Peterson, Betsey A.

Betsey A. Peterson Letter (1863)


Scope and Content: The Collection consists of one letter from Betsey A. Peterson (1806-1892) to her brother William Bradford (1807-1875) dated 1863.  The letter talks of family matters, including the health of her husband, Briggs Peterson, and the death of her mother, Elizabeth Dingley Bradford.

Biographical Information: Betsey A. Bradford (1806-1892) was the daughter of Isaiah Bradford and Elizabeth Dingley.  On Jan. 1, 1830 she married Briggs Peterson (1807-1879), a carpenter.  Both the Bradford and Peterson families had lived in Duxbury for generations.  Betsey and Briggs had nine children: Augustus B. (1830-1856), Daniel (1832-1836), Gilbert M. (1835-1877), William B. (b. 1835), Walter Scot (b. 1839), Ellen M. (1840-1858), Betsey Ann (1842-1860), James H. (1845-1921), and Julius (1849-1849).


Sabbath eve, Duxbury the 18, 1863

My Dear Brother William J:

Received you kind letter dated the 4th with pleasure that you thought enough of your unworthy sister Betsey to write to me[.]  I thank you for your wishes for my happiness and wish you the same[.] I enjoy much better health than I did some years ago but Briggs does not his health is not good he complains of palpitations of the heart is short breathed[.] The rest of our family are pretty well our little granddaughter has been quite sick but is better[.]  I heard from Lucia and Rebecca about ten days ago she was about the same Briggs called there[.] Rebecca wanted he should send James up some pleasant morn she wanted to come down and spend the day and go home at night he said he told her he would but he has not found it convenient as yet. 

The neighbours are all well for any thing that I know[.] I go out very little on account of the Baby[.] Gilbert Walter and James are at home now[.] Walter has been gone to Weymouth to work on Roots [sic] till within a few days.

I miss our dear Mother very much[.] I have taken a great deal of comfort going to see her but I can go no more but I think that I can say with cincerity [sic] that I feel more reconciled when my friends are taken away than I used to[.] I can say the Lords will not mine be done.

Briggs and the boys all send their respects to you[.] write again for I always feel glad to receive a letter from you and please forgive me that I let the kind letter you sent me several years ago remain unanswered as you said in your letter now Mother is gone let her memory serve to bind us more closely together[.] from your affectionate sister Betsey A Peterson.


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