Duxbury Clam (1943-1946)

During WWII a resident of Duxbury wrote monthly newsletters under the pseudonym, The Clam, to Duxbury servicemen and women stationed overseas and across America. The issues were mimeographed by Duxbury  High School students and addressed by Mrs. Charles Day, the Millbrook postmaster’s wife. The Clam never identified herself, although she gave clues as to who she was – born in East Boston; spent most of her life in Duxbury; owned a small sailboat named, The Faux Pas; summered at a farm in Chocorua, New Hampshire; was born about 1906.

The newsletters are full of wonderful home-front anecdotes and local gossip.

The newsletters were saved by Duxbury’s Town Historian, Walter Hunt, and the originals can be found the Duxbury Town Historian Collection, DAL.MSS.109. They have been transcribed by DRHS volunteers and Duxbury High School interns.

December, 1943
Jan-Dec, 1944
Jan-Dec, 1945
Jan-Oct, 1946