Pilgrim Log Transcription

The following is a transcription of the logbook of the Pilgrim (1803-1805) kept by Capt. Samuel Delano, Jr. on a sealing voyage to the South Pacific. The Pilgrim was built in Duxbury, Massachusetts by the Delano brothers and sailed with the Perseverance which was under the command of Capt. Amasa Delano.

The original logbook is in the Capt. Amasa and Samuel Delano Collection, DAL.MSS.014.

The transcription was completed in 2018 by Duxbury Rural & Historical Society volunteer, Linda Pisani. Spelling and grammar are unchanged. Words that could not be deciphered are marked with an X.

Schooner Pilgrim from Boston towards the South Seas

Remarks on Sunday November 20th1803

Begins Fresh Breses & Clear weather

At 6 Pm spoke the Perseverance all well this Day had a good Luner observation and find our Longitude to bee 31=45 West

Keep A good lookout for the Island of Fardinand Noronha through the night

At Day Light Saw the Land bearing E b SW

Leagues Dist at 7 Am went on bord the Perseverence as did Capt Southwhere we Canyed the Sextant and Coppard it with the the Captn of the Ships and found them too Agree on Longitude each Day by observation being more to the westward than the Log gives we find A Strong westerly Current

Lat’d Ob’d 4 = 6 South

Longitude 32=22 West

By lay from the observation but as the Island of Fardinand Noronha lyes in 32=32 by the Charts I Conjecture the Current has been setting rapidly to the westward.

Fifty Six Days out

Remarks on Monday November 21 1803

First part fresh Breeses & Clear weather

At 5 Pm Havy Squalls with Rain

At 6 Returned from the ship on bord the Schooner and left the Sextant lest it should get wet by roughness of the weather. Fresh gales through the night

The Luner observation onbord the ship gave the Longitude 32 = 5’0 West which I deem to bee Right.  At Meridian Clear and Pleasant weather the Perseverence in Company

Fifty Seven Days out

Wind ESE

Remarks on Tuesday November 22’d 1803

Steady Breeses & pleasant weather

At 7Pm Fresh Breeses   Shortend Sail

At midnight the wind Veerd Round at East

All hands In play.  Making Ceiling Pegs

Casting Back Shot & Bullets & the Perseverance In Company all Sail Set

Wind ESE

Fifty Eight Days out

Remarks on Wednesday November 23 1803

Begins with Clear pleasant weather and at South Sea with A Smooth Sea with all sail set.

At midnight ore Fresh Shortened Sail

All Hands nessaryly Imploy’d – mad A Stui of oars for the Boats &c the Perseverance in Cº

Wind East

Fifty nine days out    Xx  Sanation

Remarks on Thursday Novemb’r 24th1803

Moderate Breeses and Pleasant w’r   all sail Set.  At 10 Pm the wind Increeses as it does every night Regurly after 9 Pm at Day Light more morederate made all Sail all Hands Imployd at Sunday nessary Duty

The Perseverance In Company

Wind at East

Sixty Days out

Remarks on Friday Novemb’r 25th1803

Pleasant Breeses & Remarkable pleasant weather

At 6 Pm Spoke the Perseverance – all hands Imploy’d making xxxxx & other duty.

Wind ENE

Sixty Days out

Remarks on Saturday November 26th1803

Morderate Breeses & pleasant weather.

Latter part Light Showers of Rain

The wind at ENE

Sixty two Days out

The Perseverance in C’o

Remarks on Sunday 27thNovemb’r 1803

Continues a Havy Breese and fair weather

The Hands Variously Imploy’d.  some making As Helves & grinding them and Some Cleaning Small arms & preparing for getting wood water &c from the Island of Trinadad as it is Contemplated to Land at that Island if Practeaple that we may have our wood and water well fill’d up Befoe going into High South Latt’d at 9 Am the Ships Bort Mr. Wm. Delano Come on bord and Bot our ¼ of Pork and 2 Beems for Beeming Ciel Shins as pattrons for making others by and Bot our Sastant which we have Regreted Leafing on bord the Ship as the weather has been fine for takeing Lanes for Several Days past.

Sixty three Days out

Remarks on Monday November 28th1803

Pleasant Breeses & fair weather – all sail set at 1 Am  Obs’d the Distance Between the Star Pollar and found an Longitude to bee 29º = 4x West. All hands Imployd making Dieling Beems and other nessary Duty.  The Perseverance in Compay

Sixty four Days out

Remarks on Tuesday 29thNovember 1803

Morderate Breeses & fair weather at 10 Am

Saw the Island of Trinadad Bearing SSW

Bore away SSW  Stock’d the Amchors & Bent the ables.  Many Birds About Suh as Boobys men a war  noddys & the like.

At Meridian the Island Bore SSW 36 mimles Distance — Latt Obs’d 19 = 5’5’ South

The Longitude of Trinadad as Lay Down is  29 = 00 West

Sixty Five Days out

Wind at ENE

Schooner Pilgrim at Trinadad

Remarks on Wednesday November 30th1803

At 3 Pm Saw the Rocks a Morxx bearing S b E at 5’ D 0   Hove too off the East end of Trinnadad as did the Ship

The Capt of Perseverance came on bord and gave orders to bee prepard to join him in the morning at Days Light as he intended going Round the Island with two whale boats to see if Anchoring was practipable for the two vessels to Obtain a Supply of wood and water – accordingly at 6 Am we left the vessels with two Boat Crews and pulld in for the Island and Prowd Round the South Side of the island and the west Side until we opend Round to the North point of the Island But the Landing Appeard very Bad as the Surf Broke very high on the Rocks and nothing But A Sollid Bed of Rocks to Land on but as we Saw A fine Run of Fresh water we determand to make trial to Land on the Point of A Perpindiulor Rock which we Succeded in by watching and taking the advantage of the Smoothest Seas and Landed A Boat rew and the Boats Lay off Again without the Breakers – we then assended the Sharp Craggy Rocks and got to the watering Place and found the water to bee very good.  We then went up the mountain and Directly Shot two wild Hogs & 5 goats all of which we Carry over the Rocks to the place of Imbarkation, all of ous much worried and fatigued being all the time without Vituals having all our materials Again on the Rock we Imbark’d and at Sun Down got safe on bord our Respective Vessels.  In our escurtion we Saw many whales Round the Island and A great Abundance of Sharks and Some Tortois and A great variety of small Fish Amonst the Rocks Round the Island and what was Singular the Sea Birds all made their nests in trees in the mountain

The wind at NE

Sixty Six Days out

Schooner Pilgrim at Trinadad Wooding & Watering

Remarks on Dec’r 1st1803

Clear pleasant weather the wind at NE at 7 Am

The Capt of the Ship Came onbord with 20 men and Brot all the Empty water casks and three Boats intending to make Tryal to get wood & water if Practiable we Bore down with the Schooner and the Capt Left order for the Ship to hold her Station.  We Run Down the South side of the Island and at 11 Am Anchord off the SW Side of the Island Abreast of the watering place – in 20 fm water with hard Bottom and Comel Rocks movd Ship Head & Stern  the water Casks were taken into the Boats and Carry Close in with the Surf and hove over Board and swam on Shore by 4 Sandwich Island men.  The Schooners Long Boat Being A Stout Oak Boat was over out and Landed on the Rocks without Damage.  The men Provisions Cooking utensils &c were all Landed on the Point of the Rock before mentioned.  Camped A Shore A Sail and Erected Tent.  Dxxx Wind Wxxx

Sixty Seven Days out from Boston.

Schooner Pilgrim at Trinnadad

Remarks on Dec’r 2’d 1803

The Rocks was found so uneven and Sanken opposite the watering place that the water was to bee Conyed some 200 yards in Cays on mens Shoulders to the Casks which made it very hard for the men to Carry over – the worst of Rocks and uneven passing.  At 10 Am the Casks was all filled and Abord being all Swam off through the Surf by the Sandwish Island men  we then attempted to get our Anchors and wey’d the Hedge without trouble but when we came to tHeave on the Small Bower we found him put to A Rock  we then frh’d the Bu-y Rope and Hove until putting that often which we hove for Some two or three Hours with all the Rxxxage we Could make before we Could’d Port the Cable on wey the Anchor at Length he started and we Sav’d the Anchor Bending the Shank of it Considerable.

Dº Wind and Weather

Sixty Eight Days out

Schooner Pilgrim at Trinadad

Remarks on Saturday Dec 3 1803

Pleasant weather the wind NE steend of fair.

The Perseverance when she saw ous She bore down and met ous although it was night we by midnight Had all the Casks Slated and Returned onbord the Schooner Again.

When we made Sail and Stood in for the Island Again – at Day Light we were Close in with the SE Point of the Island in the Situation that we wish’d to bee in at 8 Am Anchored in 15 fm of water – nere our Old Station with the Ledge only.

The Casks were again all landed but the Surf Run so high that they could not with Safety be Swam off at Present and all Hand was Imploy’d cutting wood and  Tumbling it A’Down the mountain which is very good and sizeable for fire wood.

Shot plenty of goats for fresh meet and caught some good rock Fish which are taken by hand in the creveses of the Rocks often the Surf has been up and fill them with water and fish.  The Island Abounds with Fowl of Different Kinds Such as menawar Boobys &c.  But of ordinary kind for food being very Frank & Strong.  The Surf Still continues to Run so high that the water cannot bee swam of with Safety – Light and fair w’d

Sixty nine Days out

Remarks on Sunday Dec’r 4th1803

Pleasant weather the People on Shore wooding and watering.  Set up the Rigging fore and aft.  Some hands in the mountain Hunting  Return with plenty of goats – Light rain from the N west.

Seventy Days out

Remarks on Monday December 5th1803

Begins Fresh Breeses from the N West our being in with the Land we Loose the force of the xxxx Trade wind.  At 8 Am finish taking onbord the water Casks that were filled and fxxxx.

Brot Loads of wood at 9   unmond and found our Bower Cable Chaf’d off and the hosser Stranded and much Chaf’d with the Rocks as our Bower Anchor was Boy’d we Left it without attempting to wey it with & intention to Return Again and Ride by that Bury Rope and prevent Leting the Anchor go in so bad ground – Steer’d of for the Ship at meridian Came Along Side and began Discharging the wood.  Seventy One Days out

The Wind at N West.

Schooner Pilgrim at Trinnadad

Remarks on Tuesday December 6th1803

Moderate breeses from the N West and fair w. Still Discharging wood & water at 5 Pm.  All the wood & water discharged and the empty water casks onbord   Again made sail & Stood in for  the Island at 6 Am.  The Capt of the Ship Came onbord at the Same time we Came up with th& Trade By. The Capt informed that he had been Round on the east Side of the Island over night to See if he could find Any Tortoise or make any other Discovery usefull but he found no Tortoise but Shot some goat & Hogs and discovered where there had been a Settlement on that Part of the Island And much Labor had been done in making a Road and many Buildings & Both Private and one in Particular Large Publick Building and A Fine Stream of water might be fill’d better than on the S West side of the Island But there was no wood handy there to be got. All Hands busily Imploy’d in Bxxxty of wood all of which was to bee shifted from Boat to Boat as none of the Boats was Strong enough to Land on the Rocks Except the Schooner Long boat.

Seventy two Days out

Schooner Pilgrim at Trinnadad

Remarks on Wednesday December 7th1803


Fresh breeses from the N West and Clear w’r

All Hands busy Imploy’d getting off wood & water at 4 Pm having all the water fill’d Struck the Tent on Shore and prepar’d for Imbarking   took all the water onbord and all the other affairs from the Shore Cast off from the Buoy and Stood off Leaving 3 Boats to try to wey the Anhcor have top for the Boats and found that they had wey’d the Anchor after having all on Board Again Bore Down for the Ship.  At 6 Pm Came Along Side or near enough to Raft our water AlongSide which is the method we had Practiced in getting all the water onbord at 10 pm had all Discharged and took all the Empty Casks on bord and stood in for the watering place at 7 Am out 3 Boats and all the Casks and fill’d them the Schooner Laying off & on the mean while at 11 Am had all the water onbord and filled Away for the Ship Ends with pleasant weather. Wind NE

Seventy three Days out.

Schooner Pilgrim from Trinnadad

December the 8th1803

At 2 Pm Came up with the Perseverance and Sent all the water onbord and at 4 Pm Hoisted in the Long boat & Bore Away from Fuston da Cunha at 6 Pm the high land of Trinnadad bore NNW 4 leagues Dist from I take a new Departure being in Look of 20 = 20 South & Longitude by A luner observation 20 = 32 West of Greenwich.  During the time we have Been wooding & watering we have Supplyed all the provisions & Liguor from the men on Shore from the Schooner which is very perceable in our Stores.  All hands Imploy unbending Cables Stowing them in the hold Staying Away wood and Cleaning Ship &c.  Wm Langreen Possenge Came onbord from the Ship again.  At Meridian pleasant & fair w.  The Perseverance in C –

Seventy four Days out

Friday Decemb’r 9 1803

Fresh Breeses & fair weather at D 5 Am Saw A Sail on the See Quarter Steering to the SE at 9 she Shew her Coulors

When the Perseverance Lay by & Spoke her She was A Ship form Baltimore Bound to Blatavia — Broach 1 bb of Pork and one Do Cabin Bread and 2 Cags of Pickels and found them Damaged.  At meridian fair W wind NNE

Seventy Five Days out

Towards Tristran da Cunha

Saturday December 10th1803

Winds NNW

Fresh breeses & fair weather

At 8 Am unstock’d the Anchors and Stored them

Continue pleasant weather all Sail Let

Seventy Six Days out

Sunday December 11th1803

Wind at NNW

Light Breeses & Clouds up.  At 2 pm Calm

At 8 Pm Showers of Rain & calm.  At 6 Am the Capt of  Ship Came onbord and at 7 returned Again and xxx omployed him. Ends with moderate BReeses & Hazy w’r.

Seventy Seven days out

Monday December 12 1803 Winds from NNE to Nn W 

Fresh Breeses & Clear weather.  We found the Schooner to Leak Some in the upper works oweing to So much Dry weather – after getting onbord the Perseverance it was Concluded by the Capt & my Self for me to Stay onbord Some Days to assist in making Some alterations in the Boats as well as Some Repairs there Being no Ships Carpender onbord the Ship therefore the Carpinters Duty. Revolve, on my Brother William Delano – who is found to execute that Duty with much Judgement.  Seventy Eight Days Out

Course Steerd SE b E.

Schooner Pilgrim from Trinnadad

Tuesday December 13th1803

Begins with Stron Breeses and Hazy weather and A Heavy Sea.  At 4 Pm Reef’d the main sail at 8 the wind & sea Increasing, handed the fore topsail – at midnight Reef’d mainsail & Fore Sail – Latter part fresh gales And a heavy Sea with Rain.  Seventy nine Days out.

Wednesday December 14th1803

Fresh gales of wind with Rain & A heavy Sea. Hand the Fore Topsail & Reef’d the mainsail and fore Sail – at 7 Pm hove too head to the Eastward by order of the Capt of the Perseverance – at 4 Am took the wind at WNW at 5 made Sail & stood SE b S at meridian Moderate Breese & Clear Weather.

Eighty Days out.

Thursday Dec’r 15th

Moderate Breeses & Clear Pleasant weather at 2 Pm Steerd East until Dark being in this Longitude Called Sasenburg but seeing no signs of Land Bore up SE b S Again.  at Minan Light airs inclining to Calm.  Broch’d a bb of Beef and on Barrel of Bread.

Eighty one Days out.

Towards Tristran de Cunha

Friday December 16th1803

Light Variable winds inclining to Calm.

At 2 Pm Calm.  At 7 Pm Breese up to the Eastward.  At Meran Light airs and Variable.  Perseverance in Company.

Eighty two Days out.

Saturday December 17th1803

Light airs & Variable Clear & pleasant w’d. at 10 Am Tak’d Ship to the SSW and took all advantage of the wind – at noon Clear w.  Broach one punchion of water  mad & Couinted of 10000 Ceiling Pegs.

Eighty three Days out.

Sunday Dec’r 18th

Moderate Breeses & Fair Weather – at 4 Pm Fresh Squalls Shortend Sail – at Day light more Moderate made Sail at meridian.

Clear pleasant weather Perseverance in C’o.

Eighty four Days out

Monday Dec’r 19th

Moderate Breeze & Clear Weather.  At midnight moderate and Pleasant – at noon Clear and pleasant in Company with the Perseverance.

Eighty five Days out

Schooner Pilgrim at Tristran da Cunha

Remarks on Tuesday December 20th1803

Fresh Breeses from the NNWest & cool weather. Saw a number of Albatross.  The Hands busily making Ceiling Beams &c. At noon clear & Cold.

Eighty Six Days out.

