Smith, Jacob

Capt. Jacob Smith Collection

c. 1816-1830


Scope and Content: The collection consists of numerous shipping documents, many relating to relating to Jacob Smith’s voyage while captain of the brig Globe.  Of note is the partial ship’s log of a journey to Malaga, Spain in 1826 that includes an essay on Temperance written by Capt. Jacob Smith.  Twelve documents are port clearances, quarantines and charges written in Danish, Swedish and Russian from the Globe’s voyages to Northern Europe in 1826 and 1828.

Biographical Information: Captain Jacob Smith (1780-1844) was the son of Benjamin Smith and Sarah Peterson.  In 1803 he married Betsey Sprague (1788-1814).  The couple had three children: Caroline (b. 1809) Martha (b. 1811) and Jacob, Jr. (b. 1812). In 1811 the Smith’s bought the house owned by Capt. Daniel Bradford at what is now 251 Harrison Street, Duxbury, MA.  After the death of his first wife, Jacob Smith remarried in 1816 Deborah Cushman, daughter of Robert Cushman of Marshfield, MA.   The couple had five children, Elizabeth (1820-1820), Persis (b. 1821), Ezra (b. 1823) and twins Elizabeth and William Moxon (b. 1825).  During the last years of his life Jacob Smith and his family lived on a farm in Marshfield although he retained ownership of his Duxbury residence.  He died in Marshfield and is buried in Mayflower Cemetery in Duxbury.

Jacob Smith was the captain of many vessels, including the brig Globe, a 215 ton ship built in Duxbury, MA.  The Globe made two journeys to Northern Europe in 1826 and 1828.  He was also active in Duxbury town affairs, a member of the First Parish Church and a temperance advocate.

Organization: The collection consists of 26 items in three series.

Series I, Correspondence (1826-1828). 3 items.

  1. Elijah Loring “for self and Ezra Weston” (Boston) to Capt. Jacob Smith, Sept. 26, 1826.
  2. J. Belfour Ellah & Co. (Gibraltor) to Capt. Jacob Smith, 1828.
  3. Murdoch Storey (Havana) to Capt. Jacob Smith, March 12, 1828.

Series II, Shipping Documents for Brig Globe (1823-1828). 21 items.

Folder 1 (1826)

  1. Partial unbound ship’s log, “Journal of a Voyage from Boston to Malaga” including an essay on Temperance, September 17, 1826 – November 3, 1826.

Folder 2 (1823-1827)

  1. Invoice for coffee and logwood for ship Globe to Copenhagen, 1823.
  2. Note of Commission for brig Globe in St. Petersburg, May, 1826
  3. Document in Swedish for Brig Globe (Stockholm), 1826.
  4. Sailing Papers for brig Globe from Stockholm to Riga in Swedish, 1826.
  5. Bill for merchandise (New York), Jan-Feb. 1827.
  6. Exchange note (Havana), July 1827.
  7. Expenses for brig Globe (Gibralter), Sept. 1827.
  8. Exchange note (Malaga), Oct. 1827.
  9. Charter Agreement of brig Globe, Nov. 1827.

Folder 3 (1828)

  1. Charter Agreement of brig Globe, March 1828
  2. Document regarding damaged sugar aboard schooner Nimrod, June 1828.
  3. Quarantine Commission for brig Globe in Danish (Helsingnor), June 1828.
  4. Port charges for brig Globe (Elsingoer/Helsignor), June 1828
  5. Shipping document in Swedish (Stockholm), July 1828.
  6. Shipping document in Swedish (Stockholm), July 1828.
  7. Shipping document in Swedish (Stockholm), July 1828.
  8. Clearance from Riga to Stockholm for brig Globe in Russian, July1828.
  9. Articles of Agreement for brig Globe in Russian, July 1828.
  10. Shipping document in Danish (Helisgnor), Aug.  1828.

Series IV – Miscellaneous Shipping Documents (c. 1816-1828) 

  1. Top portion of ship’s certificate, 1816.
  2. Bill of Sale, 1825.  Re:  Joseph Baleh sold 1/8 of the bark Bramin for $875 to Jacob Smith, 1825.
  3. Bill of Sale, 1825.  Re: Samuel and William Swett sold 1/8 of the bark Bramin for $875 to Jacob Smith, 1825.
  4. Demand notes, c. 1823-1828.
  5. Memorandum of Sweeds Iron for New York, c. 1823-1828

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