 16, 1886
Cloudy & wet.
Got a card .  Fanny came & Sarah Bradford would come here Friday but E. is engaged at the Dentist in Plymouth.
Clears up & warm.
Reading Gibbon.

Thurs. June 17, 1886
Cloudy & wet.
Bunker Hill Battles.
Read in Gibbon.
Mother’s old Syringa in bloom & the Cactuses splendid.

Fri. June 18, 1886
Fair & warm.
E went to Dr. Shumway.  Welthea came while she was gone.
Read about Pxxxxxxx.
Cool evening.

Sat. June 19, 1886
Cool & cloudy
Sarah Bradford came on morning train & went back P.M.
Glad to see her.
Very bright.

Sun. June 20, 1886
Cool morning.
P.M. very bright sun.
I wrote to Gershom & read Mrs. Newman’s address before the
Educational & Industrial Union.

Mon. June 21, 1886
Very pleasant.  Warm.

Tues. June 22, 1886
Letter from Gers. & Mrs. Moore.
P.M. Warm

Wed. June 23, 1886
E. not well.
P.M. Cool, rain.
Mrs. Wright came with her father.

Thurs. June 24, 1886
Out winds & rain.
E. better.
Read in Times about Mr. Gladstone.

Fri. June 25, 1886
Warm & very wet & cloudy.
Letters from Sarah Robbins.
Mr. Bartlett mowing.

Sat. June 26, 1886
Cloudy, warm, bright.

Sun. June 27, 1886
P.M. Mrs. Phipps came with Laurence.

Mon. June 28, 1886
E. poorly
Mr. Knapp came to xxxx examination.
Minnie took me to ride.
P.M. cool & bright.
Eve. Jupiter & Mars splendid.  In conjunction.

Tues. June 29, 1886
Bright & splendid.
Fanny Lane came in the Plymouth train & over from Kingston.
I got a letter from Mrs. Weston.
Fanny went back to Cambridge.  She brought the Globe with Mr. Gladstone’s speech.

  1. June 30, 1886

Bright & warm.
C. sailed to the Gurnet with Laurence & Hattie & company.
Lydia Bryant worked for me.
P.M.  Harriet Soule came.
Cool evening & splendid.

July 1, 1886
Bright & warm.
Cannot bring out my figures right.
P.M.  Mrs. Smith & Harriet Soule called.
C. went to see about Mrs. Baker.

Fri. July 2, 1886
P.M.  L. S. & M. Knapp came over with the Misses Howard from Springfield.
Received an address from Mr. Goodwin of Chicago.

Sat. July 3, 1886
Cloudy & warm.
P.M. Warm.
Jerusha came to tea.

Sun. July 4, 1886
Warm & fog.
P.M. Wrote most of a letter to Gershom & then went to ride with Mrs. Phipps round by the old graveyard & up Harrison St.  Stopped to see Mrs. Phipps’s new rooms.

Mon. July 5, 1886
Celebration of the 4th.
Read some revolutionary account in Mr. D. Goodwin’s address.
P.M. went to ride around Standish Shores with Mrs. Phipps.

Tues. July 6, 1886
Bright & pleasant.
Read Kinnon’s accounts of The Fighting Farragut below New Orleans.
Hot as blases (sic)
P.M. hotter. Ther. 96.
E. suffering with heat.
I got a letter from Minnie.

Wed. July 7, 1886
Very warm.
Mr. Chandler made a fence for us between us & Mr. Peterson.
P.M. hotter than blases (sic) all night.

Thurs. July 8, 1886
Bright & hot.
Out wind come up.
P.M. Frank Sever came over from Plymouth, went back in train.

Fri. July 9, 1886
Bright & warm.
Mrs. Wright brought some lamb & lettuce & currant & radishes.
P.M. funeral of Mrs. Simon Soule.
Mr. Knapp attended & Lu came here.

Sat. July 10, 1886
P.M. rain
Good rain.

Sun. July 11, 1886
Bright & pleasant
I wrote to Mary Sever.
Eve. Splendid moonlight.

Mon. July 12, 1886
Bright & pleasant.
Read that Cook is to take charge of the Pilgrimage to Macon.
P.M. Mr. Knapp came to the Academy examination.
Cool & bright evening.
C. went to the Westons.