Remarks on Wednesday December 21st1803

Fresh Breeses & Clear weather.  Hauld up ESE the wind xxx.  At 3 Pm saw the high land of Tristran da Cunha being SW by E About 40 miles Distance at 6 the main body of the Island bore SE Inacessable Island at the same time Bore S B W at 7 Spoke the Perseverance the Commander ordered to keep on his weather Juxxx during the night. Fresh breezes throughout the night at 6 Am the Capt Came onbord with the two with the Intention to Explore the Island made Sail and Stood in for the Land.  At 9 being Close in with the Land took Heavy gusts of wind from the North that made it Impractible to Land  Hoisted in the Boats.  Dawn with the yars fore and aft and Stood off Shore under 2 reef’d Mn Sail & foresail.

End with Fresh gale at NW.

Eighty seven Days out.

Schooner Pilgrim at Tristran da Cunha

Remarks on Thursday December 22nd1803

Continues Fresh gales with thick Cloudy weather.

Standing to the Westward – at Dark Heavy Showers of Rain.  Stood out the Westward of the Inacessable Island at Day Light the wind at NNW and Clear weather – at 6 Am made Sail for Inaccessable and Nightingale Island Both in one Bearing SE b S  the Grand Tristan then Bore E b N ½ N at 11 Am Anchord the SW Side of Inaccessable in 25’ fm of water with the Small Bower ½ mile Distance from the shore the Extreem Points of the island bering W b S and NnE the Grand Tristan NE b E and the Nighting gale SE.  Hoisted out a whale boat and the Commander went in to Look at the Land – while the Boat was absent the Fishig Lines was prepard and fish were found very plenty and of excellent quality one was Caught that weyed 42 pounds and Some what Resembled a Salmon in looks and was of a fat Kind which was much admired on Board by all. The coast abounds with Birds of Various Kinds of fowl Albatross Hoglets Pinguins &c.   Broach one bowel of ship bread & one Lº of hams.

Eighty eight Days out.

Schooner Pilgrim at Tristan da Cunha

Remarks on Friday December 23’d 1803

Laying at Single Anchor off the Saut Point off Inaccessable had the wind in heavy gusts from the Northwest Finding the vessel drifting off Shore payed out more Cable and brought her up.  At 2 pm the Capt Came on bord and brought 12 fur Swayl Skins which they took by one of the Sailors Swimming on Shore and Killing them – there being too much Surf to Land and the Shore being one Sillid Rock.  The Shore Abounds with Sea Lions but they Saw but for Fer- Swayl.  At 3 pm got under way and Stood to the NE with intention to find the ship off the West part of the Grand Tristan that being the Station She ws ordered to Keep in for one week if She did not See or hear from the Schooner before.  At 7 the west End of the Grand Tristan bore ENE.  Tak’d Ship & Stood to the westward all night Light Breeses Wb N at Meridian the Grand Tristan bore ENE five Leagues Distance – to our disappointment we see no signs of the Ship.

Eighty nine Days out

Schooner Pilgrim at Tristan da Cunha

Remarks on Saturday December 24th1803

Light Breeses from the North & westward and Clear w’r.

At 3 Pm Saw Sail in the NE Supppos’d to bee the Perseverance we Stood on to the Eastward and S’d Ship to the westward of the Grand d Cunha at 6 the Grand Tristran bore E 1/2N 5 miles Distance. Tak’d Ship and Stood off NNW Light winds from the NE – at Day Light Stood in for the Land at 9 Am.  Anchord in 25 fm water off the SW Side of the Grand Tristran – Hoisted out the Boats and went in Shore to examine the Coast and See if there were any Swayle to bee taken – we Affected a good Landing and found in that place Considerable many Swyl we Killed and Skind Some Sixty and Could have taken many more but the Capt thought best not to Kill any more as he thought there was not enough to make it & abject for the number of men that he had in Both vessels    We saw Great number of Sea Elephants on Shore but the Island was mostly A Sillid Clift of Rocks and but Little wood on the mountain     A Plenty of wild Tallery (?) was found on the Shore or near the Shore where our people went to look after Swayl – we Killed several Elephants and took out their tongues which is said to be as good as A neets (?) tongue – at Meridian we Returnd to the Schooner and found they had been Successful in takeing good Fish which the Shores seem to Abound in – prepard to get under way but on heaving Short xxxxx our Cable near the Clinch – Sent two Boats to wey the Anchor by the Buoy Rope Hove until poring the Buy Rope and left the Anchor behind – Stood off to the North & westward.  Dark thick w’r and Squalling of Rain.

Ninety Days out

Remarks on Sunday December 25th2803

Light winds & variable weather thick & hazy – Standing to the westward at 7 pm Rainy – continues to Rain through the night at 6 Am Fresh gales and A Heavy Sea wind at North Saw A Sail to leeward. Bore Down for her and Spoke her found it to Bee the Ship Dispatch  Capt Dorn of Boston the Capt went onbord but got Information  to bee Depended on except the account of Capt G Lane of the Ship Goldenage and Brigg Lisben and Several other vessels being at Gaughs Island and that he Capt Don had men on Shore on the Grand Tristan take Elephants for oyl and Ceiling– and that there was several English Ships Round the Island A Whaling.  Sent the yards Aloft fore & aft and Set Both Topsails – Saw a Sail to windward which we Supose to bee the perseverance Latt part Fresh Breeses and A heavy Sea the Grand Tristran Bearing EbN  and Inaccessable S b W

Ninety one Days out

Monday December 26th

Fresh Breeses from the North and Westward

At 2 pm Came up and Spoke the Perseverance – Hoisted out the boats and went on Board.  We Saw the Chief mate – Informed us that he had Spoke with & English Whaler the Capt of which being very Sick he Supply’d him with medison from the Chest of the Perseverance and got from him Some Oyl for the Lamps – all Hands went on bord the Perseverance at Different times toSign the Agreement for Ceiling and Return’d Leaving Capt Smith on bord the Ship – at 6 Made Sail Stood of East at 8 Am the Body of the Grand Tristran Bore Wb S 40 miles Dist.

Ninety two Days out.

Remarks on Tuesday December 27th1803

Light Breeses from SbW pleasant weather. Steerd of EbS at 6 Pm Tak’d Ship and stood to the S Westward wind at ENE at 6 am Sent Down the Mn T Sail yard and unbent the Sail and Alter’d the Sail — hands Imployd preparing the Riging &c. The Perseverance in Company.

Ninety three Days out

Remarks on Wednesday Dec 28th

Pleasant Breeses from the NE and fair weather. Broke out the Hold and got the Anchor out and Bxxxx him – at 6 Pm Sent up the Mn Top Sail yard and Set the Sail and midnight fresh Breeses & Rain   Shortend Sail — Latter part Continues to Rain & Blow Fresh with a heavy Sea from the N’r.

Ninety four Days out


Remarks on Thursday Dec’r 29th

Fresh gales and heavy Rain at 2 Pm 2 Reef’d the Mn Sail.  At 4 the wind and Sea increasing Sent Down the after yards at midnight hall’d up East being in the Latt’d Given for Goughs Island  — at Day Light set the Square ail.  At Noon Clear weather the wind at West.

Ninety Five Days out.

Remarks on Friday Dec’r 30th1803

Fresh Breeses & Clear weather with a heavy sea. At 8 Pm Hove too under 2 Reef’d m?? Sail Head to the Northward  at midnight wove Ship hea to the Southr’d at 4 Am made sail and Bore away ESE — at noon Clear weather and moderate  the Perseverance in Company.

Ninety Six days out.

Saturday Dec’r 31st1803

Fresh Breeses & Clear weather steering ESE under all Sail at 8 pm Hove too under 2 Reef’d Mn Sail head to the Southw’d Being in the Latt’d & Longitude Given for Gough’s Island but we  begin to think we have been misinformed About the Latt’d or Longitude or Both — at midnight wove Ship head to the Nor’d Broach’d one Puncheon water one bb Beef one D Ship Bread – at Day Light Bore Away EbS with the wind WbN at Meridian Clear Weather.  The Perseverance in Company

Ninety seven days out

Remarks on Sunday January 1 1804

Moderate Breeses & fair weather.  Variation xx  Amplitude 16º West at 8 pm Lay too through the night  at Day Light made Sail and Stood EbS the wind at NW at 5 AM the Boat came along side from the Perseverance and Brought our Oan F Smith with a Line from the Capt that he Mr Smith was to do duty as Chief mate on bord. Rec’d from the Ship one barrel of Potatoes  A quantity of old Junk and 12 yards of Red Baize – at Meridian fresh Breeses and pleasant weather.  The Perseverance in Company.

Ninety Eight Days out.

Remarks on Monday Janry 2nd1804

First part Fresh Gales and Cloudy w’r  middle part Rainy with the wind to the westward at 8 pm Hove too and Lay by through the night on account of being in the Latt of Gough’s island.  At 4 Am Bore up E b N.  at noon Clear w’r.

Latt’d 39º = 49 South

Longitude in 1 – 47 East of Greewich

The Perseverance in Company

Ninety Nine Days out

Remarks on January 3 1804  Tuesday

Light wind and Variable and pleasant weather. Broke out the Hold, got the Cables up on Deck to Air.  The Perseverance Still in company

One Hundred Days out

Remarks on Wednesday Jan’y 4th1804

Moderate breeses from the NE and Clear w’r.  Saw Drift wood on the water at10 Pm  fresh Breeses & Rain parted company with the Perseverance intendedly by the Captain of the Ship thinking the move to Expedite the Passage to the Eastward having previously given me orders how to proceed should we not meet the Ship at Kings Island – the first place Appointed for Rendevous – at meridian.  Moderate Breeses & Foggy no Observation.

One hundred days out.

Thursday January 5th1004

Fresh Breeses

& Cloudy w’r.  Variation 16º West xx.  Ammplitude at 8 AM had a Good Luner observation and the Longitude was 8º – 09 East which give 8 = 41’ at noon being 35 miles to the Eastward of the Dead Reckoning.

One hundred and two Days out.

Schooner Pilgrim from Boston

Fresh Breeses from the Westward with fair w’r.

Steering of ESE under all Sail.  Observed a great Number of Birds of Different Kinds as we have Seen every Day Since Leaving Tristan da Chuha.

One Hundred three Days out.

Saturday Jan’y 7th

Fresh Breeses at West.  Steering off ESE at midnight 2 Reef’d the main Sail at 8 Am more Moderate out Reefs.  Afternoo Cloudy no observation.

One hundred & 4 Days out.

Sunday January 8th

Fresh Breeses & thick Cloudy Wr.  Dº weather through the night.  Wind Wb S Steering off E b S.  Brouch’d one Barrel of Cabin Bread one Dº flour.  The Flower some Damaged.  Broach’d a puncheon of water.

One hundred and five Days out.

Monday Janu’ry 9th

Moderate Breeses and Clear weather.  Steering off E b S with the wind at NNW.  At noon plxxx E b S with the wind at NNW.  All Sail Set

One Hundred and Six Days out.

Remarks on Tuesday January 10th1804

Moderate Breeses and pleasant weather the first part. Fleeted the Dead eys fore an aft and Sent up the Main & Mn Flaire yard & Set the Sail.  At noon pleasant with wind at North.

One hundred and Seven Days out.

Wednesday January 11th1804

Light Breeses and fair weather.  Steering ESE the wind at NNE at 7 Pm Saw a Ship on our Lee quarter. Steering to the Eastward  Moderate breeses through the night with Rain at noon.  The ail Still in Sight.  Iscovered her to bee A Ship – Steering the same Course as we are.

One Hundred and Eight Days out

Thursday January 12th1804

Moderate Breeses and pleasant weather the Wind at NNW at 8 Pm.  Last Sight of the Ship aStern.  Strong Breeses through the night.  Handed Both Top Sails  Reef’d the mainsail &c.  at noon Clear w’r.

One hundred and nine days out.

Friday Jan’y 13th

Begins Light Breeses and Variable at 8 Pm  Dark Cloudy w’r with Fresh Breeses.  Sent down the aftss and Reef’d the mainsail.  Dark cloudy w’r with Fresh gales  at 8 Am more moderate made Sail – continued.

Remarks on Friday January 13th1804

We observed the surface of the water in many Places Coulored as though the water was muddy   On Serry (?) Shoal we Stood for a patch of this Coulored water and as we Ran through it Dip’d up A Bucket full or water which was thick with the Spawn of Some kind of Fish and one part of the Spawn was Transparent the other part had A Yellow Speck on it which gave the Colour to the water.  I assume those Spawn are what Some Navigators have lay’d Down for Sholes in this Latt and Longitude and Could not bee found by Other navigators Sailing in the Same Track.  We have seen the Same many times before but Could never Satisfy our Selves what the occastionof it was before.

At noon moderate pleasant weather.

One Hundred and Ten Days out.

Saturday January 14th

Morderate Breeses and fair w’r.  Steering off ESE Wind a west

Imploy’d the People Serving the Lannerds and Seting up the Stays fore & Aft  Brouch’d one bb Indian meal.  Latter part Steady Breeses and Clear.

One Hundred and Eleven Days out.

Remarks on Sunday January 15th1804

Fresh Breeses and Squalls of wind and Rain through the night  – at Day Light more moderate.  Made sail at 7 Am.  Saw a Ship on our weather Bow Standing to the Eastward.  Squally through the Day.  Shortened Sail for Squalls.

Brouch’d one Barrel of Beef.

One Hundred and Twelve Days out

Monday January 16th

Begins Fresh Breeses and squalls of Rain   At 8 Pm Shorten’d Sail Sent Down the after yards. Last Light of the Ship Ahead Suppos’d it to bee the Same Ship we Saw on the 11thinstant.  She having the same Appearane – and carry the Same Sail had heavy Squalls of wind and Rain through the night at 5 Am heavy Squall of Hail. A heavy Sea from the West’d.

One Hundred and thirteen Days out.

Tuesday Jan’ry 17th

More Morderate.  Steering off SE b E.  the wind from NW to Sw.  made more Sail   Broach – one Barrel Pork.  Latter part Fresh Breeses & Clear.

One Hundred and fourteen Days out.

Remarks on Wednesday January 18th1804

Contunues Fresh Breeses from the North’rd. Westward with unsettled weather. Latter part pleasant weather and wind at NW steering off ESE.

One hundred and fifteen Days out.

Remarks on Thursday January 19th1804

Morderate Breeses and pleasant weather at 5 Pm. Had A Luner Observation by observing the Distance of the Sun and moon and found the Longitude to bee 51 = 56 E as which is 6º – o4” Ahead of the Dead Reckoning — at 5 Am Broke out the Main Holn’d and Brouch’d A puncheon of water and fill all the Casks with Salt water –

One hundred and Sixteen Days out.

Friday January 20th1804

Morderate Breeses and fair weather – found the Mainmast Complain in A week place Below the Hounds Sent own the Mn Topmast and Reef’’d the mn Sail  Fresh gales with A heavy Sea through the night.  Broach’d one Barrel Ship Bread 3 Kegs Pickels all Damaged 1 Keg Sawse Damaged 1 Barrel Corn—

One hundred and Seventeen Days out

Remarks on Saturday January 21st1804

Thick Cloudy weather and fresh Breeses Steering off SE b E and the wind at west at noon Thick weather No observation.

One Hundred and Eighteen Days out.

Remarks on Sunday January 22’d 1804

Morderate Breeses with Rain Wind Southerly and Variable Steering from East to N E at midnight handed the mainsail & jib and Reef’d the Fore Sail  At Day Light made the Sail at noon  Rainy and thick weather no Observation.

One hundred and nineteen Days out.

Monday Jan’y 23’d

Light airs and variable with Rain  Steering NE by the wind this day Discovering John Thomas A Lad to have the Venerial disease so that he was unable to do Duty put him under a Course of Phithisic and escus’d him from doing Duty or Standing his watch – at noon Clear weather.

One hundred and twenty Days out.

Remarks on Tuesday January 24th1804

Light Breeses and thick Dark weather  the Wind from the SE    Middle part Calm – with A heavy Swell from the Southr’d at Meridian  Morderate Breeses from SWest.

One hundred and twenty one Days out.

Wednesday Jan’y 25th

Begins with morderate Breese from the SW  Steering SE b E increases to Blow Fresh Shorten’d Sail  heavy wind and Rain through the night   Latter part more morderate   Broach’d one Puncheon of water —

One hundred and twenty two Days out.

Thursday Jan’y 26th

Fresh Breeses from the W b S at 8 Pm Shortened Sail  Fresh  Breeses through the night with Rain at Intervals   at 6 Am More Morderate    made sail got the Small arms up and Cleaned them and Sent out Slop Cloths to the People the nights being wet and Cold and the men not having Cloths to make them Comfortable – at noon Clear and pleasant weather.

One hundred and twenty three Days out.

Remarks on Friday January 27th1804

Begins with pleasant Breeses from the WSW and Clear weather    Steering off SE at 8 pm   thick cloudy Reef’d the mn sail – at 1 Am the wind and sea Increasing   Handed the Mn Sail – at 7 Am made Sail – Latter part of the Day fresh breeses and fair weather   Broach’d one Barrel of Beef and one D Ship Bread –

One hundred and twenty four Days out.

