Tasty Tuesdays – Queen of Pudding

Each Tuesday I will try to post a recipe from the Bradford family’s cookbook.  This small volume was carefully compiled by one of the Bradford sisters (Lucia, Elizabeth or Charlotte) in the mid 19th century.  The book contains popular recipes of the day – mostly handwritten but some print articles are pasted to the pages.  The book also includes helpful household tips.

The innaugural recipe is something that sounds really yummy and not too difficult to prepare (and I thought the name indicated that it was considered delicious!). 


One pint of nice fine bread crumbs to one quart of milk; one cup of sugar; the yolks of four eggs beaten; the grated rind of a lemon; a piece of butter the size of an egg.  Bake until done, but not watery.  Whip the whites of the eggs stiff, and beat in a teacupful of sugar in which has been stirred the juice of a lemon.  Spread over the pudding a layer of jelly or any sweatmeats you prefer. Pour the white of the eggs oven this, and replace in the over and bake lightly.  To be eaten cold with cream.

Enjoy – please let me know if you try this recipe and I will do the same.

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