Tues. July 13, 1886
Very splendid.
Glad to hear that Maria Sampson’s horse is dead.
Eve. Mrs. Phipps called with Mr. Bryton.

Wed. July 14, 1886
Lu Knapp came & went back in the train.

Thurs. July 15, 1886
Dr. Shumway came for E.  & me.
P.M. Mrs. Shaw came & Mary Perkins & Sam’l Richards.
Afterwards Lu K & xxx with Mrs. Xxxx & Maria.

Fri. July 16, 1886
Cloudy & wind south & strong.
Little G. B. brought us some beans.
P.M. C. went to Plymouth to Mr. Knapp’s reception for Mrs. Bickerdyke.
Lydia Bryant came to spend the night.

Sat. July 17, 1886
cloudy & wet.
C. came home in Express train.
Wet & warm.
I got letters from Laurence & Mary Sever.

Sun. July 18, 1886
Cloudy & wet.
Mrs. Phipps & Hattie came after meeting.
I wrote to Harriet Soule.

Mon. July 19, 1886
Read about the Pilgrims & Indians
Bought some raspberries.

Tues. July 20, 1886
Cool & nice day.
Read about Pilgrims & Indians.
E’s Dr gone away for five weeks.
Plenty of huckleberries.

Wed., July 21, 1886
Bright & cool.
Almeda Ellison called.
Got a letter from Sarah Ellison.

Thurs. July 22, 1886
Hot as blazes.
Jerusha came to tea

Fri. July 23, 1886
Cool & pleasant
Poor Waif sick.
Grey takes care of him.

Sat. July 24, 1886
Very beautiful
E got a box of Fruit from Sarah Robbins.
Pleasant day.
First huckleberry pies.

Sun. July 25, 1886
Cloudy & warm.
Mr. Knapp came to preach.  I rode round with him.
They went to lunch at Hattie’s.
Very warm.
I wrote to Gers.

Mon. July 26, 1886
Cloudy & warm.
Reading about old Pilgrims.
Hot as blazes.
Lu was left yesterday & went  home in the noon train.
Plenty of blackberries.

Tues. Jul 27, 1886
Welcome showers,
Thunder & lightening.
Good rain.
Mrs. Davis, E’s Dr., made her a visit &
Brought her a book.  She has been reading
Dr. Delano’s Christian Science book a month or more.
P.M.  Good rain.
Bright at evening.

Wed. July 28, 1886
Bright & not so warm.
I made a call at her house & saw many handsome things
& she gave me some lunch.  Was very kind & agreeable.

Thurs. July 29, 1886
Warm & cloudy.
Hot as blazes.
P.M. Hotter.
Waif went to catch a mole.
Night – thunder & rain & lightening
Inense & very frequent.  One flash continuing at times.

Fri. July 30, 1886
Cloudy & warm.

Sat. July 31, 1886
Cloudy & warm.
Little rain.
Plenty of berries.
Mr. Gladstone still contending for Ireland.
Mr. Knapp came with Fred & Fannie.

Sun. Aug. 1, 1886
Hattie stopped after church to lunch.
P.M. I wrote to Minnie.

Mon. Aug. 2, 1886
Very wet & warm.
Waif smarts
Mrs. Wright sent some nice vegetables.
First corn of the summer.

Tues. Aug. 3, 1886
Wrote to Mr. Goodwin, Chicago & to Mrs. Burgess in Plymouth.
Read about the Pilgrims
P.M. warm in the sun but cold in the house.

Wed., Aug. 4, 1886
Bright & splendid.
I wrote to Elizabeth Ripley & read about Mr. Gladstone.

Thurs., Aug. 5, 1886
Bright & splendid.
Lu came over & went back.
Waif smarts
Es going to dentist.
P.M. Harry Weston put in some glass window lines & smoothed the ironing table.

Fri. Aug. 6, 1886
Good rain.
P.M. Mr. Knapp came to the funeral of G. Bradford.
Mrs. Davis came to visit Elizabeth.
Sarah Ellison came & Mrs. Howes & Isabelle & Mary  & xxxx.
Coming out bright.
Hattie not well.

Sat. Aug. 7, 1886
Warm & cloudy & wet.

Sun. Aug. 8, 1886
Read Pilgrim book & wrote to Chamberlain.

Mon. Aug. 9, 1886
P.M. Hot
Jerusha came to tea.