Saturday Jana’ry 28th

Fresh Breeses and Heavy weather the gradually Increasing until 7 Pm when we handed all Sail except the Square Sail – got preventer Breeses on the fore yard and preventer Tacks and Sheets and made all Secure for A gale.  Continues to Blow heavy through the night with Rain – at 6 Am more morderate made Sail — the wind from WNW to SW — we Steered off Before Wind and Sea

One hundred and twenty five Days out.

Sunday January 29th

Morde Breeses  and sqwualls of Rain    Wind at West   Variation from Amplitude 21º WeLatter part fresh Gales with a heavy Sea.  Reef’d the mn Sail

One Hundred and twenty Six Days out.


Remarks on Monday January 30th1804

Thick Breeses and A Rough Sea.  The Wind at  WSW Steering ESE.  Saw A Cape Pegion being the first one we have Seen on the Passage although the Sea abounds with Birds of Different kinds and we Seen of Different kinds every Day in Great Abundance– at 7 Pm heavy squalls with Rain   Shortened Sail  at Day Light more morderate — made sail.  Latter part Clear weather.

One hundred and twenty Seven Days out.

Remarks on Tuesday January 31st1804

Morderate Breeses from the WSW   Steerd off ESE.  Middle part Showering of Rain.  Latter part thick Cloudy weather.  No observation.

One hundred and twenty eight Days out.

Wednesday February 1st1804

Fresh Breeses and Cloudy at midnight fresh gales with Rain.  Handed the F T Sail and mn Sail   At Day Light more morderate.  Set the Topsail — the first part the wind at NW  the Latter Part at WSW.  The latter part A fresh Gale and Rain    no observation  Broach’d one Puncheon Water.

One hundred and twenty Nine Days out.

Thursday February 2’d  1804

Fresh Breeses and Cloudy weather at 2 Pm more morderate  made Sail the Wind Variation xx Amplitude 10 West  at noon fresh Breese and fair weather.

One hundred thirty Days out.

Remarks on Friday Feb’y 3’d

Fresh Breeses and Cloudy weather   at Sun Set Clear and pleasant   at 20 minutes past 8 Am Obs the Distance Between the Sun and moon and found our Longitude to bee 90 – 45 East which is Six degrees and nine miles Ahead of the Dead Reckoning which makes the Dead Reconing about 13 Degrees Astern of the Ship admitting we had made no Correction from the Luner which we do on every observation.  Broch’d one Cask water and a Barrel of Corn.

One hundred and thirty one Days out.

Saturday Febr’y 4th1804

Begins with Fresh Breeses and Cloudy weather Steering ESE with the wind at West nW Thick Drisly Foggy weather. Throught the night Begin Grinding and fitting the Ceiling Knives.

One hundred and thirty two Days out.

Schooner Pilgrim from Boston

Remarks on Sunday February 5th1804

Fresh Breeses and Cloudy weather with rain   at 7 Pm Reef’d the mn Sail.  Kill’d a Hog weying 80 lbs   at 8 Am Obs’d the Distance Between the Sun and moon and made our longitude 105º = 00 /east   Latter part Clear weather  the wind at WSW.

One hundred and thirty three Days out.

Monday Febr’y 6th

Fresh Breeses and squalls of Rain at Sun Set.  Reef’d the mainsail.  Fresh gales through the night at Day Light Saw A Ship Close under our Lee.  At Sun Riseing discov’d her to bee the Perseverance  Bore down and Spoke her found all well on bord and this Circumstance Seems Very Remarkable as we had Sail’d upwards of 100 Degrees of Longitude since parting with the Perseverance and She Sailing much faster than the Schooner that we should happen to meet Again in the Great Ocean   the Perseverance Boat mr Wm Delano Came Along Side And we Sent the Commander ¼ of Fresh Pork   the Perseverance Obs’d the Longitude yesterday to bee 105º = 30 East which agrees with ours.  The Capt gave orders not to Separate Again until making the Land.

One hundred and thirty four Days out.

Remarks on Tuesday February 7th1804

Fresh Breeses and pleasant weather    Steering of ESE Wind at WSW  the Perserverance in Company at midnight Fresh gales and Rains handed the mn Sail at Day Light Reef’d the Mn Sail and Set it.  One of the Seamen John Lyon taken Sick with Ague xxxx excused him from doing Duty.

One hundred and thirty Five Days out.

Wednesday Febr’y 8th

First part Fresh Breeses at WSW at Sun Set Cloudy. Reef’d the main Sail.  At 6 Am more morderate  made Sail.  A Meridian xxx pleasant weather.  The Perseverance in Company.

One hundred and thirty Six Days out.

Thursday Feb. 9th1804

Morderate Breeses and pleasant wr.  At Light Rain and foggy through the night.  Shorten’d Sail   Latter part more Clear.  Broach’d one Puncheon Water – in company with the Perseverance.  One hundred thirty Seven Days out.

Friday Feb. 10th1804

Fresh Breeses and Cloudy weather.  Wind at S b S  Steering E b S  Latter part more wind  shortend Sail.

One hundred and thirty Eight Days out.

Remarks on Saturday February 11 1804

Fresh Breeses from WbS  Steering East-  At 7 Pm handed the main sail – Fresh Breeses and Cloudy through the night   at Day Light made sail at Meridian  Clear weather the Perseverance in Company.

One hundred and thirty Nine Days out.

Sunday Feb. 12th1804

Fresh Breeses with A heavy sea with squalls of Ran. The wind at West at 4 Pm Handed the Mn Sail Dº handed the Fore Sail  at 10 the Wind Increasing to A gale  handed the Top Sail and Secured under the Square Sail – at Day Light heavy squalls with Rain and Hail   at 6 Am the wind veering Round to SW   Brought ous in the Trough of Sea So that more Sail was nessary  2 Reef’n the Fore Sail and Let him – at noon fresh gales and a Large Sea the Perseverance in Company.

One hundred and forty Days out.

Monday Feb’y 13th1804

The Gale Continues at WbS at 7 Pm Lost Sight of the Perseverance.  Shew a Light in Rizing all all night.  Latter part Morderate weather  Broach’d a Cask of Water.

One hundred and Forty one Days out.

Remarks on Tuesday February 14th1804

Morder Breeses and fair weather   Saw the Perseverance to Windward.  Made Sail and hull’d up ESE.  Variation xx Amplitude 6 West.  Light Breeses through the night at Day Light the Perseverance in Sight Ahead at 11 Am the Capt of the Perseverance Came on bord in the Boat where they had been Sloutering Albatross and had kill A great mongxxx.  Latter part Light airs from the Westward.

One hundred and forty two Days out.

Wednesday Feb. 15th1804

Light air from the Westward at 6 Pm the Capt went on bord the Perseverance – at 9 Pm Calm  at 11 Saw A Seal in the water Along Side   Latter part Morderate Breeses from the NNE  Steering EbS  The Perseverance in Company.

One hundred and forty Three Days out.

Thursday Febry 16th

Morderate Breeses and Cloudy weather  Made a pair of oars for the Long Boat  Ground the remains of the Sealing Knives &c. the wind were gradually from North to SW with A smooth Sea.

The Perseverance in Company

One hundred and forty four Days out.

Schooner Pilgrim from Boston Bound on A Sealing Voyage

Remarks on Friday February 17th1804

This 24 hours is attended with Light winds from the Eastward   we are plying to windward at 9 Am  Tak’d Ship and Stood the South’d and East’d  Light Rain by Spells.  The Perseverance Sstill in Company.  Saw Several Seals in the water  at Noon Cloudy had no Observation

One hundred nd forty five Days out.

Saturday Feb. 18th

Begins with Light Winds from the Eastward  at 2 Pm Clear weather.  Obs’d the Distance of the Sun and moon and found the Long’d to bee 130 = 29=30 East  the Sea Smooth  the wind veers gradually Round from East to North at 8 Am Light Rain and Fresh Breeses. Shortend Sail at 10 Made Sail Again – Fresh Breeses dna Cloudy with a Rough Sea.  Perseverance in Company.  No observation.

One hundred and forty Six Days out.

Sunday Feb. 19th1804

Pleasant Breeses from the NW and Cloudy at 2 Pm fresh Squalls with Rain at 5 Pm had A luner and found the Longitude to bee 141 – 5’4 East of Greenwich  at midnight Hove too on account of being neer the Land  at 4 Am made Sail the Perseverance in C –

One hundred and forty Seven Days out.

Remarks on Monday Feb. 20th1804

Fresh Breeses and Clear weather  at ½ part meridian  Saw the Land Bearing East of ous which we take to bee Kings Island  at 4 Pm being close in with the Land hawl’d our wind to go Round the South Point of the Island finding the Island much larger than was lay’d down in our charts  we were at A Loss to determine the Certainty of its being Kings Island at 6 Pm the Estreems  from the Land Bore from NNE to NWbN four Leagues Distance Saw a breaker under our Lee bearing NE at 8 Pm Tak’d Ship and Stood of from the Island – continued to work to windward through the night  at 4 A toe Extreems of the Land bore from the Ne b N 1/2N to NW.  Saw Another Small Island bearing Se ½ e 5 Leagues Distance – at 8 Am the commander Came on bord when we Bore Away and Stood far the Land, Bent the Cables at Meridian Clear Landed in 20 fm water with Small Shells and Sand – the wind at West.

One Hundred and forty Eight Days out.

Schooner Pilgrim at Kings Island

Tuesday February 21st1804

Moder Breeses from the westward and Clear pleasant wr.  Steering Along the South Side of the Island from East to NE and had Irregular Soundings from 6 to 20 fm water  Sandy Bottom and Small Shells  We proxx Along Shore about 1 ½ and two miles off but on Seeing the Perseverance hill off Shore we steer off for her and found that She had Landed over a Shole Bank in 6 fm water.  We stood in Again for the Land and at 4 Pm the Commander went on Shore on a Small Island about 2 miles from the main Island.  When he Discovered two Small huts and Seal Clubs in them and Pegs and ashes that had not been raind on from which he concluded that Some Peple had not been lLong absent from that place he also Saw Soe Seals on the Rocks but they apperd to bee very Shy – at 6 Stood off Shore in 17 fm water – Sandy Bottom and Shells and Anchored as did the Perseverance  the Land Being from S1/2W to NW1/2W three Leagues Distance – at 7 Am man’d two whale Boats and the Commander and my self went on Shore on the Small Island ReImbark’d from the Shore  we discovered a boat Rowing of from the Large Island for the Small one and we way Layed them and found them to be Sealers and also prepared to Save elephant oyl from Port Jackson or Sidney Bottenny Bay They Informd ous that they had lBuilt the two huts that we had seen on the Small Island where they Resided and they turn’d Back to Shew our their Place off Residence where we might Cook some Vituals  we all Landed on A beautifull Sandy Beach near the mouth of A Salt River where we Could not enter on account of its being Low water.  We hull’d our Boats up and followed our new acquaintance up the River ½ of a mile where they shew ous to their house where we Kook’d and Eat our Dinner and Furnish them with Bread and meet for theirs   they Informd ous that they had been Along time out of Bread and all other Provisions Except kill htat they got by hunting with their Dogs. They Shew ous A young Cangerroo which they had Alive and so tame that they Could Venter him Loose about the house. This anamill goes on junps altogeather on his hind feet the fore ones being short and more Like hands than feet (over)

This Island Abounds with those Cangeroo and many other forrest Beest which are good for food

These men were supply’d with provisions from Port Jackson where their Owners were which they were procuring Oyl and Skins for and they were badly attended to with provisions and that their time was out that they had Contracted for But the owners would not take them off according to Agreement  they Requested the Commander to take them onbord his Ship or they was Suffering from Provisions.  The Capt Consented to take one of them onbord and furnish the others with Some Bread Refusing to take any more them them until h e could see the Imployers of those men to Satisfy him Self of the truth of their assertion   the house where they Loved was Compos’d of Some Poles and Covered with Bark nere the Banks of A River of Salt water which was ot more than two feet Deep at Low water.  But Adjoining the River was A Kind of flat Marsh and level flats which made the Situation Very Pleasant.

The Capt and my Self went up this River to See if we Could Shute any Ducks where these men said there were generally plenty of Birds Call’d Jack Doors Resembling parrots only much Larger.  The Island is mostly Covered with a thick forrest of Different Sorts of wood but mostly of A green tree.  The Soul Appears Rich and fertile these people had A small garden where they rais’d Potatoes and other Vegetables   one of those men had been 2 ½ year on the Island  they Informd ous that there were four gangs of men on the Different parts of the Island procuring Elephant Oyl and Seal Skins and that they had been all Round the Island which was 200 miles   Since they had been out off Provisions in hopes to get more.  They Informd ous that Capt Persevill of the Ship Charles of Boston had been here About 2 months Since and had left one of his Seamen with them being Lame and unable to do Duty and that Another Ship from Boston had been there – Capt Pembleton – And that Capt Cogswell from Boston in A schooner had been Ship Wreck’d and Lost the vessel in the Sharks.

One hundred and forty nine Days out.

Schooner Pilgrim at Kings Island

Remarks on Wednesday February 22’d 1804

Light air and Variable with Clear Pleasant weather    at 6 PM Returned on bord after leaving the before mentioned men Aa Bag of Bread and some Liquor and A trifle of Pork which we had taken on Shore on the Boats and Brought one of the men whose name was James – While the Boatsy had been trying for a fish on bord but Could take none.  At 9 Am got under way and Stood in for the Island with intention to fill up our water   Stood in until three Points of the Island were in one bearing SbW and NbE  Continued working to windward for the watering Place   the Perseverance in C’y   at noon the Extreem of the Island bore from SW b W to NW b N 2 miles off Shore.

One Hundred and fifty Days out.

Schooner Pilgrim from Cape Bono toward the Eastward

Tuesday 23’d October 1804

Moderate breezes and fair Weather – being moored in Company with the Perseverance in Kents Bay – Cape Barron – at Day light we proceed to unmoore as did the Perseverance  at 10 Am got under way in Company and at meridian went out to Sea past Sea Lion Island between 2’d Island and Cape Barron – after which the 24thCommences according to the Sea Account – and Continues to Steer on to the SE intending to pass Round the South Cape of New Leland at ½ past 2 Pm the Capt of the Per’e Came onbord and brought Some Tabacca and other Smaller Affairs for the People – and Appointed Elisha Copla one of the Seamen to the office of 2’d mate of the Pilgrim… at 2 Pm the Easternmost Point of Cape Bamon bore North 6 Leagues Distance in Latter 40=24 and Longitude 14 = 30 East of London– Fresh Breeses and Rain at time through the night – Latter part Cloudy and the wind veers round to East from the Northern ½ of the Compass     the Perseverance in Company.

One Day out.

Remarks Thursday October 25th1804

Light winds at SE Steering SbW by the wind  the wind Continues to Southern   xxx ous off to SW and increases to a gale   at 8 Pm Hove two head to the Eastward under Reef in fine Sail And Drifted off to Eastward    at Meridian Clear  the Perseverance in Company

Two Days out

Friday 26th

Begins and Continues with a gale from S b W Laying too under 2 Reef fore Sail and bore Down for the Perseverance   Occasionally heavy Rain with A Large Sea from the SW  at Meridian Clear   Head Still to the Eastward   Perseverance in Cn

3 Days out.

Saturday 27th

First part Fresh gales from the sbW  Still Laying too  head to the Eastward   Latter part more morderate  made Sail and Steer’d ESE  The Perseverance  Still in Company.  At noon clear.

Four Days out.

Remarks Sunday October 28th1804

First Part Pleasant Breeses from the NNE  Steering of SE at 8 Pm the Perseverance made the Signal for Speaking.  When we steer’d up under her stern and Spike her the Capt informd that the Ship made much water ever since he had the xxxbord Tacks onbord, and Order that the Pilgrim Should Keep any hand through the night.  During the night we had heavy Rain at times and fresh Breeses from the N’d.  At 8 Pm Clear weather the wind was gradually Round to the NW at meridian clear weather and a Large Sea from the Eastward the People Imploy making matts and other Nessesary Duty the Perseverance in Company

Five Days out

Monday 29th

Begins with Pleasant Breeses from West with a large Sea from the NE   Steering of SE by Compass     Calculate 1 pint East Variation.  Here Continue Borderate Breeses through the night  Shortened sail for the Perseverance  the hands Imploy’d making matts and Sundry Nessary Duty

6 Days out

Tuesday 30thOctober 1804

Begins with Light Airs from the Westward  Inclining to Calm – Middle and Latter part fresh Breeses from SSE to South with Clear and cool weather   Steering EbS & SSE by Compass  the Variation for Amplitude was 12 East at suns setting.  The Perseverance in C’n.

