Scott, Phillip Capron

Phillip Capron Scott Letter (1851)


Scope and Content: The collection consists of one letter from Phillip Capron Scott addressed to Susan Anna Mowry in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, dated February 27th, 1851.

Biographical Information: Susan Anna Mowry was the daughter of Harris Jencks Mowry and Fanny Capron Scott.  She was born on August 25, 1835 in Providence, RI.  At a young age her family moved to Wisconsin. Her mother died in December, 1851, leaving her and her father to take care of the rest of her siblings.  Susan Mowry married David Carson Hawkins and had two children.

Phillip Capron Scott was the brother of Susan’s mother, Fanny.  Phillip was born September 17, 1817 in Providence, Rhode Island.  He was a lawyer.  He married Catharine Hill Holbrook (d. 1864) in 1841 and had three children.

Organization: The collection consists of one item in one folder.


Providence, Feb 27, ’51

My Dear Niece,

Your kind letter of Dec. 2 1850, was early received.  Much business & writing has prevented me from answering it, until now.  I trust that this, though late, will be acceptable.  Your letter to me, was indeed interesting.  It was the first time that I have heard from you, direct, since the death of your dear mother.  You & the rest of the dear children were very often upon my mind, I assure you.  The questions which you say little Geo asks on coming in, Mother may I have this, or that, I know would often come upon the minds of those dear little ones, if they were not uttered, & then the loss of their dear mother, who had such a great care of them, would bee seen & felt by them & might seem to be, almost too much to bear.  Oh! how kind she was to you, dear Susan.  Often have I seen her when you was a babe & afterwards when a very small girl hold & caress you when you was sick & often too when she was almost to sick to sit up.  But your poor mother has gone from her cares to rest.  Perhaps you will feel as I did when I lost my father, that if your dear mother was still living, that you would do very many kind acts for her.  Let this thought console you, that although your dear mother lives not, that you may assist here, your father lives & for him you may render many services. You may be to your dear father, a great help in his difficulties & grief.  And I know the affection you bear to your little brothers & sisters will constrain you to be to them, almost, a mother.  It gave me much pain to learn that you was away from home during your mother sickness & yet I was glad, very, to be informed that you arrived at home in time to receive her dying kiss.  Dear Susan we have a consolation, we trust your mother is in a better land.  She very often, when writing to me, expressed herself, that if we never again met on Earth, she hoped we should meet in Heaven.  I intend by the help of God this to do.  This I trust will be your endeavor.  Tell all the children to strive for this.  Tell all the children that Grand mother is well, that she loves them, little George in particular (her favorite you know).  Tell them all that Grand mother says they must all be good children & mind you & father & that she wants to see you all very much.

I rejoice Dear Susan that you still love the Savior.  Some who started in the Christian life, when you did, have undoubtedly turned their backs upon the blessed Savior.  It is so at our church & doubtless it is the sam at Chestnut St.  I hope however the number is small.  There are some noble young Christians at Chestnut Street.  I could name many, but I will only name one, dear Sister Burroughs, she is a whole soul – young Christian, enjoying sanctification, living upon God, moment by moment, laboring for the Blessed Lord & master, whoever, she goes.  She often comes to our church & when she there, she refuses not to take up the crop.  I might speak of others, but as Sister Burroughs is known to you, I have simply spoken of her.  If I mistake not, she was converted about the same time that you was.  May you & she both ever maintain a good Christian character & both finally gain Heaven with all its joys.  Do you enjoy Sanctification if so, praise the Lord.  If you don not enjoy this great blessing, rest not until you have obtained it.  It is so much better to give God the whole heart, then bestow it at times upon the world.  This will not do.  God has commanded us to be holy for He is holy. It is a Bible doctrine & we are to be Bible Christians.

I was pleased when I heard that you was instructing a school for I thought that it would increase a desire, which I trust you have, to know something of the “Literary World”  I want all my nieces and nephews to become learned young Ladies and Gentlemen. This may be the case.  The ?? Mrs. Jewsbury who became a distinguished authoress was left at the age of 14 with the care of several small children & yet she became renowned for her learning.  I shall be greatly disappointed if I live to see my sister’s sons grow up if they are not both of them professional young men.

You say write whether you want me or not. We do want to see you, I do assure you.  We should be glad to have your father, with you all, to come on & see us, but you & Geo come if possible.  Grand mother says you must not fail to come.  Catherine ??? the little book, sent by Sarah, was greatly obliged.  Cate is getting to be quite a girl. Since the little brother has made his appearance, she seems to have put on her high heel shoes – she is no longer the baby, but Miss Scott, “if you please”  It was vacation with her last week.  Her birth day, the 19 of Feb, occurred a day or two before the last term closed.  She gave her birth day party on the 22nd, Washington’s birth day.  Had 17 little girls present.  Last week she went to 3 other similar parties.  The let was Sat afternoon.  Came home pretty tall I assure you.  She is to be examined this after noon for the Grammar School.  Very probably she will go up.  If anything keeps her back, I think it will be her young appearance.  She is advanced enough & old enough, 9 years.  Aunt Catherine sends her love to you, your father & all the children & ?? does the same & also encloses a letter for Little George.

Inclosed [sic] also is a letter for Samuel which I wish you to hand him as soon as received.  Tell him to write soon.  Tell your father that I shall answer his letter as soon as possible & give him the desired information.  Say to him that his sister V?? lives in town.  Also say to him that the possibility is that our state will go over to the Locos.  But that I shall probably remain politically as I am.  My love to him, to you & all the children.

P.C. Scott

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