Tues. Aug. 10, 1886
Grows cool.
Got a letter from Gershom

Wed. Aug. 11, 1886
Mrs. Wright sent some little fishes.
Finished reading Bagwell, “Ireland under the Tudors” in Littell.
P.M. Very warm.
Nelly Brewster came & Mrs. Harrison Loring.
Hot night.

Thurs. Aug. 12, 1886
Cloudy & hot
P.M. Great thunder shower.
Mary Simmons arrived in the P.M. Express train.
Fair for the Duxbury Hall.

Fri. Aug. 13, 1886
Mrs. Davis came to visit E.
Fair for the Duxbury Hall.

Sat. Aug. 14, 1886
Very warm.
Miss Sarah Ellison spent the day here.
P.M. Showers
Laurence came.

Sun. Aug. 15, 1886
Bright & cool.
Mrs. Burgess of Portland came from Plymouth – a call.

Mon. Aug. 16, 1886
I wrote to Gershom.
C. baked some apples.
Maria Burgess paid the interest on her note.
Mary Simmons reading “Dark Days” to E.
P.M. I got a letter from Mr. Chamberlain at Troy N.H.
Great rain in the night.

Tues. Aug. 17, 1886
Cool wind.

Wed. Aug. 18, 1886
Cool & cloudy
Comes out bright.
Helped C. the wrong way.
P.M. read a few verses in Childes Harold.
Splendid afternoon.
Eve. Mary went to Soc. Reading with Hattie.

Thurs. Aug. 19, 1886
Bright & cool.
Made fog on Capt. Hill.
Sarah E. came to spend the day.
Mary & I went a ride with Hattie.
Mr. Knapp came over to meet Fred at the depot & take him to the Point where he has based the place for his school.

Fri. Aug. 20, 1886
Cool morning.
P.M. splendid
Eve. C & Mary went to see Mrs. Phipps & Hattie.

Sat. Aug. 21, 1886
Cool morning.
Beautiful afterwards.
Read Leper Hospitals in Beryin.  (?)
Lu Knapp came & went back in Exp. Train.

Sun. Aug. 22, 1886
Fog in the East.
Read in Gibbon.

Mon. Aug. 23, 1886
Read in Gibbon.
P.M. Warm.
Jerusha came to tea.

Tues. Aug. 24, 1886
Bright & warm
Read “Drawing of a Village.”
P.M. Hot as blazes.
Rain in the Night

Wed. Aug. 25, 1886
E.’s Birthday
Reading Gibbon – Constantine.
P.M. Lu K. brought E. some nice handkerchiefs & some splendid roses for her Birthday.
Mary & C went to Almeda’s to tea

Thurs. Aug. 26, 1886
Mrs. Wright brought nice vegetables of all kinds.
P.M. Anne Weston came.

Fri. Aug. 27, 1886
Very warm.
Read London Times.
Hot as blazes.
P.M. Hotter.
Sunday School Picnic in Mr. Smith’s wood.
C & Mary rode to Kingston with Hattie.
Mrs. Frothingham & Emma called –
& Jane Glass & Miss Henry –
I got a letter from Sarah Bradford
Lake Placid.

Sat. Aug. 28, 1886
Cloudy & warm.
Hotter than blazes.

Sun. Aug. 29, 1886

Mon. Aug. 30, 1886
Cloudy & wet.
P.M. Shower
Then bright.
Charlotte paid the tax and went round with Mary.

Tues. Aug. 31, 1886
Mary went off in morning train.

Wed. Sept. 1, 18886
C back with 3 cans of peaches.
P.M. Fred Knapp came to the Weston house, spent the night at Hattie’s.
Lu & Mr. K came here.

Thurs. Sept. 2, 1886
Bright & beautiful.
Mr. Knapp & Fred went to the Weston house.  Lu & C went P.M.
News of terrible Earth quake in Charleston & other places in S. Carolina and Georgia.
Eve. Mr. Knapp went home.

Fri. Sept. 3, 1886
Cool & pleasant.
P.M. Maria Knapp came over for a party

Sat. Sept. 4, 1886
Cool & pleasant.
Mrs. Wright brought some green things & fruit.
Ellie Ellison came to dinner with Sarah.
C. & Lu went with them to the train & Ellie went to Waltham.

Sun. Sept. 5, 1886
P.M. I wrote to Gershom.