7 Days out

Wednesday October 31st

Clear Pleasant weather with Smooth Seas.

Steering ESE with the Wind at SW   Light Showers of Rain at night, at noon flying Clouds.

Perseve in Company

8 Days out

Thursday November 1st1804

Morderate and Steady Breeses at SW   Steering ESE   middle and Latter part frequent Showers of Rain  all Sail Set   the Perseverance in Company

9 Days out

Many Sea Birds A out such as Albatross  Ice Bird Mother Carier goose – a Handsome Pide Bird Black and White Resembling a Cape Pigion –

Remarks on Friday November 2’d 1804

Fresh Breeses and Squally with frequent Rains

Bent the Square Sail and Let him for the Conveniency of Standing — Continues fresh gales and squally with Rain through the night – Steering of ENE with the wind at West — the Persev’e in Company

10 Days out

Saturday November 3’d 1804

Fresh gales and Squally with Rain  Standing of under the Square Sail  ENE the Wind at West   at 5 Pm Saw the Land bearing E by N  6 Leagues Distance.  Hall’d up NE to go to the Nor’d of them but as we Drew ny and night coming on the Ship Wore and Stee’d SW to Leaving them on the Labord hand and at the same time we Wore Ship and Stood after the Perseverance – the Land we Suppose to bee the Snarls which Capt Voncover Lays Down 166 = 20 East Longitude at 8 Pm the Land bore at NbE 12 miles Distance – Which app’d to me to bee high Land  Some part of it and look’d Likely to Produce Seal, as we had Seen many Seal in the water.  Latter part more morderate.  Steer’d of Again ENE the Perseverance in Company

11 Days out

Schooner Pilgrim from Cape Barron

Remarks on Sunday November 4th1804

Fresh gales at SW with heavy Squalls of Rain   at 6 Pm Shortened Sail – Steering off ENE — more Clear through the night  at 10 Am the Capt of the Perseverance Came onbord and Brought from the Persev – ½ bl of Badger  a trifle of Salt fish and Butter and Some slops clothes for the People   at noon Clear and Pleasant

12 Days out

Monday 5th

Begins with Light Breeses at West   Steering ENE the Capt of the Ship onbord — the Wind veers round to NNW  the Boat Pass’d & re pass’d from the ship to the Schooner once or twice.  Light Showers of Rain through the night.  Am morderat and Smooky weather   Saw mutch Kelps in the water.

13 Days out

Tuesday 6th

Begins with Light airs from NNW with a Smooth Sea.  All sail Set Steering ENE  continues to freshen and veer’d to the North.  Thick Cloudy weather through the night but steady Breeses.  At noon Smooky Hazy weather.  The Per’ce in Co  14 Days out

Bound to the Eastward after Seal

Remarks on Wednesday 7thNovember 1804

Fresh breeses and Cloudy weather   at 6 Pm Shorten’d Sail  at 11 Pm Came up and Spike the Perseverance who try’d and got Soundings in 80 fm water. Wore Ship and Stood to the westward our Longitude being up for Bounty Island at 5 Am were bearing EbN 3 League Distance and are Lay’d Down by Capt Bligh in Latt’d 47 = 44 South and Longitude 179= 07 East.  The Land in Island appear’d to bee Compos’d of Sollid Rock the weather was too thick to Distinguish how many Islands there was not more than 3 Separate Islands all though Capt Bligh lays down 13 in number   we was within one League of them once and Saw many Seal in the water – we also saw gulls and other Birds flying Round the Island – the weather Continued to bee thick and smokey and no Appearance of good Landing  Both Ship and Schooner Bore up for mossafuence and went to the South of the Islands and Steer’d off East after getting Sufficiently to the lands to Clear all Shols if there was any Adjoining    we had the wind at NNE

15 Days out

The Per’ce in C’n.

Schooner Pilgrim from Cape Barron Towards Massafuera

Thursday November 8th1804

Fresh gales and thick Weather with a Large Sea from the NW  at 2Pm xxxx our Sail  at 4 Dº Reef’d the fore Sail  Later part fresh gales and a thick fog  Steering of ENE  wind at NbS  no Observation at noon. Perseverance in Company.

16 Days out

Friday 9th

Fresh Breeses and foggy with Rain   Steering EbN to the NbE the wind at SE   all hands put on Allowance of water.  Continues through the night thick Rainy Cold uncomfortable weather with A heavy Sea from the Se  the Pers in Co.

17 Days out

Saturday 10thNovcmber

Light winds and Cloudy with a Large Sea and frequent Showers of Rain and thick fogs at 7 Spioke the Ship Who informed they had seen a number of Seal and Pinguins Kelps &c all of which Denote land to bee near but Could get no Bottom with all their Line – we Steer’d on NbE & NNe the wind from SE to NE.

Persev in Co.

18 Days out

Remarks on Sunday 11thNovember 1804

Begins with fresh Breeses from the NE – Steering by the Wind NbE & North.  Continues Cold uncomfortable weather and middle and latter continues thick and foggy.

Perseve’e in Co.

19 Days out

Monday 12th

Fresh gales at North with thick misty and rainy weather  at 8 Pm Hove too under Reef’d fore Sail – until Day Light.  When we Again made Sail and Steerd NE and NE bE under short Sail.  At Noon Do wind and weather

The Perseverance in Co.

20 Days out

Tuesday 13th

Fresh gales and thick foggy weather throughout this 24 hours.  The wind from North to NbE with A Very heavy Sea going from the North’d.  Steering Close Sell about NEbE – no observation

The Ship in Co.

21 Days out

Saw a Seal and Rock weed.

Wednesday 14th

Begins with fresh Breeses and thick misty foggy w’r.  continues and Ends with the same Disagreeable weather with the wind at North Variable Steering from East to NE at noon the sun broke out we obs in

Ship in Co

22 Days out

Remarks on Thursday 15thNovember 1804

First part fresh gales at NbW with Squalls of Rain – Middle and Latter part the wind veers to NW and Blows heavy Which made a Very Bad Sea. Shxxxxx Main Sail and fore Sail and Steerd of NE and East under the Square Sail     at noon a heavy gale – had no observation.

The Ship in Co.

23 Days out

Friday 16thNovember 1804

A heavy gale from WSW to SW Still Standing of NEbN under the Square Sail only the Sea Pruncing Very high and Irregular   the gale with heavy Squalls of Rains continues throughout the Day.  At noon Saw the Sun

The Ship in Co.

24 Days out

Saturday 17thNovember 1804

Fresh gales with a heavy Sea with the wind from SW Still standing under the Sq Sail  at 6 Pm Set Close Reef’d fore Sail and continued our Course NE b N.  Latter part more morderate made sail.  The People Imploy’d mending the Sails & Rigging which had suffered in the gales as well as People.

Ship in Co.

25 Days out

Remarks on Sunday 18th November 1804

This Day for the first of A great many begins Clear with gentle gales at SW and we Continue to Steer NEbN under all Sail that will Draw except What we have Nessary by Dawn to Repair as they took mutch Damage in the gale past.  Middle part light airs and Pleasant moon shine at noon the wind veer’d to NNW and Hazes up look likely to Blow a Gale at Sunset the Variation by Amplitude was 8’East.  The Ship in Co.

26 Days out

Monday 19thNovember 1804

Begins Fresh Breeses and thick weather   Steering NEbE with the wind at NbW for this tow Days past we Saw many Albatross and Sea hens and Other Birds flying Round  at 4 pm the Ships

Boat Came along Side and Brought ous A new main Sail 2 Both Bengall Canvass   A keg of tongues 2 hams and part of A Chese and we Deliverd them 2 Bolts of Prussia Djuck.  At 7 Pm Lose Sight of the Perseverance A head of ous its being thick weather and they Shew no Light Suppose they intend to Leave ous behind as the Ship out Sails the Schooner.  At Midnight thick and squally with Rain.  At Day Light Could see nothing of the Ship.  At noon Clear and pleasant weather.

27 Days out.

Remarks on Tuesday 20thNovember 1804Begins with Morderate Breeses  at WSW and Pleasant weather with a smooth Sea  Steering NE by Compass  Variation pr Amplitude 6º East   Middle and Latter part Clear and Pleasant the People Imployd Prowing up all the Cables and Hassen to dry that got wet the Last gale by water Shipd at the Wr hatch

28 Days out

Wednesday 21stNov’r 1804

Begins with Light airs at NW from that to NNE Steering for NE to East  unbent the old main Sail and bent the new one after having well Soak’d it in Salt water for 24 hours   unbent the Gore Top Sail and bent the mn one forward.  Latter Part Steady Breeses and hazy

29 Days out

Thursday 22d November 1804

Begins with Morderate Breeses at NE b N Steering East by Compass.  The People Implyd Cleaning Musquets Mending Sails &c. continues morderate and Cloudy throughout the 24 hours.

30 Days out from Bass’s Straits

Remarks on Friday 23’d November 1804

This 24 hours Light Winds from NNE and cloudy   Steering EbN which is neer the we wind as we can make good head way.

31 Days out from Bass Straits.

Saturday 24thNovember 1804

Begins Morderate Breeses and Cloudy the wind still NNE to NE.  Steering East by the wind — the wind and See increase’d so that we were for’d   Reef our Sails.

32 Days from Bass Straits

Sunday 25thNovember 1804

This 24 hrs Begins with fresh Breeses and thick weather   Wind still from the NE and gradually Increases until 2 Am   When we have too under Reff’d fore Sail and made A S East3erly Course.  At noon thick Dirty weather.  One of the people lay’d by with a  xxverling in his gaws.  Antonia Frate

33 Days out from Bass Straits

Monday 26thNov’r

Fresh gales at NE Laying two throughout the 24 hours   Latter part Rainy with a heavy Sea  No observation

34 days out from Bass straits

Remairks on Tuesday 27thNovember 1804

The Wind still Continues at NE but Some What abated from what it was yesterday at 2 Pm  made Sail with a light Breese from the West    middle and latter part Calm Rainy and foggy weather    no observation

35 Days out from Bass Straits

Wednesday 28thNov’r 1804

Begins with Calm foggy weather   at 2 Pm the wind Breeses at WSW and we steer’d on our Course NEbN.  Light Rain at times.  Latter part Light airs inclining to Calm.

36 Days from Cape Barron

Thursday 29thNov’r

First part Calm Pleasant Baffeling weather    at 6 Pm the wind Breeses up at East when we Steer’d NNE   Latter part thick foggy weather with Light Rain   the wind veer’d to the North’d at Noon we Tak’d and steer’d EbS by

The wind no observation.

37 Days out from Capt Barron Bass Straits

Remarks on Friday 30thNovember

Light Breeses from NE with a Large Sea and thick foggy weather.  Steering on by the wind ESE Variable but Light Rain   Latter part thick weather and Light Variable Winds from ENE to NNW  No Observation

38 Days out from Cape Barron Bass Straits

Saturday December 1st  1804

Beginning with foggy weather and Rain  the wind at NbW to NW and blows fresh Steering of ENE to NE at 7 Knots  xx xxx.  Latter part fresh Breeses and A Head Sea with thick weather   No Observation

39 Days from Bass Straits

Sunday 2’d December 1804

Fresh Breeses and thick Rainy weather the wind veers to West and Clears up and we Steer’d on NEbN at the Rate of 7 Knots pr hour.  At noon clear and pleasant.

40 Days out

This day being pleasant weather all hands was Imploy’d in grinding the Sealing Knives Repairing the Riging and Sundry other Duty Impractible in Such Bad weather as we have had.

Remarks on Monday 3’d December 1804

Begins with Lilght winds at WNW  Steering on NEbS and on all Sail all Hands Imploy

D on Nessary Duty     Latter part Ditto   Winds and weather —-  Saw two Land Birds – such as live on Beaches.

41 Days out from Cape Barron  Bass Straits

Tuesday 4thDecember 1804

This 24 hours is attended with Light Breeses from the NNW and a Smooth Sea in pleasant weather.  Steering NE by Compass the Variation at Sun Set was 7º East pr Amplitude

42 Days out from Bass Straits

Wednesday 5thDec’r 1804

Begins with Light airs from NNW and Pleasant weather   middle and latter part Continues Morderate and Clear.

43 Days out from Bass Straits

Thursday 6thDec’r 1804

Begins fresh Breeses at SE and Clear weather.  Steering NEbE   middle and latter part fresh gales and Rain in Squalls Shorten’d sail.  Last night a Sun Set the Variation was 6 East.

44 Days out.

Remarks on Friday December 7th1804

This 24 hours is attended with Fresh gales from the EbS to South.  When we steer’d NE to East under Reef’d Mainsail and fore Sails this Day Antony Fresh gusst Standing his watch or doing Duty and was attended with Medison for the Venerial Complaint which he has had on him ever Sine he Left Boston

45 Days out from Bass Straits

Saturday Dec’r 8th1804

This 24 hours is attended with Fresh gales from the SE quarter and a large Sea  Steering off ENE under Reef’d Mn Sail and fore Sail. Rain at times in Squalls

46 Days out from Bass Straits

Sunday De’r 9th1804

Begins with fresh Breeses at SEbS and a head Sea from the East and Steering ENE under the wind as we Can Lay to make any head way at all.  Middle and latter part squally with Rain at times

47 Days out from Cape Barron  No Observation

Remarks on Monday 10thDecember 1804

Begins with fresh gales at South with a Large Sea from the SE  Steering East   Latter part more morderate.  Made all Sail

48 Days out from Bass Straits

Tuesday Dec’r 11 1804

This 24 hours is attended with light Breeses and Variable from South to East with A smooth Sea. At 2 Pm Ob’d the Distance of the Sun & moon and found the Longitude to bee 239 = 30 East or Greewich by which

2 Correct my Dead Reconing.

49 Days out from Bass Straits

Wednesday 12th

Light airs from the SE to East and pleasant.  Indeavoring to get to the South’d and Easward at 3 Pm got Another Set of Distances of the Sun and moon which gave the Longitude 240 = o6 East. Saw plenty of Porpoises Round as well as many Birds.

50 Days out from Bass Straits

Remarks on Thursday 13thDecember 1804

Light airs Inclining to Calm throughout this 24 hours.  Making Small head way to the South’d and Eastward.

51 Days out from Cape Barron

Friday 14th

Biging light breese from the WSW   When we Steer’d EbS by Compass the Variation at Sun Set Last night was 5 East pr Amplitude. Latter part the wind Breeses at West

52 Days out from Capt Barron

Saturday 15 December

Fresh Breeses at West Steering ESE to keep all Sail Drawing.  Light Showering Rain at times  Latter part Clear and Pleasant with a brisk gale going off 7 knots pr hour.

53 Days out from Bass Straits

Sunday 16thDec’r

Begins fresh Breeses at West.  Steer;d EbN to make all Sail Draw – going off 8 knots pr Log

Middle part Light Rain with Strong gales going off 9 knots

54 Days out

Remarks on Monday December 17th1804

Fresh Breeses at SW with Flying Clouds.  Steering off EbN under all Sail    Middle part squally with Light Rain

Variation pr Amplitude 6ºEast.

55 Days out from Cape Barron

Tuesday 18thDec’r 1804

Light and Pleasant Breeses at Wesst throughout this Day.  Steering from EbS to EbN to make all Sail Draw.

56 Days out from Cape Barron

Wednesday 19th

Morderate Breeses and Clear pleasant weather throughout the Day.  Wind WbN  Steering EbN the Variation 6º East pr Amplitude.

57 Days out from Cape Barron

Thursday 20thDec’r

Begins with fresh Breeses at WbN   Steering from East to ENE to keep all Sail Drawing    Latter Part Cloudy and Light Rain at times  the wind veers Round to SE

58 Days out from Eape Barron

Remarks on Friday 21stDecember 1804

Begins with Light airs at SE and Cloudy weather  Steering ENE to NE    Latter part Light winds at SbW with Light Rain at times.  No Observation

59 Days out from Cape Barron

Saturday 22’d December 1804

This 24 hours is attended with Fresh Breeses at SSW with Squalls of Rain at times. Steering of EbN at the rate of 6 to 9 knots pr hour.  Reef’d the Mn Sail and fore Sail

60 Days out from Cape Barron

Sunday 23’d Dec’r

Fresh Breeses and Squalls of Rain   wind from SSE to SSW   Steering ENE at the Rate of 7 knots pr hour.  Latter part more Clear   Saw many Birds

60 Days out from Cape Barron

Monday 24th

Begins with Steady Breeses from the SSW and Cloudy   Steering ENE by Compass.  At 9 Am Obs’d the Distance between Sun & moon and the mean of the 4 Sets of Distances gave the Longitude 261 = 46 East the Dis’t is so great from the Dead Reconing I Sho’d

Not Correct until Another observation

62 Days out

Remarks on Tuesday 25thDecember 1804

Pleasant Breeses from WSW and Clear Weather   Steering EbN to NE   At 9 Am had another Distance of the Sun & moon which gave the Logitude 263 = 49 East which is 20 miles less Eastern than the xxx has given since Yesterdays Observation therefore I shall correct my Dead Reconing by the Luner which Appears unaccountable for being so much Out Since the last Observation as we have had no perseptable Coment.

