Powder Point School for Boys

The Powder Point School for Boys was a private college-preparatory academy operating in Duxbury, MA between 1893-1926.  The school was established by Frederick Bradford Knapp on the former estate of Ezra “King Caesar” Weston, Jr.  In 1910 Knapp sold the school to John and Philip Moulton who ran the school, despite a disastrous fire in 1913, until 1926.  The school was then merged with Tabor Academy in Marion, MA.  After the school closed, the dormitory building was converted into the National Sailor’s Home and the headmaster’s house, also known as the King Caesar House, was sold as a private residence.  Today, the King Caesar House is owned by the Duxbury Rural & Historical Society.

The Powder Point School for Boys Collection consists of school related items collected by the Duxbury Rural and Historical Society, including literary magazines, brochures and catalogs.

  • Folder 1: Powder Point Monthly Herald, 1894
  • Folder 2: Powder Point School brochures, 1894-1898
  • Folder 3: Dance cards with pencils attached, dance program and invitations, 1884-1906
  • Folder 4: Powder Point School calendar with photograph, 1907-1908
  • Folder 5: Powder Horn literary magazine, 1910, 1915 & 1924
  • Folder 6: Powder Point School catalogue, 1915
  • Folder 7: Lester Wright Osborn day bood, 1898
  • Folder 8: Newspaper clippings, c. 1920-1955
  • Folder 9: Notes of Duxbury Town Historian, 1985
  • Folder 10: Powder Point School pin
  • Folder 11: Powder Horn Yearbook, 1925

27 thoughts on “Powder Point School for Boys

  1. My father, Norman S. George 1906-1981, attended Powder Point School in the mid-1920s, where he became a schoolboy phenom in baseball and track—and humor editor of the 1925 edition of the Powder Horn, in which appears his metrical send-up of faculty member Chester Prothero.

    George took an extra year at Moses Brown, in Providence, and went on to captain the BU baseball and track teams, graduating in the class of 1931. While at BU, he pitched as a summertime “ringer” for the Providence (RI) Universals baseball team, where he won a silver loving cup for his batting average of .447.

    I have his 1925 Powder Horn yearbook and his scrapbook of news clippings and photos of his schoolboy and college athletic career.

    Norman S. George, Jr.

  2. http://thingsineverlearnedfrommymom.blogspot.com/2017/06/mystery-history-and-scandal-part-one.html I found some old books at a yard sale. Inside were these wonderful drawings by a 16 year old boy who attended the Powder Point School in 1900. I was fascinated with the drawings and started looking for information about him. Sadly I found that he died not long after these drawings were done in July of 1900. I was wondering if anyone had any photos from that time. In the back of the book was a roster for the baseball and football teams that year. It had all the kids names and the teacher’s names listed. The name of the boy was F. Norton Hatch, which is Frank Norton Hatch. His father was the Superintendent of the New Bedford Textile School.

  3. My father, Reuben J. Marvel Jr., attended Powder Point in the early 1920s. I have one issue of the Powder Horn, as well as a photo of him and several classmates in their knickers.

    • How great! If you ever want to trod in his footsteps, the headmaster’s house is our (Duxbury Rural & Historical Society’s) King Caesar House – it was originally the home Duxbury’s most successful shipbuilders, Ezra “King Caesar” Weston. The DRHS acquired it in 1965 and it is open to the public. We have some Powder Point School for Boys photographs on display.

      • Madame Weber-Fulop owned the King Caesar House prior to the DRHS. I wonder how long she lived there. She was an outstanding painter. I hope Duxbury has one of her paintings. She did portraits, interiors, landscapes . . . .

      • Elisabeth Weber-Fulop purchased the house in 1945 with her friend, Alice Moran, from Herman Carey Bumpus. The DRHS acquired the house in 1965.

  4. Do you happen to have any pictures of Emmett Higgins, dob @ 1898/1900? Emmett was there before 1920(ish) so I’m told.

  5. My grandfather, Daniel Milton Crook, graduates from the school around 1916. If anyone has photos, I would be very appreciative.

    Michael Newman

  6. My Grandfather Edward Humphries attended the academy in 1925. I have the year book as several scholastic medals he won.

    David R Humphries

  7. Just a footnote to the old photographs of my grandfather at PPS. My grandfather was born in 1888. By the looks of the photograph, he appears to be about 12-13 years old. Therefore, I think those photos were taken around 1900-01.

  8. I have a sterling bracelet with the Powder Point School logo on it. It’s in pristine condition. Any interest in it? Lay me know. Thanks.

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