Mon. Sept. 6, 1886
P.M. Pleasant
Lou. Knapp came with Dr. Holden & Sally & others & went to the Point.

Tues. Sept. 7, 1886
& P.M. warm.
Fanny came & took me to the Point.
Emily & Carrie Lamb came from Island & took tea here.

Wed. Sept. 8, 1886
Hot as blazes
P.M. Hotter.
Fanny drove up here with Mrs. Holden.
C & Lu went to see Welthea.

Thurs. Sept. 9, 1886
Hot as blazes.
C & Lu gone with Hattie to make calls.
E. & I here.  E. on the bed.
Went to tea at the Point in the old house with Lu.
Eve. Rain.

Fri. Sept. 10, 1886
Cloudy & wet & warm.
Read about Chancellorville in Century.
Eve. Lu & C went to see Martha & Emma.

Sat. Sept. 11, 1886
Fog & wet.
Xth day of Cattle Show.

Sun. Sept. 12, 1886
Fred & Fanny came & John Olmsted.
Lu went home with them to dine.
Mr. Knapp came & Maria.
Maria Sampson to dine.
P.M. Lu went home to Plymouth.

Mon. Sept. 13, 1886
P.M. Mrs. Weston came.

Tues. Sept. 14, 1886
Front chamber cleaning.

Wed. Sept. 15, 1886
Plum canning  & ironing.
Mrs. Weston & Sarah Ellison spent the day here.
First day of Cattle Show at Marshfield.

Thurs. Sept. 16, 1886
Great rain.
I got a letter from Gershom.
Bad day for Cattle Show.

Fri. Sept. 17, 1886
Wet  & cloudy.
Hot & bright.

Sat. Sept. 18, 1886
Bright & Pleasant.

Sun. Sept. 19, 1886
P.M. very pleasant.
Rode round & to the Point.  Found Fanny poisoned.
Edmund Weston came.

Mon. Sept. 20, 1886
Finished a letter to Minnie.

Tues. Sept. 21, 1886
Frost in some parts.
Auction of some furniture.  H came & is at Mrs. Pilsbury’s.
Mrs. Phipps dined with us.  Mrs. Weston came P.M. & Maria.
Sally & Maria & Mr. Pxxx xxxxxxx some plums.

Wed. Sept. 22, 1886
P.M. Sarah came for her visit.

Thurs. Sept. 23, 1886
Great showers.
C went to Plymouth to see about a woman to come & help

Fri. Sept. 24, 1886
I went to visit Mrs. Weston & to Laurence’s.
P.M. Pleasant & cool.
Birds gathering to go off

Sat. Sept. 25, 1886
Mr. Phillips has died.  Sarah & I went to Kingston with Mrs. Phipps & called at Mrs. Severs.
I went to see Welthea at Mr. Hunt’s.
Eve. Fred & Fanny came up.
Mrs. Beal died.

Sun. Sept. 26, 1886
Very warm & bright.

Mon. Sept. 27, 1886
P.M. Sarah rode to Brant Rock.
Little Ned here for his Mama to go to Mrs. Beal’s funeral.

Tues. Sept. 28, 1886
Mr. Knapp got a woman for us in Boston.

Wed. Sept. 29, 1886
Pleasant & warm.
Lu & Louly came over to tell us about the woman.
Fanny came up.  She is trying to get some help.
P.M. grows cool.  A little rain.

Thurs. Sept. 30, 1886
Cloudy & cool.
Eldora went home & Mrs. Bell came.

Fri. Oct. 1, 1886

Sat. Oct. 2, 1886
Bright & frost.
Our woman sick.
Sent for the Dr.
Eldora came to stay for night.

Sun. Oct. 3, 1886
Beautiful day.
Mr. Knapp preached.
Our woman better.
Read a little in Gibbon.

Mon. Oct. 4, 1886
Very pleasant.
P.M. the woman, Mrs. Bell, got off in the 2:15 train.

Tues. Oct. 5, 1886
Very pleasant sunrise.
Sitting room cleaned & stove brought in & dining room stove in.
Read a little in Gibbon.

Wed. Oct. 6, 1886
Beautiful morning.
Read about Arson in Century.
P.M. Mrs. Chase called.
Paid for Coal.