63 Days out from Cape Barron

Wednesday Dec’r 26th

Fresh Breeses from WSW and Clear w’r.  Steering NEbE thick and Cloudy through the night  latter part Light airs and pleasant  Imploy’d Reparing the Boats.

64 Days out form Cape Barron

Remarks on Thursday December 27th1804

Light Breeses at SWbW and pleasant weather throughout the Day.  Still Imploy’d at the Boats   Steering ENE by Compass

65 Days out from Cape Barron

Friday 28thDec’r

First part morderate Breeses from the SW and Cloudy w’r.  Steering NEbE.  Latter part the wind Veers to South & SSE   Obs’d the Distance Between Sun & moon and found the Longitude to bee 270 = 08 East.  The Variation at Sun Set pr Amplitude was 9º East

66 Days out from Cape Barron

Saturday 29thDec’r 1804

Morderate Breeses and fair weather    wind at SEbE   Steering NE bE by the Wind.  Light airs throughout the night Inclining to Calm

67 Days out form Bass Straits

Sunday 30thDec’r

Light airs from East to SE and Clear Pleasant weather    Steering by the Wind from SbE to SbW

Latter part Inclining to Calm

68 Days out form Cape Barron

Remarks on Monday 31stDec’r 1804

Calm Clear warm weather.  Middle and latter part Light Breeses from SSE to EbN   Steering by the wind to the N’d to Eastward

69 Days out from Cape Barron

Remarks on Tuesday January 1 1805

First part Calms and light Baffeling airs from the Eastward.  Latter part Light Breeses from the North and pleasant w’r. Steering East and EbS under all Sail.

70 Days out form Cape Barron

Wednesday January 2’d 1805

Light wind from North and Pleasant weather.  Steering ENE by Compass   Variation 12º East—

71 Days out from Cape Barron

Thursday January 3’d

Begins with Light Breeses from the NW  Steering NE by Compass and found the Variation at Sunset by Amplitude to bee 14º East— Middle and latter part Fresh gales from SE with fine Rains at times. Reef’d the Sails

72 Days out from Cape Barron

Remarks on Friday January 4th1805

Begins Fresh Breeses at SE and flying Clouds.  Steering NE b E with wind under Reef’d Sails    Middle and latter part D-o   winds and weather.

73 Days out from Bass Straits

Saturday Jan’y 5th

Fresh gales from SSE to EbS throughout this 24 hour with a Large Sea going at 8 Pm  Ship and Stood on by the wind SSW and SW b S.  Thick Cloudy weather throughout the night – at noon more Clear–

74 Days out from Cape Barron

Sunday 6thJanuary 1805

The wind continuing at SSE and ESE through out this 24 hours   at 8 Pm Tak’d Ship and Stood on by the wind ENE  Latter part more morderate  Let out Reefs and Set the Light Sails.

75 Days out from Cape Barron

This Day we had a sight at the Sun and moon the mean of 3 sight gave 270 = 30 East Longitude But the Sea Beeing So Rough and Sky Cloudy with all it may very  Possible bee 30 or 40 miles Erroneous.

Remarks on Monday 7thJanuary 1805

First part light Baffeling air from SE   Steering to the Eastward.  Calm thick Cloudy weather through the night   Latter part light Breeses from the NW  Steer’d EbS

76 Days out from Cape Barron

Tuesday 8thJanuary 1805

Begins Morderate Breeses from NW and thick Cloudy and misty weather.  Stering EbN1/2 N– at 4 Pm had a good Set of Distances between Sun & moon and found the Longitude to be 277 = 35 East which proves there to bee an error in the Observation of yesterday as I had Suupposed and  much Larger than I had an Idea of.  Latter part of the night Shortened Sail expecting to make the Isle of Jassafurca early in the morning.  At 6 Am Saw the land Bearing Eb1/2 N twelve or 14 leagues Dist.  At Meridian was abreast with the middle of the Island 4 miles of Shore when it

Bore South.

77 Days out from Cape Barron

Remarks on Wednesday January 9th1805

Begins with Fresh Breesses at West and flying Clouds.  Standing off and on the North Side of Massafuera in hopes of seeing the Perseverance   at 1 Pm Hoisted the Whale Boat out and Went on Shore on Massafuera where we met three men who said they had been on the Island 15 months with 11 more in their gang. They Inform’d ous that the Perseverance had been off the Island 12 Days and that She was off to the NE part of the Island which we Saw by going up on the Rising Ground.  At 3 Pm we Return’d on bord hoisted in the Boat and Bore u p for the Perseverance Ne b E.  at 4 Pm Came up with her when the Ships Boat and officer Came along Side with the Capt Compliments me to go on bord the Perseverance which was Comply’d with. Where I rec’d Verbal Instruction to fill our water up Soon as Possible and Proceed to the Isle of the St. Ambros & St. Phelius and Reference to Writen Istructions for me Left on Shore with one of the heads of one of the Sealing Gangs – as further Instructions.

January 9thContinued 1805

At 8 Pm return’d on bord the Pilgrim with Some Small Nessaries and made Sail to Beat up for the Island . The Perseverance at the Same time Bore up for St Phelis & St Ambro Islands.  Continued to Ply to the windward throughout the night with Light Breeses from the South and Westward – at meridian the body of Island bore SSW 3 Leagues Distance. Cloudy had no observation.

Thursday 10thJanuary 1805

Begins Light Breeses from SSE to SSW.  Very unsteady Baffeling weather.  Taking off and on takeing all Advantage of the wind to gain in with the Island – at Sun Set the Extreme of the Island bore from SE b E to SW b S ½ S 2 miles of Shore but Could not get abreast of the watering Place.  Light airs and Calms all night.  At Day Light the Island bore the same as At Sun Set.  At 8 Am the wind Breeses up at SSE    When we continued to Ply to windward.  Saw a Ship off the SE Point of the Island

Thursday January 10thContinued 1805

At noon fresh Breeses and Clear weather.  Could not Reah the watering place the Body of the Island bore WSW 4 miles Dist.

Friday 11th

Fresh Breeses at SSE and Clear weather    at 3 Pm the officer in the Boat fo the Ship Vancouver of Boston Call’d Along Side as he was going from the Island on bord his own Ship and Inform’d they had been 5 months from Boston – in the Vancouver of Boston Capt Brown, and was bound on the NW Coast of America.  At 6 Pm got up with the Watering Place and Came too with the small Bower in 10 fm water hard Bottom.  ½ mile of shore the Island bore from SbW to NW hoisted the Boats out and went on shore and fill’d 6 gong casks of water but its being Dark – Dare not Risque to tow them onbord  at Sun Down the wind was at SbW and had he Appearnace of good weather.

Friday January 11thContinued 1805

Continued morderate  Breeses at SSE through the night.  — at 4Am resumed our watering again and at noon had the last boat alongside.  Had a short squall and rain.

Saturday January 12th1805

Begins with a fresh Breese from SSE and squalls of rain.  At 1 PM had all our watr fill’d up.  Lowering 19 casks in all on bord.  Mr Micks who is head of A sealing gang came on bord.  Brot some News Papers from Captn Brown of the Voncover.  At 3 Pm Went onbord the Vancover .  Where Capt Thomas Brown Politely funded me with me with some more Lat3 News Papers from Boston — and Verbal Information from So,e of my Particular Acquaintances in America.   At 6 m Return’d from the Vancovr onbord the Pilgrim but just as we Came Along Side the Rocks had Cut our Cable of When we made Sale and Stood off Y on and Sent the Boat and Weyed the Anchor by the Buy Rope.  At 8 Pm Bore up for St. Phelix – in Latt 26=14 South Long 79 – 25 West – at same time Massafueria Bore West 2 miles off Shore.

Schooner Pilgrim from Massafuera toward St Phelix

Remarks on Saturday Jan’y 12 Continued

Steady breeses at SSE through the night   steering North by Compass — under all Sail —- Latter part fine Pleasant weather— one day from Massafuera

Sunday 13th

Begins morderate Breese from SSE Steering North — Latter part the wind S b W and Morderate pleasant weather.

Two days from Massafuera


Light and Pleasant Breeses from S b W to SSE throughout the 24 hours.  Steering North

Three days from Masafuera

Tuesday 15th

Light air from NE to South   Steering North inlining to Calms through the night.  At meridian Light airs and clear weather.

Four days from Massafuera

Remarks Wednesday 16thJanuary 1805

Light Breezes from the SSE and SE and Pleasan weather.  Steering North.

Five Days from Massafuera.

Thursday 17th

Pleasant Breezes from SE and fair weather.  Steer’d North until 2 Am when we got the Latt’d by the star Regular and found our Selves up with St Phelix.  Bore up W to S.  at Daylight Saw the Island St Philix 12 leagues Distance being WbS.  At Meridian Ol’d.  When the Island bore NNW 2 miles Distance.

Six days from Massafuera


Friday 18th

Steering Down for the St. Abros at 2 Pm.  St Phelix bore East 6 miles Dist and at the same time St. Ambroze

Bore West 5 miles Dist.  Saw two Ships off the North Side St. Ambrose.  At 4 Pm Came up with the Perseverance

Went onbord the Perseverance and Spent the night in Company with Captn Barney of the Ship Mars of Nantucket on Sealing Voyage Continued to Stand off and on all night at Day Light Starte out the Whale Boat in which I Returnd onbord the Pilgrim.  Hoisted out the Small Boat and Sent her onbord the Perseverance.  At 8 Am the Whale Boat xxx Hoist and Crew went on Shore at noon the Island of St Ambroze Bore SbW 3 miles Dist  The Perseverance and Ship Mars In C.  the wind from SE to SSE.

Saturday 19th

Clear pleasant weather with the wind at SE.  At 3 Pm Capt Barney Ship Mars Left these Island for some Leward Islands by him I ent a letter for America.  Continued to Stand off and on all night    St Ambroze bearing SW of ous for the most part at Day Light Hoisted out the Boats and Brought A quantity of Provisions and water from the Perseverance for Landing on St. Ambroze for the use of the Sealing gang there.  At 10 came too in 8 fm water the Island bearing from SWb W to SSE 1/3 mile off Shore.

Schooner Pilgrim off ST Phelix & St Ambrose

Saturday 19t hJanuary 1805 Continued

When we proceeded to Land our Water and provises Landed 15 Casks of Water 3 Pipes of Bread and 4 casks of Meal and some Wood for the fire —-in Landing the Bread the Boat was upset in the Surf and Hurt David White by the Boats falling on his Breast.

Sunday 20th

Light winds and Clear weather throughout the 24 hours wind from SSE to SE.  We lay at Anchor While the People on Shore Started the water and we Brought the Empty Casks onbord we hoveing 21 men on the St Ambrose and on St Phelix.  St Ambrose is two Separate Islands the Sea Seperating them some ½ or ¾ miles Distance. We Caught Plenty of Fish where we Lay at Anchor those Islands abounding in fish and Eggs in the Sea on Such as gulls and gannets &c.  At  Sun set got under way and Stood off shore to the Eastwards at 8 Am got up with St. Phelix Hoisted out the Boat and wnt on Shor with the Capt of the Perseverance.  The People on Shore informed ous they had taken 400 Seal.

Schooner Pilgrim off St. Phelix

Saturday January 20 1805 Continued

They came in from Sealing and Brot one of their gang that had got bit in his thy by A Seal – as we Rowd along the Shore we saw Several Places that look’d like the mouth of an ove – Sufficiently Long for Boats to Enter into the Side of the Rock the Islands being all Compor’d that material —- Our People Iform’d ous that they had been in at Several of them Places in one of which they had taken 100 Seal at one time  they Say aftr they Enter’d the opening Became larger and Appeared like A xxxx church. They went so far in with light Lamps that th Lamps went out – probably for want of Air.  Worst of time prevented my gratifying Curiosity any for then – we provided and landed from the Perseverance Water Provisions &c.

Monday 21st

Light Breese at North and Clear weather went on Shore with the Boats and Caught Pm out Boats again and went on Shore.

Tuesday Jan 22’e 1808

Light wind from SSE and Pleasant weather.  Finish’d getting all on Shore for the People Rec’d the Empty water Casks onbord and one gang of 7 men Came off from the Shore onbord the Perseverance and Capt Matthew Phlegming and Six others on Shore.  (Rec’d Serbul Orders from the Capt of the Perseverance to proceed for Massafuera and there wait one fortnight if the Perseverance did not arrive in that time to proceed to St. Maries – if the Perseverance was not at St. Maries to Return to St. Phelix by the way of Massafuera.)  Hoisted in the Boats and made Sail for assafuera.  At noon St Phelix Bore W b N ½ N 10 Leagues Distance.

Wednesday 23’d

Light Breeses from SSE.  Steering East ata 4 Am Tak’d Ship and Steer’d SbW and SSW .  At Sun Set St Phelix in Sight Bearing W1/2N fifteen Leagues Dist. Brought one Bolt of Bangall Canvass and us’d for A new Jibb.

One Day from St Phelix

From St Phelix towards Massafuera

Thursday January 24th1805

Morderate Breeses and Cloudy  wind from SSE to SE.  Latter part Clear and pleasant.  Steering by th wind SbW to SSW.

Two Days from St Phelix

Friday 25th

Light wind at SE   middle part fresh breeses at Sun Set the Variation was 10 East pr Amplitude – at noon Clear and pleasant

Three Days from St Phelix

Saturday 26th

Light Breeses from sE to SSE  Steering by the wind from SbW to SWbS

Four Days from St Phelix

Sunday 27th

Light Breeses and Cloudy weather wind SSE Steering SbW and SSW.  Middle part Light Rain.  At meridian Morderate Breeses.

Five Days from St Phelix

Remarks on Monday, 28thJanuary 1805

Fresh Breezes from SSE to SE throughout this 24thhour   Steering by the wind SbW and SSW  Handed the Light Sails and Reef’d the Mainsail @ finish’d a new Jibb —-

Six Days out from St. Phelix.


Tuesday 29thJanuary 1805

Begins with fresh Breeeses at SE and hazy weather     Steering SSW.  Fresh Brees and squalls of Rain During the night at Meridian.  Pleasant gales and Clear.

Seven Days out from St. Phelix.

Wednesday 30th

Fresh Breeses from SEbS to ESE    Steering by the Wind from SSW to South.  Latter just Light winds and Clear weather —

Eight Days fro St. Phelix

Remarks on Thursday 31stJanuary 1805

Light winds from WbS to SSE.  AM  fair weather — Steering SSE to East    Clear and Pleasant through the night at noon Cloudy with Light Showers of Rain    No observation

Nine Days from St Phelix

Friday 1stFebruary 1805

Light Breeses from SSE and Small Rain     Repair’d the Small Leader Boat —- the Hands work Repairing the Old Sails. Latter part Light airs and Clear weather.

Ten Days from St. Phelix

Saturday 2’d

Begins with Light Breeses at South.  Steering from ESE to SE and EbS    Latter part the wind at West

Eleven Days from St. Phelix

Schooner Pilgrim from St Phelix Toward Massafuera

Remarks on Sunday February 3’d 1805

Begins with fresh Breeses and Cloudy  the wind at WSW at Midnight Hove two head to the South’d being in the Longitude of Massafuera by Reconing    At 4 AM Made Sail when the wind veered Round to SE  Steer’d on by the wind NE b E –at noon Clear weather and fresh gales

Twelve Days from St Phelix

Monday 4thFeb’y

Begins with fresh Breezes from SE and a heavy sea.  At 2 Pm saw a Sail Ahed.  At 3 came up with her and Spoke her find Valnamaso but Couldl not understand where She was Bound.  At the same time Saw the Land Massafuera bearing EbS ½ S 15 Leagues Distahce. Continued to work to windward During the night.  At noon fresh gales and Large Sea.  Massafuera bore East 7 Leagues Dist.

Thirteen Days from St. Phelix

Schooner Pilgrim off Massafuera

Remarks on Tuesday 5thFebruary 1805

Fresh Breeses at SE and a large sea throughout this 24 hours    Indeavoring to work to windw’d to get up with the Island — at Sunset the Island bore SEbE 4 Leagues Distance and at noon SE 3 leagues Dist.

Wednesday 6th

Fresh Breeses from SE to SSE  Still plying to the windward from the Island.  Fresh gales and squalls through the night.  At Meridian the Island bore East 3 Leagues Distance.  Latter part more moderate.

Thursday 7th

Begins Moderate Breeses and Clear weather the Sea begins to go Down making Sh t Taks off and on Indeavoring to gain the watering place.  The wind at SSE, Calm through the night at 7 Am the wind breeses at NW  — Steerd for the watering Place at noon fresh gales at NNW  the Island bore from West to NW 2 miles off shore.

Remarks on Friday 8thFebruary 1805

Begiins with fresh Squalls of wind from the NNW and Clear weather   Taking off & on with the watering Place.  Had fresh gales through the night with Heavy Squalls and Rain at times Hove too under Reef’d fore Sail at Daylignt the Island bore WSW 6 Leagues Distance and at noon West 5 Leagues.

Saturday 9th

Begins with fresh gales at SSW Steering SSE by the wind to gain in with the Island Again. at 6 Pm the Island bore NW 7 Leagues Distance.  At DayLight was Close in with the watering place     at 8 Am Went on Shore and saw Mr. Mich (?) Master of A Sealing gang who inform’d the Perseverance had been at the Island two Days Ago and was Inform’d that She had gone in to the main and also Inform’d that there had been A Spanish Manawar here in Search of the Brigg Harrington of Sydney Port JarJon who had been taking Spanish Vessels on the Coast.  At noon Clear – got of 4 Barrels of water.

Remarks on Sunday 10thFebruary 1805

Begins fresh Breeses and Clear weather lying too off the watering place  the Extreems of the Island bore from NWbN to SW 2 miles off Shore.  Sent the Boat in to Fish there being too much Surf to get off water having Disipatch’d A hand from Mr Milks going to the Other part of the Island to see if there was Any Letter or Orders from the Cap’n of the Perseverance left for the Pilgrim – at 5 the Boat Returned with upwards of 40 good Rock fish.   Continued to Lay off & on all night with Light Breese from the SSE  at 8 Am went on Shore and Saw the man that had been on the part of the Island where the Capt’n of the Perseverance had landed but got no Letter or any other order Left for me, at noon Returned on bord and Brought A load of wood in from the Verbal Order I Rec’d in St. Manes in as he made no provision in this order for the Perseverance Coming to and leaving Massafuera and not leaving any orders fro the Pilgrim at Massafuero.

Schooner Pilgrim from Massafuero towards St Marias

Remarks on Monday 11thFebruary 1805

Light Breeses and Clear weather at 4 Pm got off all the water that we had necessity for. Hoisted in the Boat and made Sail for St. maries in Latt 37’ =8xx Long’d 79 = 36 Latt.  Continued to ;ly to windward Against the Currant through the night the wind being at SE at noon the Island bore WbS 6 Leagues Dist.

No Observation

Tuesday 12th

Moderate Breezes from SE and fair weather Steering SSW by the wind at 8 Pm the Island bore NNW five Leagues Distance.  At 8 Am the Island bore North Seven Leagues Distance.  Tak’d and Stsood on East at Noon the Island bore North 12 Leagues Dist. One Day from Massafuero.

Wednesday 13th

Light Winds at SSE and Cloudy the most part of this 24 hours.  Still plying to Windward Slowly.  At noon the Island of Massafuero Bore WbN 17 Leagues Dist.

Two Days from Massafuero.

Remarks on Thursday 1805

Begins with Morderate Breeses from the SSE.  Steering East b S  Massafuero still in Sight – at Sunset Massafuero in Sight bearing WbN 25 Leagues Distance – at 6 Am Saw the Island of Juanfernandes bearing N 1/2W ten Leagues Dist. At noon Calm Baffling winds Inclining to a Calm —

Three Days from Massafuero

Friday 15th

Beings with Calm and Pleasant weather   at 5 Pm A light Brees Sprung up at SSW when we steerd SEbE in Latter part fresh Breeses at SW and Clear weather.

Four Days from massafuero.

Saturday 16th

Begins with a fresh Breeze at SbE but Immediately Verrd Round to SSE and Blew fresh so that it Bot ous to on Reefs.  Steering by the wind ESE and East  Continues to Blow heavy with A large Sea —

Five Days from Massafuero

Schooner Pilgrim from Massafuero Towards St Maries Coast of Chile

Remarks Sunday 17thFebruary 1805

Begins fresh gales at SE and Clear weather    Steering EbN by the wind at 7 Pm the gale increasing   Hove too and Reef’d Fore Sail   Head to the Eastward – continues to Blow heavy with a large Sea going.  At noon Clear.

Six Days from Massafuero.

Monday 18th

Fresh gales at SSE throughout this 24 hours.  At 8 Pm wore Ship Head to the SW at noon Cloudy no Observation

Seven Days from Massafuero.

Tuesday 19th

Continue heavy gales from SSE Still laying too at 10 Am Set 2 Reef’d Mn Sail and Jibb and Steerd on by the wind SW b S   at noon more Clear

Eight Days from Massafuero

Wednesday 20th

Begins Continues and Ends with fresh Breeses from SSE and SbE   Steering SW b y the wind.

Nine Days from Massafuero.

Remarks on Thursday 21stFebruary 1805

Begins Moderate Breeses at SSE and Cloudy.  Steering SW by the Wind   at 2 Pm Saw the Island of Juanfernandes bearing West 12 Leagues Distance.  At 6 Tak’d Ship and Steerd ESE  Latter part fresh Breeses and Cloudy weather    No Observation

Ten Days from Massafuero.

Friday 22’d

Morderate Breezes at SSE   Tak’d Ship and Stood to the Westward Endeavoring to gain Southly  At 4 Pm Tak’d Again and Stood to the Eastward.  Fresh Breeses and Cloudy through the night with a large Sea from the South’d.  latter clear weather and heavy Sea going —

Eleven Days from Massafuero.

Saturday 23’d

Begins fresh Breezes at SSE and Clear W’r with A head Sea Steering on by the wind ESE under Reef’d Mn Sail fore sail and Jibb.  Latter part Cloudy   No Observation

Twelve Days from Massafuero.

Remarks on Sunday 24thFebruary 1805

Continues fresh Breezes at SSE and A head Sea.  Steering by the wind ESE middle and Latter part Cloudy Smooky weather    at midnight Tak’d and Stood to the SW b W and SS  at 2 Am Tak’d and Stood ESE    at 8 Am Tak’d and Stood SW b S   At noon Cloudy   No Observation.

Thirteen Days from Massafuero.

Monday 25thFebruary 1805

Begins with Smooky thick weather and A morderate Breeze at SEbS.  Steering SSW and SWbS offering all possible exertion to gain Southing    at 4 Pm Pass’d by two Large Sun Fish on the water   Middle and latter part morderate Breezes and smooth Sea

Fourteen Days from Massafuero.

Remarks on Tuesday 26thFebruary 1805

First part of this 24 hours Light Breeses from South and SbE   Steering SW by the wind    at 4 Pm tak’d the ship and Steerd ESE    at 2 Am Tak’d and stood to the SSW   at noon fresh Breezes and Clear weather.

Fifteen Days out from Massafuero

This day I had a single sight of the Sun and moon which gave the Longitude 2 ?4 = 52 East

Wednesday 27thFebruary 1805

Begins with fresh Breeses at SE   Steering SSW by the wind under all Sail.  Latter part Light Breeezes and fair weather   at 8 Am Tak’d ship and stood to the ESE

Sixteen Days from Massafuero

Thursday 28th

First part Light winds at SSE   Steering East b S by the wind – throughout the night we had Light wind Inclining to a calm   at 10 Am the wind Breez’d up at the WSW when we Steer;d SSE.

Seventeen Days from Massafuero-

Schooner Pilgrim from Massafuero towards

Remarks on Friday 1stMarch 1805

Begins with Fresh Breeses at West and Clear Weather  Steering SSE  middle and latter part thick Cloudy weather  No Observation.

Eighteen Days out from Massafuero

Saturday 2’d

Begin with fresh gales and heavy squalls of Rain  the wind at NbW  Steering EbN Bullanxx Reef’d the main sail at 8 Pm. Hove two head to the Eastward and try’d for Soundings but got o ground with all our line.  At 1 AM Calm wiwth a heavy Sea going at noon Calm and Pleasant weather.

Nineteen Days from Massafuero.

Sunday 3’d

First part Calm Pleasant w’r at 4 Am a light Breese sprung up at SW   Steerd in ENE at 6 Am saw the Land ahead 8 Leagues Distance.

Mr Copley taken sick.

* Several empty pages and gap in time.

Schooner Pilgrim from Conception Towards Massafuera

Remarks on Wednesday 24thApril 1805

Begins with light air at SW and Cloudy   At 10 Am got underway in Company with the Perseverance and steerd out of the Harbor. About North and NbE at sun Set the Extremes of the Island of Carugunna that make Athwert the mouth of the Harbor Bore from SbW to NW b W  one mile off hore and the Point of the main Land to the North’rd bore NbE through the night we had it Calm   Row’d and us’d every method to get out from the Land

Thursday 25th

At Sun Rise the Entrance of the Bay of Conception Bore SSE 4 Leagues Dist and the Island of Curraguinna SbE 5 Leagues Distance.  Steer’d on NNW in Company with the Perseverance  at noon Capt Delano Came onbord and brought Wm Tate and Tiomothy Dwane  Seamen to do Duty – Left our Orders and took his Leave he being Bound to Vollamasa with the Ship and the Pilgrim being Bound to Massafuero.

Friday 26th

Fresh Breeses at SSW and Clear Pleasant weather throughout the 24 hours on b xxx the Cables and Secxxx all for Sea parted Company with the Perseverance ad Steerd on WN W and WbN for Massafuero.

One Day out from Conception

Saturday 27th

Morderate Breeses at SSW and Clear weather throughout the 24 hours.  Steering WbN and West under all Sail.

Two Days out from Conception

Sunday 28th

First part Morderate Breeses from SW and Clear Weatehr.  Steering West.  Middle part we had Showers of Rain  at Noon Clear and Pleasasnt gales.

Three Days out from Conception.

Monday 29th

Begins with fresh Breezes at South  Steering WbS through the night we had Light Variable Winds from the NE quarter  at Noon fresh Breeses  A WNW the Island of Juanfernandes Bearing West 6 Leagues Dist and —

Four Days out from Conception

Tuesday 30th

First part fresh Breeses at WbN and Cloudy.  Steering SW by the wind at Day Light Juanfernandes bore NW 8 Leagues Dist.

Five Days out from Conception

Wednesday May 1st1805

Fresh Breezes at WbN and Squalls of Rain   Steering SW by the wind 4 Pm Tak’d Ship and Stood to the NW 2 Knots pr Hour

Six Days out from Conception

Thursday May 2’d 1805

Begins with Fresh gales and squalls of Rain   Wind at WbS Steering to the South’d by the wind at 10Pm Tak’d Ship and Steerd WbS the wind veering Round to South  At 8 Am Saw a Ship to the North’d of our Steering to the Eastward under Easy Sail  We bore Away WbN for Massafuero.  When she got in our wake she tak’d and Stood after ous  She gain’d fast on our having al Sail but we Lay by for her at noon She Came up with ous and Prov’d to be A Spanish Ship of 20 guns  She Boarded ous and Sent word for me to Come onbord with my Papers which was Complied with. They call’d over  Call’d me down I the Cabin of the Ship Caster and ask’d me many questions through a Linguister that Spoke broken English all of Which I Answer’d   They ask’d me if I Could Sware to what I had asserted  I answer’d in the Affermative

I then by their request made oath to all I had said  they wrote all that I had said down so they said, in Spanish and requested me to Sign at I told them.  I did not understand Spaish but if it was what I had Saw and no Different I would Sign it they Said it was the Same, I then Sign’d it.  I then Ask’d for a certificate to Shew any other Spanish vessel I might meet that I had been Examined by a King’s ship.  They then inform’d me I must go to Salperado I us’d every Means to Convince them there was Danger of 15 mens Perishing on St Phelps & St Ambrose for water unless I was permitted to go on to them with water but all to no purpose   they ordered me onbord in that kind of a Manner that I have not forgot yet Some where in the passing and repassing I lost from off my Neck gold medal with the following Inscription Engraved on it – Presented by the Humane Soc’ty Massa- to Sam’l Delano Jr for his humane exertions in Saveing the officers and crew fo the Ship Trodney Thunder at Duxbury, on one Side, on the other Side an Neck honet tratum mare  Novermber 25th1792  all the officers and People were taken out of the Schooner and 10 Spaniards  in Liew were sent onbord as the Ship, Boat Return’d to the Caster the Boat fill’d and the men were Pick’d up by the  Pilgrim making 12 of them onbord Laying by under the Lee of the aster making Different Manovers from what the Pilgrim was Accustom’d to Heretofore.  Mutch more I think but as A Prisoner I think it Improper to write more.

Seven Days from Conception

Onbord the Schooner Pilgrim At Sea A Prisoner

Friday May 3’d 1805

Begins with Fresh Breeses at south  at 4 Pm made Sail in Company with the Caster  Sail’d bee bound to Valperasso   Steerd from North to East from 6 to 3 Knots pr hour   at noon Juanfernands bore SSE 6 Leagues Dist

Eight Days out from Conception

Saturday May 4th

Light Breeses at South and Showers of Rain at times Steering from North to East in Company with the Caster   At 8 Am Lay by Hoisted out the Long Boat and the Poss’d and the pess’d Several Times the Commander or Commandant as they term him Sent for the Schooner Pilgrim’s Lay Book and Charts all of which were Comp – onbord the Caster at noon Juanfernandes bore SW 10 Leagues Dist.

Nine Days from Conception

Sunday May 5th1805

Begins with fresh Breeses at SSE  Steering from EbS to NE under all Sail   And A Boat Sail to boot this Day they unbent the mainsail and bent the other leving the Fore Topsail Bent ofte and the Sails Trim’d in the Same Trak for and aft

Middle part Calm – Latter part fresh Breeses at North Still in company with the Caster

Ten Days out from Conception

Monday 6th

Begins Continues and Ends with Fresh gales at NW  Steering EbN under all Sorts of Sails 67 & 8 knots pr Hour Still in Company with the Castor

Eleven Days out from Conception

This Day I fortunately found my gold Medal which I suppos’d Lost —

Onbord the Schooner Pilgrim A prisoner At Sea

Remarks on Tuesday May 7th1805

Fresh Breeses at NW  Steering in NE  at 10 Pm Tak’d and stood off by the wind at 4 Am Tak’d ad stood in ENE  at 8 Tak’d again and tood of West  Middle and Latter part Squally with frequent showers of Rain the Sails Rigging Provision &c going to rack in all Directions the Castor still in Company  at noon thick and rainy

Twelve Days out from Conception

Wednesday May 8th

Begins with fresh Breeses at NW b W  and thick Rainy weather with Swell which Denotes near Approach of the Coast Steering of WSW  at 1 and ½ Knot pr Hour – continues Foggy Drissly weather through the night at Meridian more Clear  the Caster Still in Company

Thirteen Days out from Conception

Remarks on Thursday May 9th1805

Begins with Light airs at NNW and NW and Light fogs still laying our Head to the Westward and Made one pr hour and Latter part 2 knots.  At 6 Pm tak’d ship and Stood NE  at noon it was Some What Hazy but we Could just Desern the Land bearing NE at 12 or 15 Leagues Distance

Fourteen Days out from Conception


Begins with Light airs at WNW and Hazy weather Steering NE b E in Company with the Castor. A large Swell Continues from the sW as we have all ways experienced when we Drew near the Coast —-  the wind veers to North  Tak’d and Stood of shore Some Time in the Night   latter part Steady Breeses and Hazy weather the Coast still in Sight.  The Castor in Company

Fifteen Days from Conception

The Coast Appears High and Mountanious Back in the Country—

Onbord the Schooner Pilgrim a Prisoner at Sea Still a Prisoner onbord the Pilgrim

Remarks on Saturday May 11th1805

Begins with Light Breeses at NbE and Hazy weather still standing off by the wind at 2 PM Tak’d and Stood in by the wind     Pm the wind freshens Continued to tack off & on through the night  at Dark Lost Sight of the Castor the wind and Sea Increasing  they Reef’d the Mn Sail and fore Sail or Bundled them up – by taking the fore sheet Block to the Cringle in Lieu of Passing the Earing they tore the Sail and of the Bolt Rope &c&c —

At noon thick and Cloudy  Saw nothing of the Castor Standing in NEbE

Sixteen Days from Conception


First part fresh Breeses at North and thick misty weather   Steering in by the wind but no land in Sight —-

Calm and Variable through the night with a large Sea and heavy Rains.  Saw the Castor to the NE of ous.  Split and Tore Fore Sail unbent it and bent the other

17 Days out

Remarks on Monday May 13th1805

Continues to Blow a gale from North to NNW Taking off & on under improper Sail and worse Steerage Sails and Rigging going to destruction very fast we continu’d to Tak off & on throughout the 24 hours  the Castor In Company  at noon Saw the Land to the NE although the weather was thick and Hazy.  Tak’d and Stood off West under Close Reefs