Thurs. Oct. 7, 1886
Emma came to dinner.
P.M. I rode to the Point with Lu & Fanny

Fri. Oct. 8, 1886
C’s chamber cleaning.
E . Will Clark came in the train.

Sat. Oct. 9, 1886
Will is arranging a planning a machine for lifting E.
She went away after dinner.
Most beautiful weather.

Sun. Oct. 10, 1886
Apples falling, newly ripe.

Mon. Oct. 11, 1886
P.M. Mrs. Jane Winsor,  Mrs. Richard Soule, Miss Soule, & Mrs. Loring called.

Tues. Oct. 12, 1886
P.M. Fanny Lane came in the train.

Wed. Oct. 13, 1886
Cloudy & chilly.
C walked to Mr. Ford’s with Fanny.
P.M. Fred & Fanny called.
Jerusha came to tea.

Thurs. Oct. 14, 1886
P.M. bright & cool.
I went with Fanny & Sarah to ride, & called at the Point.
Fred & boys gathering apples.

Fri. Oct. 15, 1886
Fanny Lou Knapp came & went back at one.

Sat. Oct. 16, 1886
Sarah went off.
P.M. Wedding of Mr. Winslow & Miss Train.
Mr. Knapp came to the ceremony.

Sun. Oct. 17, 1886
Cool & bright.
Fred called with Prof. Lanman.
I finished the 1st volume of Gibbons.

Mon. Oct. 18, 1886
Wet & cloudy.
C made grape jelly.
I put new earth into plants.

Tues. Oct. 19, 1886
Ellen came & Eldora went off again.
Pd Mrs. Davis 14 dollars for 7 weeks absenth treatments & for today’s visit.  16.00.

Wed. Oct. 20, 1886

Thurs. Oct. 21, 1886
Went to ride with Mrs. Phipps.

Fri. Oct. 22, 1886
Cool & bright.

Sat. Oct. 23, 1886
P.M. Mrs. Wright came.
She has been to Canada & brought me a present of some knitted jackets from Montreal.

Sun. Oct. 24, 1886
Very pleasant.

Mon. Oct. 25, 1886
Cloudy & chilly.
Finished a letter to Gers.
Read Century about Corinth & Chancellorville.

Tues. Oct. 26, 1886
Warm & very pleasant.
P.M. Willie Clark came to put up a hoist for E

Wed. Oct. 27, 1886
The machinery came wrong and W. went up to see about it.
Lu Knapp came for the day.
P.M. went back in the rain.
Fast rain.

Thurs. Oct. 28, 1886
Cloudy & wet.
Finished the last of my grape marmalade and cans. 6 glasses.
Eve. Got a letter from Sarah E

Fri. Oct. 29, 1886
Great rain early.  Fog.
Rainy day.
Cunard Steamer struck at the Gurnet

Sat. Oct. 29, 1886
Fanny Knapp had a Hallows Eve prty.
Hard rain.

Sun. Oct. 30, 1886
Warm & cloudy
Rain comes out.
Fred told us about the party.
Wrote to Sarah Ellison.

Mon. Nov. 1, 1886
Warm & wet.
P.M. Mrs. Wright came & bade good bye & brought E. a pr. of Shetland stockings.
Jerusha came to tea.
Fog came up suddenly.

Tues. Nov. 2, 1886
Warm & bright.
I went a long ride with Hattie & Mr. Jacobs & little Ned.

Wed. Nov. 3, 1886
P.M. Mr. & Mrs. Hunt called.
Fanny Knapp came with a friend

Thurs. Nov. 4, 1886
Willie Clark came to put up the hoist.

Fri. Nov. 5, 1886
PleasantI went to ride & called at the Ellisons’ with Mrs. Phipps & Hattie.
P.M. Mr. Dow for xxxxx.

Sat. Nov. 6, 1886
Eve. Severe storm, very sharp lightening & heavy thunder & great rain.

Sun. Nov. 7, 1886
C & I & Ellen worked the hoist.
Cloudy, bright & cool.
Willie mended E’s bedstead.
P.M. Willie went off in the train.

Mon. Nov. 8, 1886
Cold & bright
P.M. cloudy
I got a letter from Gershom.

Tues. Nov. 9, 1886
Very pleasant
Ellen went home.  Paid her 1200 (12.00?) for 3 weeks.
Pd Mr. Davis for E, 200.

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