Eighteen Days out from Conception

14thMay Tuesday

Begins fresh gales at NNW and A Large Sea — Steering off West in Company with the Castor– at 4 Pm had heavy gales   Hove too under Balloon’d Mn Sail and after under 2 Reef’d fore Sail.  Continues Squally Rainy unsettled weather throughout the 24 hours.  Latter part the wind at west Some times under all Sail Staiding to the NNW  Sometimes Laying by – Saw the Land to the NE

Nineteen Days from Conception

Onbord the Sch’r Pilgrim at Sea A Prisoner

Remarks on May 15thWednesday

Begins squally unsettled weather – the wind mostly from the SW Quarter frequent Showers of Rain & hail the Castor in Company.  It is out of my power to Say what course the Vessel is Steer’d or what Sail is Carny’d all Sails are more Expose’d  to Danger and Every Course and no Course Steer’d  at 6 Am they hove out the Boat and went onbord the Castor   at noon thick Squally weather  no Observation  Saw the Land to ENE and NE.  Some 7 Leagues Distance.  Steering in from ENE to NNE in Company with the Castor

Twenty Days from Conception

Thursday May 16th

Begins Morderate Breeses at South and Showers of Rain.  Stering in NE in Company with the Caster  Sails and Riging going to work beyond my description.  At 8 Pm Hove too head off Shore at Day light made all Sail and Steer’d in ENE  at 8 Am the Extreems of the Land bore from SEBE to NE  Six Leagues of Shore at Meridian the Land bore from SEbS to NbE five Leagues off Shore

21 Days from Conception

Onbord the Sch Pilgrim A Prisoner off Valperraso

Friday May 19th1805

Begins with a Clear Sky and Calm —

The Port of Valperraso bearing ENE Six Leagues Distance the Calsor in Company — the Mountains Back from the Sea are Very high and are Intirely Covered with Snow  at 4 Pm a light brees at SSW Steerd in ENE for Valperasso at Sun Set the Land bore from North to SSE five miles off shore – at midnight Calm    Let go the Anchor at Day Light wey’d and by the assistance of a boat from the Castor Towd into the harbor and moord near the Perseverance.  The Capt of the Perseverence Came onbord and informd all was well onbord the capt of the Castor Came onbord and gave me Liberty to go on Shore.  At 2 Pm I went onshore and Return’d onbord at 6 Pm the Day Ends with Light Breeses and Clear weather —-

Schooner Pilgrim in the Harbor of Valperraso

10thMay1805 Saturday

Fresh Breeses from the SSW and Clear weather throughout the Day  the Pilgrim Still in Custody of the Spaniards.  This day they overhalld everything in all parts of the vessel xxxx up the Platform in the Treen – unheaded Casks of Flowers and Bread in the Hold and Bundeled things about as mutch as they Chose And fill’d every part of the Vessel with Spaniards to Search as they Laid for Counterband goats – but more Provable to one for other purposes our People Still onbord the Castor prisoners but we have Permission to Carry them Provisions from the Perseverance which they Say they had much Suffered for time they had been Prisioners.

Schooner Pilgrim at Anchor in Valperraso —

Remarks on Sunday 11thMay 1805

This day is attended with Light Breeses from SW and Clear Pleasant weather.  Pre’d onbord by the Perseverance Boat and men two load of water and wood – the Cook of the Schooner John Welch was permitted to Return onbord from the astor but Both mates and people are Still kept onbord Castor as Prisoners  the Spaniards Done no Kind of Duty or manovering onbord the Pilgrim today—-

Monday May 20thpossession of the Spaniards and our men Remain Prisoners.  Capt Delano of thePerseverance apply’d to the Comandore for our men who Reply’d they Should bee Immediately Released but the were not Permited to Come onbord to night by application by me for them — the Commander of the Castor Sent for me and I went onbord where they ask’d me, many Insignificant Questions many I answer’d all fo Which they wrote Down as they Said — at 6Pm Returnd onbord the Pilgrim.

Schooner Pilgrim in Valperraso In Custody of Spaniard

Remarks on Tuesday May 21st1805

Light airs from the West’d and Calms through the Day — went onbord the Castor and went through A nother Examanation and was xxxx Solicited to Sign what they wrote down in Spanish but Refused Signing any Papers whatever.  The Mates Haight and Copley Came on bord and the  other two Seamen from the Castor but two mates and mr Lungreen Passenger was all sent for Again to take new Depositions   Rec’d from the Perseverance 2 Barrels of Water

Wednesday May 22

Light airs at North and Hacy weather   Imployd the hands stowing the Hold mending or bending and Shifting Sails — Rec’d some Potatoes on the two Jars Molasses onbord and Several Small articles from the Perseverance —-  at 5 Pm the Boatswainds mate from the Csstor Came onbord and Bent the Hasser to A Small Anchor and Carry’d it out to the Nor’d which is Acknoldgment of the Vessels still being in Possession of the Spaniards as She is Improperly moor’d Some Damage may befall her by a gale

Schooner Pilgrim Moor’d in Harbor of Valperroso

Remarks on Thursday may 23rd1805

This Day is Attended with Light Breesee from the North’d and Hazy weather    three or four Spaniards Still onbord.  Rec’d from the Perseverance Some wood Potatoes onions Pumpkin Rope Twine &c&c. at 8 Pm Mr Luther of the Perseverance Brought onbord the Schooner Pilgrim Papers Register Clearance &c  6 Papers in all.  When the papers was taken onbord the Castor there was 8 Papers 1 or 2 Blank manifests included.  Still mending Sails and Repairing the Rack for the Vessel has been so extremely bad managed Since in Possision of the Spaniards that She may Properly bee call’d A Rack we find ourselves much Destressed by having all the Small Nessessarys stolen out of the Vellel  Even not to Leave officers and more People a 2’d Shirt to their Back having Broken open Mr Lungreens Chest who was a passenger onbord and Stollen upwards two hundred Dollars Value from him in Cloths Cash and Sundries

Schooner Pilgrim in the harbor Valperraso

Remarks on Friday May 24th1805

This Day is attended with Light air from the North’d and Calms and Cloudy throughout.

Rec’d from the Perseverance sundry Nesessary articles to Refund what the Spaniards had stolen from ous and Some few slops for the People –   at 8 Am  all the Spaniards quitted the Vessel – at 9 went onbord the Kings Grigg the Comander of the Port together with the Capt’n of the Perseverance where I rec’d my Log Book Charts and Sundry Small articles that the Spanish Saillors had stolen from the Pilgrim such as Sails needles fishhooks and the Like – but no Cloths for the People or any Compensations for them or any other things Stollen or Destroy;d by the Spaniards except 10 dollars to buy wood with.  While the Pilgrim Papers was in possession of the governor and Comandere they wrote an sign;d the bAck of my Clearance from Boston, as Interpreted to me forbidding the Pilgrim to Navigate the Paciffic Ocean —- and Got grant I may never Die until I have had just recompence for Insults and Injuries Receiv’d from Spaniards—-

Schooner Pilgrim at Valperraso

Saturday May 20th1805

This Day we had Light airs from SW and fair weather   at Day Light unmoord by the Assistance of the People from the Perseverane  at 6 Am went onbord the Perseverance all hand and assisted them to unmoor and got under way Return’d onbord the Pilgrim and got under our way but its falling Dead Calm Oblig;d Both Ship and Schooner to Anchor again near the Old Station – Several Ships Spanish got under way for time but was obliged all to anchor again on account of Calms.  The Officers and People from the Pilgrim all went onbord the Spanish Comadore to See if he would make them Any Satisfaction for the Cloths Stollen from the Pilgrim while they were Prisoners onbord the Castor but all they got was a Shrugg of the Shoulders.

Sunday 26th

Begins Calm Pleasant weather   Still at Single Anchor waiting a breese to get to Sea  People Imploy;d Refitting the Rigging and Sundry Necessary Jobs to make the Vessel Safe to go to Sea with – at noon Clear and Pleasant after which I shall begin my Sea Account.

Schooner Pilgrim from Valperraso Towards St. Phelis

Remarks on Monday May 27th1805

Begins with a Calm   at 4 Pm it Breeses sW got under way as Did the Perseverance and 5 or 6 Ships  for time it soon fell calm Again as we went Down the Bay the Ships all Kept over near the SW Shore  we Keeping moore in the middle of the Bay took a Breese and at 8 was out past the SW Point and took a good Breese at SW .   When we steerd of NW b W under all Sail 7 Knots pr Hour. Latt’d of Valerraso is 33 – 00 South Longitude 71-35 West  , St Feliz Latt – 26-14 Long’d 79-25 West

Course from Valperraso to St Feliz is N 4 7W and Distance is 592 miles—-

Continues fresh Breeses and fair weather.  Saw nothing of the Perseverance.

One Day out from Valparraso.

Tuesday 28th

First part fresh Breeses at SW Steering on NWbW  Latter part Light airs Inclining to Calm.

Two Days out from Valparriso

Remarks on Wednesday May 29th1805

Begins Calm hazy weather    at 2 Pm Light Breeses at SW  Steer’d on NW b Q under all Sail.  At 6 Pm Saw a Sail a Stern  Light airs an Calm through the night at Day light the Sail A Stern near’d ous discovered her to be a ship Steering the Same Course as we do  Suppose it to bee the Perseverance   at noon Clear and Calm

Three Days out from Valparriso.

Thursday 30th

Begins with a Calm and Smooth Sea Head Round the Compass the Ship being SE 5 miles Distance — Unbent the Mn Topsail from the F T Sail and bent the fore one after Repairing it.  Middle and Latter part we had Light airs from the SW   Steer’d on WbW at noon Clear and Pleasant the Ship bearing NE 10 miles Distance

Four Days out from Valparraiso

Friday 31stMay

Light airs from the SW and Calms by times making Small headway to the NW.  Sent up the after hards and Set the Mn Topsail. Middle and latter part Fresh Breeses at SW and flying Clouds at noon the Ship Bore NW Nine miles Distance—

Five Days out from Valpairaso

Schooner Pilgrim from Valpairoso Toward St Felix

Remarks on Saturday June 1 1805

Begins with pleasant Breeses at SW and Hazy   Steering NWbW by Compass under all Sail

At Sun Set the Ship bore NW b N hull Down   at Day light saw the ship from Aloft

Bore WNW at 7 Am in Mn Topsail and Square Sail and Hall’d up WbS  at noon fresh and Cloudy  no Ship in Sight.

Six Days out from Valparraiso

Sunday June 2’d 1805

Begins fresh Breeses at SSE and Cloudy    Steer’d WSW by Compass—  at 7 Pm Handed all Sail except the fore Sail wore ship and Steerd EbN & ENE at midnight wore ship Head to the SW   at 6 Am made all Sail and Steer;d WbS 6 knots pr hour.

Seven Days out from Valparraiso.

Monday June 3d

First part fresh Breeses at SSE and Cloudy   Steerd SW under all Sail.  At 1 Pm Saw a Sail A head from Aloft.  At 8 wore ship and Stood to the Eastward under easy Sail until 12 when we wore again and stood SW   at Day Light made all Sail and Steerd WSW.  Saw the Island of St. Philix A head.

Cloudy had no Observation

Schooner Pilgrim at St. Philix & St. Ambrose

Tuesday June 4th1805

Begins Morderate Breeses at SSE and Cloudy.  Steering WSW for the windward Issland which I call St. Felix at 4 Pm Come up with the Perseverance and near in with the North port of the Island at the same time the Capt of the Ship came Along side with hi boat and Brought ous Some fresh fish  when I xxxx him on Shore and found our men all in good health – at 6 Return’d onbord

When the Perseverance Bore Away fo the Leward Island which I call St Ambrose — Continued to tak off & on all night with A light Breese at SE but having A Strong Northerly Current we were 4 or 5 miles to Leward of the Island   at 8 Am hove out the Boat and went onshore at the Same time Matthew Phelegminy Brought on bord a whale Boat Load of Seal Skins 98 in number

The Boat Return’d to the Shore and 5 hands went up the mountain on the To of the Island by the Assistance of a Rope of 40 fathoms that had Previously been let Down a Steep gulch in the Rocks and the End made fast  A loft then by Removing the Rope ½ miles Dist and leading on 25 fms more I hope A 60 gallon water Cask was hal’d up the mountain –

No Observation

Close in with St Felix.

Schooner Pilgrim off St. Felix

Wednesday June 5th1805

Begins with Light Breeses at SW and WSW

The Pilgrim working to windward to get in with the Island – the water Cask before noon was hall’d up the mountain for the purpose of filling with Rain water that Stood in the Crevesses of the Rocks – one Cask having previously been fill’d and still in the mountain

It has always been Reported that it was Impracticble getting up this mountain of Rocks on the Top of the Island but our People Beeing Reduc’d to a Short Alowance of water and having but ½ A Cask left made trial and got up and liv’d one month on the Top of the Island where they got Eggs mutton Birds and Plenty of Rain water to use — while the People were getting u p the Cask I went mostly over the Top of the Island which I take to bee 2 miles East and west and one mile North and South.

Our People had Erected two houses on a fine Level Amongst a grove of Small Trees Some like Cabage tree that is the Start of it    the trees were Low and Shurbby and from 6 inches through Down to the Size of a Cabage Stump.  There was Several Small bushes of Different Kinds —-

But no other trees of Any Kind   there was Also several Sorts of greens & herbs that I do not know the nme off though none that I thought would answer for food.  There Appear’d to me to bee Sufficient Soil on the Island Exclusive of the Rock to make good gardens that woud Produce Plenty of Vegetables of Different Kinds  the Soil appear’d Very Ritch and Loomy of A yellowish Cat but Rather Dry in most places – yet Rain water was Standing in many Places in the gulches – although the whole Lower Part of the Island is Sollid Rock the Top of it is mostly all Loose Like Small stones and much fine Loom and Earth Intermix’d with the Rock or Stone –

While we were up the mountain the Schooner Boat Caught Plenty of fine Large Fish such as Kingfish and A large fish here Call’d Cod Grouppers yellow Tales and Small Rock Fish – the whale Boat Carryed onbord Another Load of Skins 130 in number at Dark Returnd onbord and Hoisted in the Boat and Stood off by the wind until 10 pm  Coninuted to tak off & on until Day light    had fresh Squalls from SSE and Showers of Rain     the current continues to Get so Strong from the South’d that we were not able to Keep up with the Island.  At noon St. Felix Bore E ½ N by compass 7 miles Distance and St Ambrose Wb N1/2N three miles Distance.

Schooner Pilgrim at St Felix & St Ambrose

Remarks on Thursday June 6th1805

Begins fresh Breeses and Squally with Light Rain at times the wind at SSE Steering in East for the Island.  Continued to tak off & on through the night under Reef’d mn Sail Fore Sail & Jibb.  A large Sea going at noon was off between the Islands  the wind and Currents being so strong Could not get in under the Island to take Skins on bord.

Friday 7th

First part fresh gales at SSe Standing off & on with St Felix – fresh gales through the night  at Day Light Saw A Ship the North Side of the Island   Steerd in with the Island to take off Skins with a Boat from the Ship Huron Came onbord  Capt Malthoope Six months from New heaven in America last from Massafuero.  All hands Briefly Imployd Bouting off Skins Rec’d onbord in the Course of the Day 1978 making in all from Matthew Phelegmings xxx 1606 Fur Seal Skins – the Ship Huron Capt Molthorpe Bore Away for Canton in China haveing 42000 Fur Seal Skins onbord.  Still Standing off & on the north Side of St Felix taking off Skins and all other Sealing Apperatus from the island

At noon close in with the Island

No Observation

Remarks on Saturday June 8th1805

Still take onbord the Sealing Apparatus from the Island and at Last Matthew Phlegmining and the others in his gang having all onbord at Dark Hoisted in his Whale Boat and Stood off by the wind — the wind still continued to Blow fresh in Squalls from the SE   Lay off & on through the night    At Sunrise Bore Down West for St Ambrose   at 7 Am Came up and Spoke the Perseverance the Capt ordered ous to take the men off Shew Rock together with their Skins who was there  he said without Any water at 9 Hoisted out the Boat and Sent her in for the Rock with A Keg of water   Stood off by the wind waiting for the Boat   the Perseverance Hoisted her Coullars to the Mn Topmast head as A signal for Speaking   We then set our Coullars as a Signal for our Boat    Came off  Stood Close in and Lay too there being Alad Surf going was Loth to bear   Away for the Ship until the Boat Came off — the Perseverance fin’d a gain when we Bore Down for her and made all Sail — Thinking they was in Some Difficulty — but when we Camp up with her the Capt’n Informd that our Boat had push’d off  when we stood of and was Safe onbord the Perseverance — at noon fresh Breeses at SE A large Sea.  Close in with St Ambrose.

Schooner Pilgrim off St Ambrose

Remarks on Sunday June 9th1805

Begins with fresh Breeses at SE and flying clouds.  Laying by in Company with the Ship the Large Boat Imployd Boating off Skins onbord the ship — at Dark made Sail and continued to tak off & on in Company with the Ship Although the ship through the night    at Day Light was Some to Windward off the Island  bore Down for Shew Rock that’s being the windward   Landing place the Ship Hoisted out three Boats and took A Large Stone Grapnel and Some oars out of the Pilgrim and Resumd the Business of Boatng off Skins at 11 Am they Came off with four Boats to the Ship  at Noon rersh breeses and Clear weather  Standing off to the ENE by the wind.

Monday June 10th

Fresh Breeses at SE and fair weather.  Stainding off & on with St Ambrose in le with the Ship.  Delivered the Perseverance all the Skins we had onbord being 1606 – at Dark made Sail and Stood off ENE   Continued to Stand off & on through the night    at 8 Am Anchord in 12 fathoms water  Clear hard Bottom  ¼ mile off shore  StAmbrose bore from SWbW to SE ¼ E and Sail xxxx WbN ½ miles Dist.

Ends Calm and pleasant.

Schooner Pilgrim at anchor off St Ambrose

Remarks on Tuesday June 11th1805

Begins with Light Breeses at SSW and fair weather.  Still at Anchor and two Boats Crews on shore from the Perseverance Indeavoring to get off some caskets rain water which the gang had Caught in the Rains – but the Surfs Breaking so high that it was Impracticable for them to get them off.  At 5 Pm way’d Anchor and bore Down for the Ship.  The Captn sent his boat for me and Informd me he ws determind to Bear Away for a bay on the Mn in Lattd 23=00 South and leave the Pilgrim to get off the water if it Could be Done in 48 hours – if not to Start the water and bring of the Casks.  My Verbel instructions were after leaving St Ambrose to meet him at the Above Bay and should he have Departed Sd Bay was to Leave A letter in A Bottle 20 Paces NW from A heap of Stones & Should I miss him I was to use my Indeavor to get full of Skins and go on to Mercou

The ship made ail and Left the Islands and we stood of SSE by the wind – Continued to tak off & on through the night at Sun Rise was Abreast of the water but the Surf was higher than yesterday.  Hoisted ou the Boat and Sent her in and Caught Come Fish – at noon fresh Breeses and squalls of Rain.

Remarks Wednesday June 12th1805

Begins fresh Breeses at SE and Squalls of Light Rain and mist.  Still Laying off & on of the water casks but at present there is no prospect of getting off the water soon     at 6 Pm was in the same station its being the North Side of St Ambrose — Stood off and on through the night    at 6 Am xxxx in Abrest of the water and perceiving the Surf somewhat Abated Anchord in 8 Mf water – but the wind Blowing fresh she Drifted with 40 fathoms of Cable out hove u p the Anchor and Stood off & on  Hoisted out the shale Boat and went in and made Tryal to get the water off and with mutch trouble Swam of one Cask my Self its being too bad for any of the men to Attempt.  Carry’d it onbord and got A Small Anchor – and went in Again intending to Drop the Anchor out side of the Surf and Carry the end of the Halser onshore ascending by went in Dropt the anchor Backd the Boat in when I jumpd over with the end of A rope to Swim onshore but the Surf Swept the Rope Along the Rock so that I was obliged to Call them in the Boat to hall me onbord Again wrapd up the Anchor and Indeavord to back in for the windward – but the man in the Bow that was veeing the Boat Said too mutch on his work the Boat was filld by the first Sea and Pitched over we were all xxxxxing for some time in the Sea but at length all got onshore A live   the Boat was Stove in many places and Keel broke off – our Ropes which was our Rxxxxing Rigging unxxxx was all Lost  my Clothes fishing line and many Small things – we hall’d up the Remains of our Broken Boat and mde A Signal for the Schooner to Send her Boat into the good Landing Place which the officer Immediately attended to and at meridian we all got onbord Again mutch fatigued.

Thursday June 13th1806

Begins Fresh breeses at SE  stanging off & on the north Side of St Ambrose at 4 Pm Sent in the Boat and weyd the Anchor by the Brig Rope – Hoisted in the Boat and Stood off by the wind – looking forward for better Luck or better Cponoduct on the xxxxx.  Continued to tak off & on through the night.

At Day light was in the Proper Station for Landing.  Hoisted out the Boat and went on shore with Tools Bords and Nails and all things necessary for Reparing the Boat So that She might Swam onbord   at noon we were all Busyly Imployd.  Some hands Starting the largest of the water Casks of water and Carying the Empty Casks over the Rocks to A better Landing Place to get them off the Shooner taking off and on Close in Shore.


Begins fresh breeses at sE and Clear weather

The boat carryd off 6 water Casks and 2 Bread pipes Leaving there Small Cass filld.  Hopeing to bee able to Swim them off they being Small Casks – at night had the Boat xxx t Laounch but the Surf being so high Dare not attempt it.  Returnd onbord the Schooner.  Hoisted in the Boat and stood off by the wind East b N.  At Day Light was off the Landing Place – out Boat and went on Shore and made A trial to get the Whale Boat off but After trying 3 hours and filling her twice Returned onbord at noon.


June 15thSaturday

Begins fresh Breeses at SE and Squalls of light rain at times.  Standing off & on the north Side of St Ambrose.  At 8 Pm Squally   Reefd the Mn Sail.  Stood off on through the night   at Day Light went on Shore and Launchd the whale Boat and got her onbord    Stxxted the water out of the three Remaining Casks.  Carryd them to the Landing and Tow’d them onbord  at noon Light Breeses and Hazy.  Bore Away from the Main–

Sunday June 16th

Morderate Breeses at SEbE  Steering EbN under all Sail    at 6 Pm St Ambrose bore SW bW four Leagues Distance and St Felix SbE  four miles Distance – St Felix being in Lattd 26 – 14 South and Long 79 – 25  West of London.  Middle and Latter Part Light airs and Calms with Light Rain  at noon St Felix bore SW b S  Seven or Eight Leagues Distance.

One Day from St Ambrose

Schooner Pilgrim from St Ambrose toward the main

Remarks on Monday June 17th1805

Begins with A Calm and Drisly weather.

Imployd mending the Whale Boat and People Making Spxxx and Txxxx Nessary Duty at 5 Pm Light airs at WbS  Steerd East by Compass.  Latter part Steady Breeses and fair weather.

Two Days from St Ambrose

Tuesday 18th

Begins with fresh Breeses at WNW and fair weather    Steering EbN by Compass.  Still Imployd Preparing the Boat.  Middle and latter part fresh Breeses and Hazy  Steerd ENE at noon Cloudy  No observation.

Three Days out from St Ambrose

Wednesday 19th

First part fresh Breeeses at NW and Cloudy weather    Steering NEBE and NE  Middle and Latter part fresh Breeses and Cloudy.  Still Reparing the Boat at noon more Clear

Four Days out from St Ambrose

Remarks on Thursday June 20th1805

First part fresh Breezes at NW and Cloudy

Steering NE too Rough to work at the Boat   Middle and Latter part Cloudy weather but Smooth Sea   the wind Veers from NW to North  Steerd ENE by Compass no Observation

Five Days out from St Ambrose

Friday 21st

Begins with morderate Breeses at NNW and Cloudy weather.  Hard at work on the Boat — Steering of ENE under all Sails — at 6 Pm Dark and Cloudy.  In Mn Topsail – Light winds and Cloudy through the night — at 10 Am Saw the Land Bearing NE to being High  Could not Determan the Distance – at noon more Clear

Six Days out from St Ambrose

Saturday 22d

First part Light Breeses at North Steering in by the wind for the Land – at 4 Pm Tak’d and Stood off NW  the Land is Very high and Appears to bee all Barron Rock

At Dark the Extreems of the Land bore from NbE to ESE  Six Leagues off Shore – Through the night we had Calm Baffeling weather – at noon Clear and Calm the Land in Sight to the NE

Seven Days out from St Ambrose

Sunday 23d

Begins with a Calm – Still at work on the Boat — at 4 Pm we had Light airs from South to SW  Steerd Along the Coast North by Compass  at 8 Am xxx the Vairation was 10º East Amplitude   through the night we had Light airs from the Eastward   Steerd NbW – at 4 Am the wind at NE and NNE  at 8 Tak’d and Stood in by the wind for the Land

Eight Days out from St Ambrose

Monday 24th

First Part Light airs from North to NNE and Pleasant weather   Steering in by the wind for the Land – Still Imployd on the Boat   At Sun Set the Estreems of the Land bore from NEBN to SEbS  Six Leagues off Shore

Schooner Pilgrim off the Coast of Chilli —

Remarks on Monday 24thJune 1805 continued

Tak’d Ship and Stood off North and North EbS Through the night at Day light Tak’d and Stood in for the Land  East by the wind at noon Clear and Calm —

Nine Days out from St Ambrose

Tuesday 25th

Begins with A Calm and Pleasant weather at 2 Pm we had Light Breeses from SSE   Steerd on for the Land  at Sun Set the Extreems of the Land bore from SE b 1/2S to N ½ E five Leagues Dist off Shore — at Dark handed the Topsails and Tak’d Ship and stood off SW by the wind – finishd Repairing the Boat the wind Continues to blow fresh through the night   at Day Light made Sail and Steerd in East by the wind for the Land   at 10 Am was within two Leagues of the Land Bore Away north and Stood Along the Coasst   at noon the South Point that makes the harbor – Bore EBN  Could not see the Coast Any Distance to set the Bearings of it.

Ten Days out from the Islands of St Felix and St Ambrose

Schooner Pilgrim at Anchor on the Coast of Peru

Remarks on Wednesday 26thJune 1805

Begins with fresh Breeses at SSE   Steering in ENE for the mouth of A Bay until we were abrest of the South Point when we steerd up the Bay for Some Six miles and after Hoisting out the Boats and towing until 4 Pm when we Anshord and moord in 12 fathoms water ½ mile Distance off Shore near the Perseverance.  The Capt of Ship Came onbord and Informd all was well onbord but that there was no fur Seal to bee found.  He had Sent his Boats to xxxx for 5 Days in Search of Seal but they Returnd unsuccessful  they had made Tryal to hall the Sein but without Success but as the Bay was full of fish Determand on Another Tryal on the SSE and the Harbor is all shuit in from the Sea exept from NbE to NNW — through the night we had Light winds from SSE – at Day Light we went on shore with the Capt of the Ship and two more Boats from the Ship and Halld the Sein twise But Caught no Large fish but Plenty of Sardenes Some Smelts and other Small fish — at 9 Am went on bord the Perseverance

Schooner Pilgrim at Anchor in no Seal Bay

Remarks on Thursday 27thJune 1805

Begins with light airs from the NE – Went onbord the Pilgrim Again with the Boats Crew – but soon Returnd again to the Perseverance and Assisted in Salting Some four Barrels of Sardenes – During which Time they caught 12 or 15 Large fish Along Side with Hook & Line  Some like Bonnitas but Something Larger at night – Returnd onbord the Pilgrim in our Absense the People onbord the Pilgrim Sent Down the Fore Topmast and yard – and Repaird the Jibb Stay — at Sun Set we had fresh Breeses from the South and Clear weather but Chilly and Cool – the Bay is mostly Land Beach for 6 or 10 miles Round the Land is mostly High and mountainous but all Barron – Intirely not So much as Bush or Spear of Grass or any Appearance of fresh water – at the head of the Bay there is A long desert of Coel Land for Some 15 or 20 miles and then Comes Down to the Sea Again to the Southmost as out People Say who was in the Boats in Search fo Seal    in this Bay there is a great Variety of Sea Birds in Great quantities but few of them that is Delicate for food the water is also full of Hair Seal and Schools of large fish – as well as Legions of Small ones – through the night Fresh Breeses at South – in the morning high airs at NNE

Remarks on Friday 28thJune 1805

Begins with Light airs to the NE – the People Imployd Refitting and rehallig the Riging – Carry’d the whole Boat onbord the Ship and Hoisted her in on Deck to Shew the People and Repair the Stem of an old Structure in the Latter part of the Day we had the wind from the South’d Again – at night Returnd onbord the Pilgrim.

Through the night we had Light airs from the Southrd and in the morning Calm  at 6 Am went onbord the Ship to work at the Boat the Pilgrims People Imployd Overholling and Seting up the Rigging – at noon Cloudy-

Saturday 29thJune 1805

Begins with Ight airs at NNW    At night REturnd onbord the Pilgrim   Had Calms through the night – at 6 Am went onbord the Ship and finishd the whale Boat  Returnd with her onbord the Pilgrim  at 11,  At noon Clear and fresh Breeses from the NE   Prepard to Send two whale Boats to the Northrd in Search of Seal

Remarks on Sunday June 30th

First Part Fresh Breeses at the NE and Cloudy weather – at 1 Pm Dispatchd two whale Boats to the Northrd and Round the Bottom of the Bay in Search of Seal – at 2 went on Shore in the Ships Boat And Shot 3 Turkey Buzzaards 1 gull and 1 Read Bill – there was great number of Birds but sh Shy we could not get at them    at 6 Returnd onbord the Pilgrim — through the night we – – it Calm at Day Light unmoord as did the Perseverance  we then had Light airs at SE at 8 got under way and workd Down the Bay at noon we had the wind from WNW  the Anchoring Place Bore SbE  two miles Distane and the west most Point NW b S  three miles Distance and the farthest Land in Sight North ½ W – the Perseverance in Company went onbord the Perseverance and rec’d orders to Keep near in with the Coast so the Boats might get onbord of ous and also in Case of Separation to go Lima with the Schooner all Verball orders.

Schooner Pilgrim off the Coast of Perue

Remarks on Monday July 1st1805

Begins with Morderate Breeses at WNW and Clear Pleasant weather  Steering NbW Along the Coast Laying About North & South by Compass — at Sunset the Extreems of the Land bore from North to SSW three miles off Shore.  Continud to Shand off & on through the night with the wind at North and Variable to NE and NW and thick Smooth weather   at Day Light was near the Same Situation as at Sunset  at 6 Am Saw the Boats Sailing off for the Schooner  at 8 they got onbord  When we took them in Tow and bore Down for the ship – they Informd that they Saw no Seal onshore except xxxx Seal and they were Very Shy   We had also Seen great numbers of Hair seal in the water – they Said they Saw two Indians on shore and they had the Boat or Canoe that was Constructed in a Different manner from any we had ever seen before – they was Sealskins Secured to Geather and by A Tube was Blown full of wind and two of them were lashd together and A Seal Skin Laid Abreast the top of them  Sen’d as a Seat to Set upon   they Informd our People that their tribe Sived three Leagues to the Northrd when they said there were trees we have not Seen a tree nor Shrub nor Vegitation or any Kind Since we have been on the Coast this time, at 10 Am Come up with the Ship and went onbord with Both Boats – where I recivd further Verbal orders in Case of Seperation from the Ship which was to full in with the Coast Again in Latt’d 15 South and Lookxxx the Island of St Gallons off Pisco in Latt’d 13 = 36 South after which to Proceed to Lima – to meet the Perseverance – Returnd onbord the Schooner  Hoisted in the Whale Boat and Stood of to the NW by the wind – at noon the Land bore from South to North ½ E four Leagues off Shore – No Observation

July 2’d Tuesday

Begins Light airs from the Northrd and Cloudy – at 8 Pm the wind Breeses at NE   Stood off WNW in Company with the Ship – at Sunset the Land bore from NNE to SBE four Leagues of Shore — at Sun Rise the Land bore from NEBN to SSE 10 Leagues off Shore — at noon the Land bore from NBE 12 E to SE bS 12 Leagues Dist.  Perseverance in Company.

Schooner Pilgrim off Coast of Parue

Remarks on Wednesday July 3d 1805

Begins with morderate Breeses from South to SSW   Steering WNW and NW b W under all Sail through the night Light Breeses and Cloudy   At noon Hazy weather — the Perseverance in Company—


Thursday 4th

Begins with Morderate Breeses at SW and Hazy weather –  Steering of NW b W under all Sail    The People Imployd Repairing the Sails — Latter part Fresh Breeses at SE and overeast  the Perseverance in Company

Friday 5th

Firt part Fresh Breeses at SE and Hazy Steering off NW B W under all Sail — middle and Latter part Ditto Windy weather.

Perseveraance in Company —

Saturday 6thJuly 1805

Begins Continues and ends with morderate gales at Se  Steerd NNW by Compass  the Perseverance in Company    at noon Hazy noxxxx

Sunday 7th Breeses and fxxxx   at ESE Steering in NbW and NW for the Land   at Sunset the Land bore from NW w/2W to EbS four Leagues off Shore.  Continued to Stand on WNW through the night  at Day Light Steerd in NNE for the Land – at 2 miles off Shore And the Surf Leting the Ship in Shore fast howe out two Boat and went and Assisted in Towing them off Shore until they took the Breese – at noon the Land bore from NbW to SbE 3 leagues off shore.

End of Journal – The Pilgrim 1803 – 1805